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The Batman takes place in the same universe as Teen Titans, Batman goes through 2 more Robins, and Red X (Teen Titans character) is Jason Todd.

Ok, this is partially based on the fact that it would all make sense. Ok, in this universe, Dick goes through the path he is seen to have gone through in Artifacts. However, in the 20 years between that and the present, Batman goes through 2 more Robins. First, Todd. However, in this universe, he doesn't die. He blames Batman for him ALMOST dying, and becomes a crook. Soon after, Batman gets a new Robin, Tim Drake. Batman trains him for a bit, and he goes to form the Titans shortly before "Artifacts". Jason was at the time a small-time crook, until he found out about the Red X suit. The he stole it for revenge, money, and the lulz. Also, Rumor was an experimental Slade bot, hence the voice.

  • Killer Moth was married and had already had a daughter before he was mutated.
  • Green Arrow eventually gets a sidekick, Speedy (Roy Harper).
  • Flash (Barry Allen) eventually gets a sidekick, Kid Flash (Wally West).
  • Rumor is not a Slade bot, but Slade may have stolen the technology in order to create them.

The Joker in this continuity is black.

From what I remember he's voiced at one point by a black guy, and it'd be a brilliant twist on the character. Who'd notice?

    • The pre-Joker Joker is seen in a flashback in "The Rubber Face of Comedy" as well as inside Joker's mind in "Strange Minds", and he's not black.
      • Well, we can't really trust his mind, and he could have found a way to look white.
      • He could just be light-skinned. Maybe he's one of the Huxtable kids grown up...
        • Alternatively, the flashback is Bennett's Imagine Spot to the Joker's retelling of his origins.

The thefts committed by Mr. Freeze are to finance research into restoring his wife.

  • Implied, but never outright stated. He may not be doing the Science himself this time, but perhaps his motive is the same as his Batman: The Animated Series counterpart. It would undo some of Freeze's perceived Adaptation Decay.
    • Where exactly is it implied?
      • In Freeze's origin episode, when pre-accident Freeze is fleeing from Batman in his car, there are photographs of him and a young woman attatched to his dashboard. However, she's never brought up throughout the rest of the series.

Chief Rojas left the force not long after Gordon became Commissioner.

It would explain after after "Night and the City" he was never seen again, and unlike Yin, he was never mentioned again. As for why he left, here's two theories.

  • Theory One: He resigned. Gordon setting up relations between the police and Batman probably clashed with his views of Batman as a vigilante who should be thrown in jail, and he resigned the force in protest and/or disgust of it.
    • He must also dislikes the Justice League as well.
  • Theory Two: Gordon or Mayor Grange fired him. Let's be honest: Rojas was an idiot who shouldn't have been able to get very far in the force, let alone become the second-in-command of the GCPD. I mean, for God's sake, some of the Riddler's riddles were so easy, as Yin said, a two year-old could've solved them and he got a headache trying to figure them out and couldn't (the museum one comes to mind). Then again, he could also have been a Dirty Cop, too. The comment about Ethan not being able "to play ball" could very well mean Rojas was corrupt and when Rojas partnered up Ethan and Ellen, his comment about he deciding "two heads are better than one" and deciding to do so after Rupert Throne went to jail could mean that like Commissioner Loeb in Batman: Year One, Rojas began to get antsy that Batman might bust him, too.
  • I like to think he stayed in the force long enough to participate in the fight against the Joining. And Batman saved him at point, but Rojas is still ungrateful and tells him "it doesn't change a thing". He may have also gotten help from Robin, Batgirl, Ellen Yin, or even Ethan Bennett. He's also not happy with Gordon's decision of letting the criminals help in fight.

This takes place in a divergent timeline after Batman Begins, that ignores The Dark Knight, Or was INTENDED to be an interquel.

  • So, I dunno how to really explain this one, but there are A LOT of similarities in the characters and things. A Young Gordon with reddish hair, a Batman who's still fairly inexperienced, a public that doesn't know if he's real or not, it adds up pretty quickly. I say divergent because the Joker appearing in the first episode quickly shunts TDK out of the way.
    • Those factors date back decades in comics to at least Batman Year One. Some are even older.
    • This may be the reason Scarecrow never showed up
    • Also, there was no mention of Carmine Falcone in the series. Before the costumed villains showed up, the only major crime lord shown was Rubert Thorne.

In the episode "Artifacts", Old!Batman was using Bane's Venom drug.

  • He does have a tube running from his arm to his cowl, and he is awfully bulked-up. He seems to have avoided the side-effects, though, so either it's a derivation of the drug or it's a low dose.
    • He's Batman, he most likely to have made a much better and safe version.

Penguin's Kabuki twins, Peri and Gale, are androids.

They never speak, they never revealed what they look like out of their skin-tight suits and they've seemed to have survived from some situations where survival seems highly unlikely. As to how Penguin obtained them, ther are three possibilities:

  • 1: He found these two on one of his heists during his "tour of the Orient," stole them and had them both shipped in boxes over to Gotham where he promptly made some adjustments to them so that they would become obedient to him.
  • 2: He made a deal with someone to build them for him in exchange for a large portion of the riches that he had stolen during his "tour of the Orient." (Possibly even the same person who taught him martial arts.) Afterwards, he ended up just taking them.
  • 3: He built them himself. After all, he made his own trick umbrellas; it's possible that he did, but somewhat unlikeky. However, it's not entirely impossible since he's smarter than you think.
    • Alternate theory: They were human until he gave them cybernetic implants, and became mute as a result.

Katar Hol is married.

Hawkwoman either remained on Midway City while her husband heads to Gotham to capture Shadow Thief, or she's currently on Thanagar.

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