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Peter Pevensie

File:800px-Peterprincecaspianmovie 5917.jpg

The oldest of the Pevensie siblings and the High King of Narnia. He tries his best to protect his other siblings and to act like a responsible young adult. In the book it is implied that he is more mature than his other siblings because, after their father was called out to fight in the war, it was left to Peter by his mother to support his three siblings though the ordeal of their father going away.

Susan Pevensie

File:Narnia2 5061.jpg

The elder sister and the second eldest Pevensie child. She is crowned to the Radiant Southern Sun as Queen of Narnia by Aslan, and shares the monarchy with her brothers Peter and Edmund and her sister Lucy. She later becomes known as Queen Susan the Gentle.

  • Action Girl: In the movie.
  • Adaptational Badass: In the movies.
  • Agent Scully: In The Last Battle, where she's the only visitor to Narnia who now denies it ever happened. Some readers believe this and the ending indicate that she will not be allowed into Aslan's country when she dies; others say that this view misreads Lewis's intent.
  • The Archer
  • Blitz Evacuee
  • Blue Oni to Lucy's Red: Susan is more calculated, calm and down-to-earth than the tomboyish Lucy.
  • Brainy Brunette- Subverted. She may seem capable in 'The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe' and 'Prince Caspian' (especially the movie adaptation). But by 'The Voyage of the Dawn Treader', it is stated that she is not a particularly good student and that she is regarded as the pretty one of the family.
  • Common Sense- As compared to book smarts.
  • The Conscience
  • Demoted to Extra
  • Deadpan Snarker: In the movie.

"He's a beaver. He shouldn't be saying anything!"


Edmund Pevensie

File:Skandar 8505.jpg

The second of the Pevensie children to go to Narnia. He betrays his siblings to the White Witch while under her influence, but as the story goes on he accepts the error of his ways. He is redeemed with the intervention of Aslan and joins the fight against the witch. Fulfilling an ancient prophecy, he becomes King Edmund the Just, King of Narnia and, with sisters Susan and Lucy, co-ruler under High King Peter.

Lucy Pevensie

File:Large-georgie-henley 5136.jpg

The youngest of the four Pevensie children, and the first to find the Wardrobe entrance to Narnia in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. Of all the Pevensie children, Lucy is the closest to Aslan. Also, of all the humans who have visited Narnia, Lucy is perhaps the one that believes in Narnia the most. She is ultimately crowned Queen Lucy the Valiant, co-ruler of Narnia along with her two brothers and her sister. Lucy is the central character of the four siblings in the novels.

Caspian X

File:Caspian12 8946.jpg

King of Narnia, Lord of Cair Paravel, and Emperor of the Lone Islands, also called Caspian the Seafarer and Caspian the Navigator (born 2290–died 2356, Narnian Time) was one of the greatest leaders of the Narnian Empire who took part in the successful Narnian Revolution and began the Age of Exploration. Caspian was descended from the Telmarine Dynasty and succeeded by his son Rilian

Cor “Shasta”

Cor, also known as Shasta, was a Prince and later King of Archenland. The son of King Lune, Cor was kidnapped while still an infant and stolen away to Calormen. Years later Cor would return and save Archenland from the greatest danger it had ever faced. He eventually married his one-time travelling companion Aravis, and the two went on to rule together once King Lune died. Cor and Aravis would also have a son who would later go on to be King Ram the Great.

  • A Boy and His X
  • A Friend in Need: When Shasta tells the horse that he really needs someone who could tell him whether the nobleman is evil, Bree reveals his speech to tell him that he is. Which gives Bree the opening to suggest that they could run away together.
  • Belligerent Sexual Tension: With Aravis.
  • Big Damn Heroes: He pulls this twice. The first time when he rushes to protect Aravis and Hwin from what he believed was a hungry lion chasing after them. The second one was when he ran non-stop, after having been through almost a whole book's worth of shit — most recently a potential suicide mission through a desert — to warn King Lune about the impending invasion.
  • Changeling Fantasy: Shasta, a peasant orphan, turns out to be the long-lost prince of Archenland. Atypically for the trope, Shasta is kind of dismayed by the fact that this means he'll have to be king of Archenland one day, and his brother is only too happy to be relieved of the responsibility.
  • Exact Eavesdropping
  • Hair of Gold: At least in the official illustration he is portrayed as having blond hair and he had the wholesome and kind aspect down pat.
  • Happily Married: To Aravis
  • Made a Slave: What Shasta is fleeing.
  • Moses in the Bulrushes: Shasta aka Prince Cor.
  • Nakama: His devotion to his own is uncontested. Made all that much clearer when he jumps off Bree’s back to face down a freakin' lion, who's actually Aslan, chasing Aravis and Hwin out of sheer loyalty.
  • Nice Guy
  • Slap Slap Kiss: With Aravis, and canonically no less.


Eustace Scrubb

The Pevensie's annoying younger cousin. He first appears in The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. He fancies himself (not entirely without reason) to be rather intelligent, and considers this a valid reason for nurturing an arrogant attitude toward his cousins. He accompanies Lucy and Edmund on their third trip to Narnia. Upon learning that Narnia is real, his feelings toward it go from amused disdain to fear and outright hatred. It isn't until transforming into a dragon (long story) and having Aslan change him back by breaking the curse that his attitude towards Narnia and his cousins change for the better.

He later appears as the main character in The Silver Chair and as one of the main characters in The Last Battle. In these books, his adventuring companion is his friend, Jill Pole instead of his cousins.

Jill Pole

Eustace's companion throughout The Silver Chair. Is given by Aslan the task of remembering the Signs that lead them on their journey.


Swashbuckling talking mouse devoted to honor and chivalry. Yet behind his ferocity is a Heart of Gold.


A Marshwiggle who lives in marshes and is perpetually gloomy. He guides Eustice and Jill in The Silver Chair.


The Great Lion, a talking lion, King of the Beasts, son of the Emperor-Over-the-Sea; a wise, compassionate, magical authority (both temporal and spiritual); mysterious and benevolent guide to the human children who visit; guardian and savior of Narnia. The author, C. S. Lewis, described Aslan as an alternate version of Christ—that is, as the form in which Christ might have appeared in a fantasy world.

Jadis, The White Witch

Jadis, commonly known as the White Witch, is the main villain of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. Jadis also appears at length in The Magician's Nephew, which concerns her origins and the origins of Narnia. She is the Witch who froze Narnia in the Hundred Years Winter.

  • Big Bad: In Wardrobe and The Magician's Nephew, at least (arguably The Silver Chair, if the Lady of the Green Kirtle is indeed supposed to be a reincarnation of Jadis); after that, she is little more than a bad memory. However, the movies seem to be giving her a much greater presence post-mortem.
  • Cain and Abel: Fought a long and bloody civil war against her sister for control of their kingdom that culminated in the destruction of their entire universe.
  • Composite Character: She is based on four characters in fiction: Satan from John Milton's Paradise Lost, Ayesha from She by Rhyder J. Haggard, the Snow Queen from Hans Christian Anderson's fantasy story of the same name and the Queen of Babylon from the Story of the Amulet by Nesbit. The mythological character of Lilith was also an inspiration for her character and Jadis is said to be descended from her in the stories.
  • Dark Action Girl
  • Dual-Wielding: A wand and a sword in The Movie.
  • Eerie Pale-Skinned Brunette: In the books, her hair is black and her skin is literally white "like snow, or paper, or icing sugar." Not true in the movies, in which she is blonde and has a more or less natural skin tone.
  • Evil Is Deathly Cold
  • Evil Overlord
  • Evil Sorcerer
  • Foe Yay: With Edmund.
  • God Save Us From the Queen: Literally.
  • Hoist By Her Own Petard: Her insistence on demanding Edmund's life, and her gleeful willingness to kill Aslan in Edmund's place, leads to her defeat thanks to her ignorance of the Deeper Magic beneath the Deep Magic she invokes.
  • Ice Queen
  • In the Blood: She mentions that one of her ancestors has single-handely slaughtered over seventy nobles, because some of them had rebelious thoughts. Apparently it was normal thing in her family.
  • Last of Her Kind: The sole survivor of Charn, a third parallel universe that she herself destroyed.
  • Light Is Not Good
  • Mysterious Past
  • Royal Blood
  • Snowy Royal Satan
  • The Sociopath
  • Taken for Granite: Her main method of dealing with her enemies.
    • Wax Museum Morgue: Her entire castle courtyard, filled with statues. Take a wild guess where she got them.
  • The Vamp: For Edmund and Digory.
  • Winter Royal Lady
  • Woman in White

Digory Kirke

Introduced in The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe as an old man ("the Professor"), with whom the Pevensies have been billeted. Eventually turns out to have a Backstory connected with that of the wardrobe, as revealed in The Magician's Nephew.

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