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"You just twist your hand until something breaks."
Michael Scott of The Office explains his technique.

Many men have a lot of trouble unhooking women's bras when reaching around from the front.

Humiliatingly enough, it often turns out these guys' worldly, swinging compatriots are able to unhook a girl's bra blindfolded, upside-down and with their teeth in two seconds.

Truth in Television for a lot of guys. While most bras really are easy enough to undo one-handed (or upside-down with your teeth if that's your thing) it's understandable why some have difficulty. When you consider lack of experience, understanding or the proper technique, worrying about this trope, being unable to see what they're doing and either so nervous, excited, embarrassed or eager that shaking uncooperative hands aren't out of the question, it's not surprising that many people may have experienced this, particularly their first time. Maybe she could just do it herself. Or, perhaps, buy a bra that hooks from the front. Bras also vary between woman, as do angles and bodies -- technique that worked on a tall statuesque girl isn't likely to work gracefully on a five-nothing spinner.

That said, it is actually fairly intuitive, so No Real Life Examples, Please.

Examples of The Art of Bra Removal include:

Comic Books

  • Brain K. Vaughn's The Escapists features the fictional character "The Escapist", who is capable of picking any lock, in #2, he boasts of finally being able to unhook a girl's bra.


  • American Pie 2: Michelle teaches Jim how to take off a bra one handed, and keeps slapping him away when he tries to use both hands.
  • In Animal House, Larry Kroger has trouble unhooking Clorette DePasto's bra, though that's not nearly as much trouble as when he finds that Clorette is underage.
  • The 40-Year-Old Virgin had this.
  • Parodied in Hot Shots Part Deux where a woman's bra turns out to literally have a lock on the back.
  • Bull Durham has a variation when Annie Savoy tries to teach Nuke LaLoosh to unhook her garters from her stockings (to "improve his hand-eye coordination"). Nuke has just as much trouble with it as the trope standard has with bras.
    • Related to the American Pie 2 example, it should be noted, since Annie expected Nuke to be able to do it one-handed. Later in the movie, when she finally gives in to erstwhile suitor Crash Davis (Kevin Costner), the nonchalant ease with which he's able to do this appears to be quite the turn-on for her...



 You cannot casually unhook a bra strap. The bra-strap industry sees to this. Scientists over at the Bra Strap Research Center in Amarillo, Texas, work night and day with volunteer males and lifelike female dummies coming up with newer and more complicated fastening devices, devices where the first hook actually re-hooks itself after you go on to the second one, such that nobody can get these bras off, especially not a lust-crazed male in a dark room. Many priceless jewellry collections are now protected solely by bra straps.


Live Action TV

  • On Friends, Joey was unable to unhook Rachel's bra. This caused him considerable distress, as he can (demonstrably) unhook any other woman's bra basically by flicking his hand at it. One time he just looked at Monica and her bra popped off. He's usually that good.
    • He also claimed that Chandler was afraid of bras, because he can't work 'em.
  • On Monty Python's Flying Circus, the Upperclass Twit of the Year competition involved unhooking a mannequin's bra as one of its tasks. Which involved them shaking the mannequins to pieces and pulling furiously, using a foot for leverage...
  • Eric from That 70s Show had trouble unhooking Donna's bra. We even see an X-ray view through the back of her shirt to his fingers fumbling with the snap, which then turns into a combination lock that he spins uselessly. Fez needed instruction as well. During a "training session" he tackled a mannequin wearing a bra.
  • 3rd Rock from the Sun: Sally went out with her boyfriend and his mother to a classy restaurant. Not knowing better, she casually told the mother about a time he had trouble undoing Sally's bra.
    • In a later episode:

 Tommy: When will you teach us how to unhook a bra?

Sex Ed Teacher: We're not learning that.

Tommy: Well, all this stuff is very interesting, but I'm not going to get to any of it if I can't unhook a bra.


Tommy: We had sex ed today.

Dick: Did they teach you how to unhook a bra?

  • Happy Days had a training session for Richie, complete with bra-clad mannequin. Naturally, The Fonz was able to get the bra off flawlessly.
  • Happens in Grounded for Life.
  • How I Met Your Mother: Bra hooks are one of only three things Barney Stinson is willing to fight. The other two are a paternity suit and the urge to vomit upon seeing someone wear brown shoes with a black suit.
  • Room 101: Bill Bailey tried to put bras into Room 101 for this reason.
  • Scrubs: J.D. struggles to take off Elliot's bra from the back, only for her to tell him that she had switched to "frontsies".
  • An episode of The Office has Michael create a video of knowledge he wishes to pass on to his future son in the event of his death. Naturally, he includes the proper way to remove a bra. This includes Dwight wearing a bra, pretending to be Pam as Michael, tries and fails to remove it. And he can see the clasp.
  • Drew has problems with this on The Drew Carey Show. He keeps a pair of scissors in his beside drawer for dealing with particularly recalcitrant bra straps.
  • Seinfeld. The episode where Kramer introduces the Bro/Man-ssiere to Frank Costanza. They insist on using velcro for this very reason.
  • The Big Bang Theory: Howard is making out with Bernadette and fumbling with her bra, only for her to tell him it unhooks at the front.
  • In the Married With Children episode "What I Did for Love", Al tries to demonstrate a bra-unhooking technique on a mannequin for Bud, but his hand gets stuck.
  • One sketch on The Man Show had Jimmy Kimmel demonstrating his ability to get bras off, challenging women on the street that he could do it in under 30 seconds. The only one that stymied him was a little person who, it turned out, was not wearing one to begin with.
  • Discussed on The King of Queens; in one episode Carrie briefly recounts an encounter with an ex-boyfriend who spent a half-hour trying to undo her bra, only to finally learn her bra opened from the front.

Visual Novels

Web Comics

  • One Questionable Content comic mentions this, with Steve complaining about the shrink-wrap on CDs being bloody impossible to get off, and Marten commenting that the difficulty heightens the anticipation, and the enjoyment of the final result. Steve goes "Ah, just like trying to unhook a bra...", to which Marten answers "Yes, except for that the CD doesn't start giggling uncontrollably if you take more than fifteen seconds."
  • Xkcd replaces the hooks with a Rubik's Cube! xkcd chatroom gives us a reverse metaphor.
  • Penny and Aggie, here.

  Stan: "Says the girl whose sports bra has a kryptonite lock."


Western Animation

  • In Futurama, Professor Farnsworth is doing this and mutters "so many hooks" (there were two). Granted, he's quite elderly. Halfway through he contemplates admitting defeat.
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