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  • In the very first shot Batman manages to take out all the mooks in the same style Christopher Nolan would very much mimic, followed by scaring the hell out of boss Rupert Thorne with the whole "I'm the Batman thing and all".
  • Batman reversing Joker's Mind Rape with his own brand of it in the episode "Strange Minds".
  • Pretty much anything D.A.V.E. does in "Gotham's Ultimate Criminal Mastermind".
    • D.A.V.E., "Gotham's Ultimate Criminal Mastermind", a robot with the composite mind of Gotham's worst criminals. After he builds a new body, he quite casually uses a laptop to steal all the money in every account in the city (or as he puts it "I'm rich, you're not!"), blacks out all of the power except his name on every screen, notices Batman is right behind him, and kicks his ass.
    • He outdoes himself when he not only figures out Batman's Secret Identity through Awesomeness By Analysis, not only figures out where all those wonderful toys are coming from, but skewers Batman's Freudian Excuse.

 You probably want to know how I uncovered your secret. It was simple, really. Using information readily available to anyone, I began by narrowing down my search through Gotham's population of 750,832 males. Those not falling inside Batman's probable age of 18 to 36 were eliminated. Medical records revealed body type matches. Tax records indicated those who possess the wealth and resources to create his technology. But the true key to the puzzle was deducing who of the remaining candidates had motive to become the Batman. After all, every great hero must have an origin. And when Gotham's Ultimate Criminal Mastermind put it all together, the answer was obvious; Bruce Wayne, son of the late Thomas and Martha Wayne.

    • Batman turns this around on him in his own Moment of Awesome when he points out that D.A.V.E doesn't have an origin, all the ones he lists are of the criminals he's made up of. This leads D.A.V.E. into having a Villainous Breakdown.
  • Freeze's Villainous Breakdown at Batman still being alive in the year 3027 in "Artifacts".
  • Any fears that Scary Black Man Kevin Michael Richardson's performance as the Joker were allayed with the line "BECAUSE I MISS YOUR COMPANY, BATMAN!"
  • The Joker and Harley Quinn's demented "Falling in Love" Montage/Destructive Rampage, set to Setting The Woods On Fire.
  • The Joker's debut was really good with his one liner:

 Guard: Cell Number 23 empty...

(turns around)

Guard: What the...?

Joker: I was feeling a bit screwloose so I... checked myself in.

Guard: Who are...

Joker: My Card. [laughs evilly]

    • And later:

 Joker: What are you gonna do? Send me to the madhouse? I'm already here!

  • Bane get a villainous one, when he utterly curbstomps batman in a fight. He gets another one when he manages to beat Batman again, while Batman is using the Batbot
    • Batman gets his own when after being beaten by Bane. He stabs Bane's wrist with a cable, disabling his Venom supply.
  • Can we call "Thunder" Batgirl's Crowning Episode of Awesome? She sneaks onto the New Olympus, evades the guards, disables its Thunderstorm weapon before they're able to use it on a bridge full of fleeing citizens, and steals the bolt firing thingy just in time to stop them from shooting down Batman. Then, when Batman's captured, she hacks into their system in order to hold it hostage and buy him time to escape, only to smash it when Maxie Zeus finally catches up with her. Finally, she steers the crash-landing New Olympus into the harbor, minimizing collateral damage like whoa, while everyone else abandons ship. Damn. It really shows how far she's come since her earlier episodes where she screwed up just as much as she helped. Even Bruce is impressed; it's the first episode where he finally starts taking her seriously.

The Batman vs. Dracula

  • Dracula curb-stomping Batman early in the movie.
  • Alfred shoots Dracula with a crossbow. It doesn't do anything, but it's the thought that counts.
  • Batman seemingly cornered by Dracula in the Batcave, only to switch on the sunlight-storing/releasing machine he was building, shining a blinding light toward Dracula with only Batman's shadow keeping him from death. This scares the crap out of Dracula, who realizes that he's Bruce Wayne. He responds (how else) "I'm Batman". Then he uses his grappling hook to get out of the way, burning Dracula alive until he's so brittle when Batman delivers a kick it smashes him apart, sending ash and bone everywhere.
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