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Huey Freeman grows up, travels back in time, and changes his name to Thomas Sowell.

That is so a grown-up Huey. To top it all off, Thomas was a Marxist in his college days, spending 10 years writing treatises on Marxian political economy as it relates to the black struggle. So very Huey-ish.

Ruckus is atoning for his sins.

Ruckus is the reincarnation of an intolerant Southern white who lived before the Civil Rights era. Upon his death, his spirit lived on in the form of an incredibly ugly black male as punishment for his treatment towards blacks. But, being a bigoted southerner, he refuses to learn and admit his wrongs, even trying to bring down his entire race on one occasion, a possible Take That towards Civil War and Post Civil War-era Southerners.

He acts like a "self-hating" black man.

The Kool-Aid Lady at "Pause" is Ruckus's sister.

They both have bug eyes and abnormal behavior.

  • She was a parody of a legit actor that is prevalent in most Tyler Perry films and shows. But that doesn't rule this out.

Huey Freeman is a descendant of Afro Samurai.

His sword is a family heirloom. Huey wants to follow in his footsteps.

Ed III is competent on his own. He only does stupid things because he listens to Gin Rummy.

Every time Ed does something crazy, he's with Gin Rummy. The one time Gin Rummy sits out ("The Fundraiser"), Ed demonstrates he's Badass and can have decent judgment.

  • Decent judgement? Instead of hiding like Riley and Cindy, he decides to go guns blazing and starts shooting randomly without prejudice in turn, gets shot in his chain and knocked out. This wasn't the first time that Ed had to go it alone and still acted like a moron. For example, the first episode where he ends up getting shot out the window. Another is when he kidnaps the wrong kid in Shinin'. There was also when Riley asked him to find the Hateocracy and he ends up shooting at random old people. Then the whole Thugnificent scenario that ended quite badly for him as well. As his grandfather stated, he is a moron.
    • I stand corrected, especially now that I've had a chance to see "Bitches to Rags" (he flipped out over not being able to sell cocaine when he could have earned a $30,000 commission). Still, he's good for dumb muscle, unlike Rummy who doesn't do anything except come up with bad ideas and give Ed more problems. Though if I recall correctly, in "Shinin'" Rummy was with him.
      • Still Ed3 is more competent on his own relative to when he's with Gin Rummy
        • Questionable at best, considering that he literally got the crap scared out of him while he was serving in Iraq.
          • If anything rummy is the Smarter of the 2. While still an tupid he is nota complete idoit like Ed the third.

Riley Freeman is gay

Much of his screen time is dedicated to his telling people that he isn't gay and implying/making jokes that they are. Maybe he is just young and confused about his sexuality and he is trying to hide it, because he identifies with a culture that places emphasis on bravado and masculinity. Perhaps when he is older he will be able to make better sense of his identity and will be able to come out. No homo.

    • Word of God: Riley is not gay. It was stated on the commentary of the season 2 DVD which Aaron was specific in his words due to the huge backlash he's seen due to the minimal possibility of turning him gay. I doubt that he even thinks of his own sexuality since he is still 8. He is just mimicking what he sees and hears on TV.

The new Karate Kid is The Boondocks Movie.

After the series, Huey and Riley's mother is alive and well and comes back for her kids. Riley comes to live with her while Huey stays with his grandpa.

  • There are multiple reasons why that can't be true. First, diffence in personality. Second, diffrent names. And third, the Karate Kid was from Detroit, while Riley is from Chicago.

Everyone is badass in this series because everyone imitates action shows and video games.

Besides Luna's matches being explicitly based off of Mortal Kombat, there is the noteworthy detail that everyone seems to be skilled at fighting, but no normal training or tactics is ever mentioned. Ed III doesn't act like a combat vet, he acts like he's living in a First Person Shooter. Huey seems to have learned how to wield a katana by watching Samurai Champloo, and Cindy seems to have learned to fight by watching Naruto.

    • When has Cindy shown any ability to fight aside from a Groin Kick?
      • It was sufficient deterrent to keep anyone else from attacking. Come to think of it, maybe a running theme of this story is to deconstruct I Know Mortal Kombat.
      • It was a deterrent to keep a grown man from scaring her off the block. It just may be possible that Huey and the other practicioners just may have trained to get their ability just like everybody else. Since Huey isn't shown doing anything else except reading and on computer, its not too far fetched to believe that he finds time to train when nobody is around.

The fried-chicken flu was real.

(Mostly) Everybody was infected with it before the episode even happened, they just didn't know it. It lay dormant in them until the episode came along. It awoke and caused the symptoms Huey listed, resulting in a mass pandemic and collapse of society around the world. Only those who didn't eat fried chicken ever were not infected, thus they never showed any symptoms. After the initial scare was over, the virus went dormant, waiting to strike once again.

The series will be renewed for a fourth season where they move back to the city because life in Woodcrest is too insane.

The series is too popular to cancel, but there isn't much plot left in Woodcrest, unless they want to get into Jazmine and Huey's relationship.

Ruckus's arrest in the Obama episode was ordered by the white shadow

All to keep Huey in town for some unknown purpose.

    • "The Red Ball", "The Fried Chicken Flu", and "It's Goin Down" all add some credence to this, especially since said shadow showed up in "It's Goin Down" to warn Huey. Huey being around saved the town from being bought by communists, his entire house being destroyed(a lesser thing for sure, and an entire building blowing up.

Sarah had a hidden meaning when she said "Missing out on a lot of things." in Date with the Health Inspector

She may look reserved, but something tells me Sarah has a wild side.

  • Considering her reaction to Tom possessed by Stinkmeaner's ghost, this is obvious.

Robert's car, Dorothy, was named either after his desceased wife or a previous lover

  • Read above.
  • Or it could be named after Dorothy Dandridge. In the comic, it was shown that he had a thing for her.

Some random guessing

  • Season 4 will introduce Caesar to the cartoon and have Huey finally coming out of retirement.
  • Riley, Huey, or both will eventually cross the Moral Event Horizon.
  • The White Shadow is the Big Bad of the series and is secretly pulling an extremely complex and devious scheme on Huey.
  • Stinkmeaner, the Hateocracy, or both will return.
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