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 "Two years after the Soul Society Arc of the Bleach storyline, the traitor Aizen finally made his move. In a completely unexpected turn of events, Aizen’s army of Arrancar launched a massive invasion of Soul Society. The invaders were eventually repelled, but the damage had been done...and the price was high. Seireitei lay in ruins. The Gotei 13 had been all but annihilated; hundreds of shinigami and thousands more souls were killed. In an attempt to replenish their heavily depleted forces, Soul Society decided to consolidate what they had left into a single new organization, the Gotei 7. However, with so few notably powerful shinigami to serve as Captains, Soul Society was forced to recall formerly exiled shinigami to serve as Captains for the Divisions. Together, they stand as the new defenders of Soul Society.

These are the tales of the Arrancar Wars."

The Arrancar Wars is an Alternate Continuity play by post game on Gaia Online set two and a half years after Bleach's Soul Society arc, omitting the Hueco Mundo arc and all that followed. Launched March 2007 by user Yamato_Kameyama, TAW gained a dedicated staff and a fluctuating (but highly active) member-base. Despite the obvious divergence from the the continuity of series proper, it started out very similarly, with the Gotei 7 fighting of continuous attacks from legions of Hollows, with the occasional Arrancar or two before launching into actual story arcs. It became widely known, even amongst those who didn't join, as one of the best Bleach roleplaying forums on the site. Sadly, over the course of two years, participation began to drop, culminating with the RP's final abandonment in December 2009, near the end of the story's Hueco Mundo Arc.

Yamato, completely unwilling to let go of one of the funnest times in his life, has made plans to finish and novelize the story.

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