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The Archive of Bellicose Lexicon Entities, or TABLE, is a project to catalog all of the groups on this website whose philosophies of cataloging tropes differ. Most of these groups focused on trope names, but a few focus on images instead.

To select a userbox identifying yourself as a member of any of these groups, see the The Archive of Bellicose Lexicon Entities userbox page.

Currently known entities, and a brief summation of their philosophies, are:

  • CHOPSTICKS: the Conserving Helpful Otaku-Produced Superior Titles, Increasing Common Knowledge Society: Foreign-language terms as titles can enhance pages.
  • Cool Unearthed Pictures Society (CUPS): the Cool Unearthed Pictures Society: Trope titles are less important than the images.
  • FORKS: the Friends Of Really Kool Sobriquet: Trope names should be as witty as possible, whether or not they make any obvious sense.
  • HOTSAUCE: the Hotblooded Others Taking a Stand And Ushering in Chaos and Entropy: Tropes need to liberated from PLATTER rule by becoming more wild.
  • KNIVES: the Kalculated Naming Indifference Violent Enforcement Section: The entire debate of trope titles is pointless.
  • NAPKINS: the Negative Space Kult of Ireland and Northern Scandinavia: Images on trope pages should be avoided as much as possible.
  • PEPPER: People Ensuring Pages Populated by English Reliably: Non-English titles are almost always a bad idea except when absolutely necessary.
  • PLATTER: People Letting All Trope Titles Exist Relishably: Trope names should be funny, but should also make sense.
  • SALT: Supporters of Additional Likenesses in Text: Examples are like salt; every article should have more of them (unless specifically forbidden from having any).
  • SPOON: Society to Prevent Overly Original Names: Trope names should be as clear as possible, whether or not they are humorous.
  • TONGS: Tropers Opposed to Negligent and Gratuitous Spoilers: Spoiler taggings should be kept to a minimum.
  • WHISK: Wonderful Humans' Insight Secures Koolness: People should always talk to the other groups before changing names of tropes. Hopefully compromises will be made.
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