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Chapel Chronicles is a hand drawn, full-color webcomic created by Emma T Capps which updates on Fridays with author commentary in English and Spanish.


  1. Premise

  The strips center around the adventures of Chapel Smith, a zany 11 year-old girl and her hedgehog sidekick, Sir Rupert Tennyson Bollingsworth the First. Chapel loves hats, hates chores, has a little bit of an obsession with Lady Gaga, an archenemy, Fred, with whom she plays games, and in Season One adopts a pet hedgehog. The art has evolved in Season Two to give backgrounds to Chapel, such as a house, and to explore other aspects of her personality. The author sells a Webcomic Print Collection of the 32 strips in Season One.

  1. The Characters

  Chapel Smith: an 11 year-old girl who loves hats, hates chores, and has a little bit of an obsession with Lady Gaga. She has an archenemy, Fred, who is a plumber and a friend of her dad, with whom she plays various games like Risk, Pictionary, and Battleship.

  Fred: a plumber, the best friend of Chapel's father, and Chapel's adversary in playing games such as Risk, Pictionary, Chess, and Battleship.

  Mr. and Mrs. Smith: Chapel’s parents. Their voices appear in the strips but they have not yet appeared in the strips.

  Rupert: Chapel’s pet hedgehog whose full name is Sir Rupert Tennyson Bollingsworth the First. Chapel adopts Rupert in The Elegance of the Hedgehog.

  1. External Links

  The comic starts here. You probably should start from the beginning to get a real sense of Chapel's character and to understand later references.

Tropes featured in this webcomic

  • Alice in Wonderland: In the final strip of the first season, Chapel in Wonderland, Chapel imagines herself as Alice with other characters from her strips appearing in Wonderland Cameos.
  • Dream Sequence: The comic book ends in a four page Dream Sequence entitled Chapel in Wonderland in which Chapel finds herself dressed as Alice from Alice in Wonderland. Fred, her archenemy is the Cheshire Cat, Lady Gaga appears having beheaded Justin Bieber, wanting to play chess with flamingos and using Rupert as the ball. Chapel finally leaves and walks off but is still dressed as Alice at the end.
    • In The Folly of Chivalry, the position of the chess pieces are the exact ones referenced by the characters when Alice checkmates in Through the Looking Glass but the black and white suits are reversed.
    • In Lobster Delivery, the packing labels on the box (almost impossible to read) say 42 Penny Lane, referring to The Beatles, Millinery Co. Drum Isle, Grand Line, referring to a place in One Piece.

  • Hat Shop: Chapel has an obsession with hats. Since most of the action occurs outside, she violates the indoor the rule of hat etiquette and substitutes the Rule of Cool. She wears real hats, such as Lady Gaga’s famous lobster and telephone hats, author designed hats, and occasionally her pet hedgehog as an emergency hat accessory.
  • Indulgent Fantasy Segue: When Chapel plays games with her archenemy Fred, she sometimes engages in Indulgent Fantasy Segues. When she is playing Risk in Chapel the Conqueror, she imagines herself taking over the world before discovering that in reality, she has just lost the game. In the Folly of Chivalry, she imagines herself as Sir Lancelot when in reality, she has just been checkmated.
  • Little Black Dress: Chapel wears a little black dress in almost every strip. It’s one of her fundamental characterizations. In Chapter 3 of Season One entitled The Gaga Saga, Chapel wears various Lady Gaga outfits, one from the video Bad Romance and one which was also worn by Quinn on Glee.
  • Merch: The author sells Chapel merchandise, such as pins, prints, greeting cards, charms, earrings, etc., on her website.
  • Poker: Chapel plays various games of Poker against Fred with predictable results
  • Puppy Dog Eyes: In Chapel Guevara, Chapel gives her parents huge puppy-dog eyes while trying to get a well, puppy. It doesn't work. She gets a hedgehog instead.
  • Shout-Out: The strips have Shout Outs to other authors and works.
  • Webcomic Print Collection: The Chapel Chronicles Volume One collects the first 32 strips in Season One in a 44 page paperback edition. You can also buy it in select comic stores in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania (Showcase Comics), Chicago, Illinois (Chicago Comics), Berkeley, California (Fantastic Comics) and a toy store in San Mateo, California called Talbots Toyland.
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