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Pitch Black

  • So, the monsters live on a planet that is constantly illuminated by three suns (except every 22 years)... except light damages them. How did they evolve under these conditions?
    • There are plenty of lifeforms which evolve underground or underwater to adapt to low or no light. They likely evolved from surface predators, rising to apex predators, then retreated underground at some point.
  • It looks like the monsters have apparently eaten everything else on the planet except the glowworms... so what the hell do they eat besides shipwrecked characters?
    • Not all life exists above ground. Deep underground rivers are host to a number of near-blind aquatic life. The surface of the planet might be a barren wasteland, but it is possible that there is a lush eco system far below ground.
    • they were eating each other. That is why they were attacking each other later in the movie. their extremely high numbers allowed for this.
  • So in that one scene where Carolyn finds out that the aliens are below ground level and she's panicking as she tries to climb out...just what is Riddick doing? It jump cuts between her crying for help, the crew listening to hear her, and Riddick slamming his restraints inside the ship. Is he trying to make a loud enough sound that the aliens are too distracted to get her or is he trying some sort of Morse code to alert the crew members? Or is he doing something else entirely? The scene always mystified me.
    • I haven't watched it in a while, but my interpretation was always that he knew what was happening (Fry was underground, in danger) and was doing it for kicks. The Riddick of Pitch Black is much more animal-like and spooky than the one from Chronicles. It's not really out of character for him to get some sort of kick out of banging around in the ship while someone's about to get horribly killed.

Chronicles of Riddick

  • It is established in Pitch Black that Riddick's eyes are very light-sensitive, to the point that a flashlight causes him to recoil in pain, hence the welder's goggles he wears. So why does he take them off to look at an impending sunrise (which would hurt the eyes of most people who didn't have their retinas polished up like his.)?
    • Furyan magic.
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