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These are the characters from The Big O.

Roger Smith

File:Roger Smith.jpg

The top negotiator in Paradigm City and The Hero of the story. A Batman analogue, he's committed to the well-being of the citizens of Paradigm, especially children and the elderly. He controls the Megadeus he calls Big O, though he's not sure why he has this power. In fact, he never seems to dwell much at all on his own youth, or how he came to possess so many amazing capabilities...

 Voiced by: Mitsuru Miyamoto (JP), Steve Blum (EN)

Tropes associated with Roger:

  • Actor Allusion: "I don't know who you think I am. I'm not a bounty hunter, you know."
  • Angst Coma: In the first episode of the second season, Roger goes introspectively catatonic as he struggles to figure out just who -- and what -- he is. Mind Screw ensues.
  • Character Alignment: Lawful Neutral --> Lawful Good --> Neutral Good
  • Cool Car: the Griffon (Roger's answer to the Batmobile.)
  • Cultured Badass Normal: A small example would be how easily he carries Dorothy. Beck's lackey couldn't do it, and Dastun only managed to get her to get to prone position. Granted, he did say she "must weigh a ton". He can also break off iron shackles by simply pulling his limbs as long as he has enough leverage.
  • Dark Is Not Evil: As a contrast to Rosewater's Light Is Not Good.
  • Deadpan Snarker: He IS based off of the Film Noir traditions of heroes like Sam Spade, after all.
  • Doesn't Like Guns: He feels they're unbecoming of a gentleman.
  • Man in Black: Even more so in that he has a rule that everyone living in his home wear black, plus he drives a black car and pilots a black Megadeus. As for the "Memories" and "Conspiracy" and "Government Agent" parts....see Mind Screw.
  • Expy/Composite Character: Of Bruce Wayne and Batman, depending on how much you view the two as the same or different characters.
  • Falling Into the Cockpit: Seriously played with by way of Fridge Logic.
  • Grappling Hook Pistol: In his wristwatch. In the final episode he even uses it as Razor Floss! He's also got one shaped like a small briefcase that makes instant wire bridges.
  • Honor Before Reason
  • Informed Ability: Especially in the early episodes, you have to wonder at this skill as a negotiator when he has to pull out his ace in the hole so damned often. Not so glaring to be obtrusive, but DAMN. Paradigm must have some dumbass criminals.
    • Well, one of the criminals is Beck (who showed up in the first two episodes of a 13 episode series).
    • Also, most of the cases we're shown involves a Megadeus. Not exactly something you negotiate with.
  • In the Name of the Moon: "Big O! ACTION!" A justified trope, given the Megadeuses' response to their masters' voice commands.
    • "Big O! It's SHOWTIME!"
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold/Tsundere: His interactions with both Dorothy and Angel hint at subtle (and hilarious) Belligerent Sexual Tension.
  • Multiple Choice Past: He can't be more than his late 20s or so, right? So he couldn't possibly have memories of before 40 years ago. No wait, before the event he was a cop who decided to leave his job and become a vagrant possibly because a megadeus was unearthed, and he cannot be more than 40 years old. And then he became Big O's pilot, holding the rank of major, and they've known each other since before the event. No, wait, he was a a mass-produced megadeus pilot robot. Or none of this actually happened because there were no memories! Has actually caused him to have a Heroic BSOD or two, but overcoming this may be what allows him to successfully negotiate with Angel in the Grand Finale. Maybe.
    • When Gaiou tried to offer knowledge of Roger's past in Saisei-Hen, Roger respectfully refuses.

 Gaiou: We meet again, Black Megadeus.

Dorothy: You're familiar with Big-O?

Roger: Looks like it was related to his lost memories.

Gaiou: Would you like to know about it? Your past, that is.

Roger: No, it's fine. You and I have both already abandoned our pasts.

Roger: But if you plan to shroud the future of this world in darkness, my Rules say that I'll stop you!

Gaiou: That's good, Negotiator! This battle has nothing to do with the past! The present just belongs to you and me!"

R. Dorothy Wayneright

File:R. Dorothy Wayneright.jpg

This beautiful and intelligent young woman happens to be an android, who ends up as Roger's live-in maid after negotiations to rescue her from kidnappers results in the death of her creators. Built from a pre-Event design, her sophistication rivals that of the other androids seen around the city, and she carries the distinction of being the only one capable of passing for a human under casual inspection. Until the final episodes reveal at least one other character was an android all along as well.

Voiced by: Akiko Yajima (JP), Lia Sargent (EN)

Tropes associated with Dorothy:

Norman Burg

File:Norman Burg.jpg

Norman is Roger's butler. Though he's a faithful domestic servant in his daily routine, he's also a skilled and fearless fighter, and has been maintaining the Big O since the Event forty years ago. Apparently when the Big O accepted Roger as a worthy master, Norman did the same.

Voiced by: Motomu Kiyokawa (JP), Alan Oppenheimer (EN)

Tropes associated with Norman:

Major (and later Colonel) Dan Dastun

File:Major Dan Dastun.jpg

The Head of Paradigm City's Military Police, and formerly Roger's commanding officer. Technically his allegiance lies with the Paradigm Corporation, but his true loyalties are to the genuine welfare of the city and its people. Unlike Roger, he's (mostly) willing to put up with Paradigm's corporate string-pulling in order to keep serving the public trust.

Voiced by: Tesshō Genda (JP), Peter Lurie (EN)

Tropes associated with Dastun:

Angel Rosewater

File:Angel from The Big O.jpg

This lovely blonde has at least one hidden agenda, with very vague loyalties on top of that. She has a nose for trouble, which usually means she's always one step ahead of Roger. Oddly appropriate to her name, she has a pair of scars on her back -- at about the place an angel's wings are usually shown sprouting from (seen in Act 7).

Voiced by: Emi Shinohara (JP), Wendee Lee (EN)

Tropes associated with Angel:

Alex Rosewater

File:Alex Rosewater.jpg

The man in charge of Paradigm City and the corporation that owns it, controlling them both with ruthless efficiency. He's willing to preserve the state at the cost of its people when necessary, has no qualms about dealing with people he knows can't be trusted, and genuinely believes that anything would be better if he was in control of it.

Voiced by: Unshō Ishizuka (JP), Michael Forest (EN)

Tropes associated with Rosewater:



Formerly Michael Seabach, reporter. His search for the truth of Paradigm City led him into its darkest secrets, where he witnessed... something... and became unhinged, to say the least. Upon his return, he begins a one-man crusade against the lies and complacency of Paradigm, and cares little for what he destroys along the way.

Voiced by: Katsunosuke Hori (JP), Michael McConnohie (EN)

Tropes associated with Schwartzwald:

  • Anti-Villain: Debatable. He wants to uncover the truth of behind the amnesia of 40 years ago. Should people have to die or the city be destroyed to let that truth be known, so be it.
  • Ballroom Blitz: He infiltrates a masquerade ball for very wealthy people and rigs their masks so that they catch on fire all at once. Roger is the only one present who refuses to wear the mask as he's savvy enough to figure something is amiss.
  • Bandaged Face
  • Char Clone
  • Conspiracy Theorist: He's also right!
  • Defector From Decadence: While not advocating a totalitarian dictatorship to keep the populace in line, he REALLY hates the blind hedonistic tendencies of the Paradigm City's elite. He does everything in his power to fight back against this apathy, including handing out flammable masks at a cocktail party and trashing the city with his own Humongous Mecha.
  • Evil Laugh: My, but he likes to do those.
  • Expy: You'd be forgiven for thinking he's one of Hush, but he wouldn't debut until a few years later. Schwartzwald's really the Joker meets Char Aznable
    • His background as a formerly happily married, moral man, asymmetrical facial scarring, and subsequent mental breakdown also parallels Harvey Dent/TwoFace.
  • Foil: To Roger Smith.
  • Go Mad From the Revelation: Happened before he was introduced.
  • Haunted Technology: One possible explanation of Big Duo's behaviour in season 2. A major contributor is his "ghost" that appears as he Hannibal Lectures Alan for being (seen as) unworthy as the pilot of a Megadeus, whereupon his finishing statement Big Duo flashed the words "YE GUILTY," as if to agree with his assessment.
  • Large Ham: None of the Big O's villains were particularly subtle, but his speech in episode 18 is deliciously bombastic.
  • Meaningful Name plus Gratuitous German: His name means "Black Forest".
  • Nietzsche Wannabe: He's not so bleak as to declare all life meaningless, but the speech at the beginning of Act 17 ("Leviathan") certainly carries some darker notes of existentialism (See the link in Large Ham).
  • Screw the Money, I Have Rules: It takes some pretty strong principles to turn down THAT level of severance pay.
    • We only see the zeros. 12 of them. And they don't end there. Shit, Roger was surprised...
  • Sixth Ranger: Joins the Ruina in Super Robot Wars D.
  • Slasher Smile: Default expression.
  • Thanatos Gambit: After his death midway through the second season, he manages to aid Roger with his letters.
  • That Man Is Dead: Michael Seabach is no more. Even Paradigm Corp. executives start thinking this way.
  • Ubermensch: His speech in Leviathan basically set him up as this and the elite of Paradigm City as the Last Man (see above Defector From Decadence).

Alan Gabriel

File:Alan Gabriel.jpg

All we know about Alan is that he works for Rosewater (among possibly others), he's some kind of Cyborg (which were previously unknown in Paradigm City) -- and that he's very dangerous.

Voiced by: Issei Futamata (JP), Crispin Freeman (EN)

Tropes associated with Alan:

 Dorothy (Upon seeing his cyborg parts): What are you? man or machine?

Alan Gabriel: "I'm the BOOOOGIEMAN!" (titters hysterically)

Jason Beck

File:Jason Beck.jpg

This criminal has the distinction of being Roger Smith's first foe introduced in the series. Like any good criminal, he just wants to get rich at the expense of others... but unlike good criminals, he's equally concerned with looking as good as possible while doing it. Might be more than he seems, if the pre-Event memories he gets after being hit by lightning are any indication.

Voiced by: Hochu Ohtsuka (JP), Robert Buchholz (EN)

Tropes associated with Beck:

  • Beard of Evil: Originally clean shaven, he grew it after he got locked up the first time as pictured above. He apparently likes it as he shaves it down to a goatee after he gets out.
  • Blond Guys Are Evil: He even has a blond-colored suit. He contrasts directly to the clean-shaven, black-haired, black-clothed Roger.
  • Cultured Badass: He fails at this. Hilarity Ensues
  • Expy: His obsession with one-upping his nemesis, style of dress, and technical savvy makes him almost fit the role of The Riddler.
  • Foe Yay: He is exceedingly fixated on one-upping Roger Smith, what with the former's ability to foil his plans and all
  • Genius Ditz: He's a total incompetent as a villain, but his skills at electronics and android neuroscience are second to none.
  • Ineffectual Sympathetic Villain: He's such a screw-up, you'd almost feel sorry for him when he gets his ass handed to him. Almost.
  • Laughably Evil: Face it, the guy is so over-the-top he's out and out hilarious.
  • Madness Mantra: In the manga: "Paradigm, paradise, paralyze..."
  • Man of Wealth and Taste: Tries to be one, anyway. He's better at the being fashionable part than the villainous part.
  • Not So Harmless: His final chapter in the manga has him unearthing a "Gigadeus" that knocks Big O around like it was a toy. Roger only wins because Beck goes totally mad from greed after seeing the old world replayed for him in the underground.
  • The Only One Allowed to Defeat You: See Foe Yay above.
  • Recurring Boss
  • Strange Bedfellows: He winds up siding with Alex Rosewater to weasel out of his execution. Later, he even gives technical advice to Dorothy explaining how about how she can interface with the Big O to activate the Humongous Mecha's Final Stage. He even appears as allied reinforcement in Super Robot Wars Z!
  • Villain Decay: An example done hilariously right: Roger and Dorothy find him a nuisance at best, but he never ceases to be entertaining for the audience. Earlier episodes shows him succeeding to a degree with his plans, but he just gets more and more incompetent and hilarious as the show goes on. He didn't even get a real fight scene in his final appearance battling Big O!

Gordon Rosewater

File:Gordon Rosewater.jpg

Alex Rosewater's father, a kindly old man who has given up the cosmopolitan life to lead a simple life of farming.

Tropes associated with Gordon Rosewater:

Vera Ronstadt

File:Vera Ronstadt.jpg

A foreign woman who appears in the second season as a commander of the forces of the Union. Her French accent and claim to be from a country across the sea suggests there's civilizations in the world other than Paradigm City, but there's no memories to be had out there.

Voiced by: Sayuri Yamauchi (JP), Carolyn Hennesy (EN)

Tropes associated with Vera:

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