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  • The Wild Wild West review: in the movie, Gordon is crossdressing and uses a device hidden in his fake boobs to hypnotize his quarry. ERod's reaction is priceless:

  ERod: Wait a minute, he has a device hidden in his tits that can hypnotize men and make them bark like dogs? Wow, they work exactly like ACTUAL TITS!!!!!

  It's magic, bitch.

  • This moment from the Atlantis review:

 Spoon-e {Laugh manically} Science! I’m here to destroy you E-kara.

E-kara :{ Lisping} what are you doing? We not supposed cross-over for the 27 time until next week! Now get the hell out of my rum (room)!

Spoon-e: Okay, wait what did you say?

E-kara :{ lisping} get out of my rum (room).

Spoon-e: And holding a bottle of?

E-kara :{ lisping} Rum.

Spoon-e: And this is a map of?

E-kara :{ lisping} Rum (Rome).

Spoon-e :( Giggle)

E-kara: What?

Spoon-e: Oh Nothing.

  • All his Twilight reviews make funny moments. Worth mentioning that those reviews got him more followers.
    • All his nicknames for the characters. Deadpan Mc-Gee, Captain Whiney-Pants, Sharkboy, The Black Eyed Peas, etc.
    • Every time Dakota Fanning appears on the film, ERod voices her like a valley girl and starts laughing uncontrollably.
    • Everytime the movie makes something stupid or references something ERod is a big fan of (vampires sparkling, not showing the fight between Laurent and the werewolves and the vampires walking under water), ERod has to spare his rage beating up another movie. In the case of Eclipse, he just threw a pencil through the characters foreheads in the dvd case.
    • His resuming of the relevant dialogues of the movie.

 Deadpan/Bella: I like you so much, I almost made a facial expresion.

Whiney/Edward: I like hairgel.


Deadpan/Bella: I love you.

Whiney/Edward: I'm a killer.

Deadpan/Bella: I think killers are sexy.

Whiney/Edward: I need more hairgel.

(in New Moon)

Sharkboy/Jacob Be with me.

Deadpan/Bella: You're too dependable. I like emotionless jerkoffs.

Sharkboy/Jacob What does he has that I don't?

Whiney/Edward: Hairgel.

Deadpan/Bella: I think I'm going to cry now. Nah.

    • When Bella kissed Jacob, ERod gets pissed off since she got engaged to Edward less than 24 hours ago. ERod then starts calling a tattoo parlor to make her an appointment for a Tramp Stamp, to choose between horrible harlet or super skank.
    • During the New Moon review, ERod pointed about the fandumb and the "Teams" for Edward and Jacob, which is parodied by having all the Blockbuster Buster characters to form different teams (ERod goes for Team Grandpa, Nerdlinger is on Team Batley, El L0ver on Team Antonio and Fedora Freddy on Team Morrigan

  El L0ver tried to switch teams with Fedora Freddy, to which the latter refuses.

 "Raul Julia!"

  • The Last Airbender movie review:
    • Everytime Aang gets kidnapped, a montage of people face palming is shown.
    • The imaginary conversation between James Cameron and M. Night Shymalan over the movie's name.
  • The cameos for Top 10 Hispanic Heroes
    • The Film Renegado talking nonstop about El Mariachi, even while ERod cuts him off to another topic. Every once in a while, ERod checks if he's still talking.
    • Angry Joe's cameo for the Nº1 Hispanic Hero, thinking it's himself, and ERod has to make him understand he's not even a hero, just a gamer

   Angry Joe: "Fine then, I'll go play The Witcher 2 BY MYSELF!" (leaves with a bottle of lotion)

 E-Rod: "What I wouldn't give to see him (the Cat) strung up by his neck, while hundreds of innocent children of all genders and races beat him with baseball bats."

(Next scene is the Cat hung from a tree while numerous kids are beating him with sticks. An Ode to Joy plays in the background.)

E-Rod: (has big grin on his face and wipes Tears of Joy from his eyes) "That was so beautiful. They should show that every Christmas. Right after this scene." (Bella breaks her hand punching Jacob)

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