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Fred: Goes Grocery Shopping Feat. Annoying Orange is a Prequel to the entire Annoying Orange series

Why is Orange being sold at a grocery store? Because Daneboe hasn't bought him yet, that's why!

Orange is a Time Lord

This Time Lord had a Time Lord companion and their TARDIS blew up while they happened to be eating a pear and an orange.

    • Yes! And the fruit juice drove one of them insane.

Orange is Haruhi

She recreated the universe after watching too much Veggie Tales and Gorn back-to-back. Specifically:

  • As previously stated, Orange is Haruhi, but Tsuruya somehow got mixed in as well.
  • Pear and Midget Apple are both at least part Kyon.
    • little apple ya jack wagon!
  • Marshmallow is Kyon's sister.
  • Liam the Leprechaun is the Computer Society President.
  • Knife is Mikuru (As Mikuru is abused by Haruhi, Knife is forced to cut up other characters against his will.)
  • The guy who usually wields Knife is Ryoko.
  • Glitter Groin is Itsuki.

Marshmallow is the son of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man

A piece of the monster survived and began to grow into a separate organism. The Ghostbusters found the small being and took it to headquarters. They feared the marshmallow child would grow into something as monstrous as his father, so they gave him a chemical that stunted it's growth. Given their connections with the supernatural, the ghost hunters handed Marshmallow over to a clan of unicorns living high above our world, where Marshmallow grew into the the sugary, optimistic little thing he is today. Eventually, his unicorn family sent him to earth to learn first hand about all the good and evil that occupied the mortal world. In this world, each object had a soul of it's own, and Marshmallow possessed the power to communicate with these inanimate spirits. But soon, he was captured by the Jigsaw Killer for his bubbly personality and over optimism, and this lead to his first meeting with Orange.

There will be an Annoying Orange video called The Founding Fruits

The beginning of Angry Birds #11: Bring the Energy! (an episode of Daneboe's Angry Birds Let's Play) has a (most likely unintentional) Freeze-Frame Bonus showing Daneboe's computer screen. One of the files on his desktop is "The Founding Fruits"--likely an upcoming AO video. Accidental Production Foreshadowing?

  • The High Fructose Adventures of Annoying Orange's theme song and commercials contain some colonial-looking clips, so maybe it's an upcoming episode of that rather than a web video.

Orange used to be an Exposition Fairy

Compare: "Hey! Listen! Hey!" "Hey! Hey, Apple!" Also, knife.

Marshmallow is related to Rarity

Since Marshmallow's mom is a unicorn and Rarity is part marshmallow... just think about it.

The universe exists in the Higurashi no Naku Koro ni universe

The Gourd has down syndrome

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