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Virginia "Pepper" Potts

Tony Stark's secretary and close friend. True to form, she worries about Tony's safety when he battles super-villains as Iron Man. After the forming of the Avengers, she assists the team as well. Eventually, she develops concern about Tony caring more about super-heroism than the status of Stark Industries.

 Voiced By: Dawn Olivieri

  • Badass Damsel: She beats up AIM's Scientist Supreme by herself.

 Pepper: I expect this to be reflected in my bonus.

Tony: Done.


Tony Stark's personal AI, which assists him in controlling the armor. JARVIS is also hooked into the Avengers mansion, assisting the team with whatever they need.

 Voiced By: Phil LaMarr

  • AI Is a Crapshoot: Subverted, even when Ultron takes over the mansion JARVIS still tries to help but is left powerless.
  • Canon Immigrant: He's based off of the AI JARVIS from the films, rather than the human butler from the comics. The producers have said that it'd still be possible to use the original, though, during one of Marvel's live blogs.
  • Expy: Of both the original Edwin Jarvis, and the AI HOMER, from the original Iron Man animated series.
  • The Jeeves: He becomes one once he's set up to help run the mansion.
  • Servile Snarker: Manages to follow in his comic counterpart's footsteps, despite not being an actual butler. Or a human-being.
  • Smart House: And Thor finds it disturbing.

Jane Foster

 Thor: You intrigue me. Mortal lives, they are so fragile, yet you do not seem to accept that.

Jane: Would you?

Thor: Nay.

An EMT, Jane Foster is one of the brave few willing to take crises involving the numerous super-villains crawling out of the woodwork. She's attracted the attention of Thor, whose taken with her bravery in the face of such extraordinary events.

 Voiced By: Kari Wahlgren


Ruler of Asgard. He initially objects to Thor, his son, leaving Asgard to fight evil on Midgard. Odin also fathered Loki, who eventually turned against him for lying about his past.

 Voiced By: Clancy Brown

Henry Peter Gyrich

The government liaison for SWORD. He was sent to Damocles base to investigate SWORD.

 Voiced by: Jim Ward

  • Dirty Coward: Tells Cap that he's authorizing him to sacrifice any of the Skrull prisoners if need be to save him.
  • Obstructive Bureaucrat: He wouldn't be Gyrich if he wasn't.

Cassie Lang

The young daughter of Scott Lang, the second Ant-Man.

 Voiced by: (uncredited)

  • Deliberately Cute Child
  • Disney Death: Hank shoots a Pym Disc at Cassie to protect her from Crossfire. She appears to vanish into a subatomic level, like the money Scott tried to steal using these discs, but fortunately, Hank used an improved model. Cassie turns small enough to hide from Crossfire, but miniaturized Scott still manages to find her and turn her back to her normal size.
  • Distressed Damsel: Crossfire holds Cassie hostage in order to get Scott to turn in his share of the money he stole (which Scott already gave to Cassie's doctor).
  • Ill Girl: No longer the case when she is introduced, but her falling victim to a Soap Opera Disease caused Scott to turn to a life of crime.
  • Wasn't That Fun?: After being shrunk and returned to normal size she asks "Dad, can we do that again?"

J. Jonah Jameson

The publisher of the Daily Bugle.

 Voiced by: J.K. Simmons

  • Alliterative Name
  • Da Editor
  • Jerkass: He even outshines Hawkeye!
  • Jerkass Has a Point: Though exaggerating in some respects, he is right in saying superheroes are vigilantes who act above the law.
  • Motor Mouth
  • The Real Heroes: Superheroes are nothing but vigilantes taking credit from real heroes like astronauts, doctors, firefighters and...newspaper editors.
  • Troll: Despite being told by SHIELD, Tony Stark and the President it was a Skrull impersonator and not the real Captain America who tried ordering humans to surrender to the Skrulls, he keeps writing it was the real guy.

Betty Brant

A reporter for the Daily Bugle.

 Voiced by: Grey De Lisle

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