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  • In Angry Joe's preview of Bayonetta, he is thoroughly confused with the automatic play mechanic, where a single button can control the main character efficiently. Then, this happens:

 Joe: Wha..? One button controls the whole thing? Why... Why would someone need that..?

* An image of a guy ringing a large bell that he's holding right before his crotch appears*

Joe: * Totally disgusted* Aaaugh! AAAUGH!

  • Not to mention his reaction in... this.
  • Angry Joe's review of Red Dead Redemption is chock-full of them, but this troper's favorite was when he said that the game offers Poker and the video cut to him, another man, and a Saloon Gal playing poker, to the tune of Lady Gaga 's Poker Face.
    • There's also the part where "The Bad" shoots down different versions of Angry Joe. I always choke on this one:

 Mexican!Joe: *Head pops up from the bottom of the screen, looks around confused* Oya, que passo!? *Is shot* OYAAA!!!


  • No mention of Joe's epic freak-out when Lord Kat kill-steals a demon he was fighting in one of Spoony's D&D games?

 Joe: FUCK YOU! We were fighting over here, like MEN!

 Joe: "The two player's an abomination unto God our looord, and may He have mercy on the souls involved with the creation of this game!"

Subtitles: For they know not what they do!

    • His complaint about the way the game has you hold hands with your opponent during any two player racing. Cut to Joe and his girlfriend playing, and in the middle of trying to duck and weave, she and Joe slam their heads together.

 Joe: "F*ck, woman that's like the sixth time!"

    • "IT'S LIKE THE DEVELOPERS DIDN'T GET THE MEMO ABOUT HOW TO MAKE A MENU FOR KINECT (pulls out a piece of paper). Either that or they did get it, and they just WIPED THEIR FUCKING ASS WITH IT AND THREW IT IN OUR FACE! (does just that).
  • Trying to be "Average Joe" at the Blistered Thumbs discussion video. He winced at the Terminator Salvation and Iron Man 2 tie-in games, but doesn't actually flip, but when Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days appears, his Berserk Button was pressed.
  • "Ready to play kick-ball, Tiger. I don't like to lose." *cocks gun*
  • His opening joke for his Resident Evil Afterlife was simple, yet sublime. Wesker pulls off his sunglasses and throws them in slow-mo at the camera. Cut to Joe being hit in the face with the sunglasses. "What the FUCK!?"
  • GEISHA. JOE. Just...Geisha Joe.
  • From the Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Joe continuously wonders why so much content got cut from the game. Each time, cue Corp Commander shruggingly commanding, "Don't need it."
    • Also from that review, Joe is downright confused about some of the choices in the cast line up.

 Corporate Commander: Hmmm, who can be in the new Marvel vs. Capcom lineup? Um, I know! MODOK! I love MODOK! ...What? Put him in anyway!

  • His Darkspawn routine during the Dragon Age 2 review. All of it pretty good but especially:

 Who shall lead the blight back to glory? Will it be Carl, the Archdemon's brother? Or will it be Stan, that guy down the street who once stole candy from a baby?

    • Hawke's Hidden Romance scene at the end.
  • During his Home Front review, aside from mocking the Acceptable Breaks From Reality and Willing Suspension of Disbelief the game is trying to push on the player, he mentions that flashpoints around the world as battles would make the game better, including stressing for some kind of battle--ANY kind of battle--at the DMZ. What idea does he offer? A DANCE BATTLE!


  • The Man vs. Wild game. Joe runs from a swarm of bees--right into an alligator. Which proceeds to eat--sorry, "incapacitate" him.
    • Better yet, it happens TWICE. In a row.
    • Also Other Joe trying in vain to catch a running deer.
  • Just the way he says this quote in his Thor video game review:

 Joe: Comparing God of War to the God Of Thunder is like comparing the delicious and best cereal ever, FRUITY PEBBLES [holds up a box of Fruity Pebbles] to the off brand [holds up a knockoff brand called "Fruit Rageous"] tastes like cardboard and ass Fruitrageous! They aren't even on the same plane!

  • His description of the video game adaptation of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2.

 Hagrid: Yer a wizard, Harry!

  • cut to credits*
  • Joe and Tons Of Fun in the Left 4 Dead review, arguing over who gets to protect and then repopulate the planet with Emmers, who's actually fighting the zombies.
  • The beginning to his Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Angry Rant where he realizes that people would blame the game's creation on him and goes to beat the tar out of Corporate Commander for ruining his name.
  • In his review of Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters, he says that in Co-Opt your partner plays as Sinestro.

 *cut to a clip of Sinestro whipping and insulting an alien*

Joe: ... when, when he was a good guy!

  • cut to the same clip ... with a green filter*
  • In his Fruit Ninja Kinect review, Joe, dressed as Ermac, slicing a Watermelon in half with a Katana. While staying completely in character
    • It gets even better in the bloopers at the end of the video, he attempts to cut it some more, but fails, resulting in the blade getting stuck, and Joe falling over. Not only that, but it turns out he managed to make a small cut in the table used for the take.
    • Ermac!Joe and Other Joe playing two player mode in which Ermac!Joe randomly decides to chop Other Joe in the chest and face, knocking him onto the floor. Even funnier when Joe attempts to do a roundhouse kick and only causes himself to fall on the floor.
    • Joe pauses for half a second after chopping the watermelon in half. It's as if, under that mask, he was thinking, "Damn, did I really chop that watermelon in half?" I find that funny, somehow.
  • Joe playing Dark Souls and starting to flip his shit at the tutorial boss. A short while later, he stands a much better chance and gets some stress relief from killing it.
    • Shortly afterwards, he finds a hidden path, and somehow manages to fall off a cliff
    • Textbook, real-world Tempting Fate occurs, too. He outright says, "I don't really see what the deal is.." moments before being utterly flattened by the Asylum Demon. Hilarious.
    • "THERE WAS A DOOR?!"
    • When he returns to the boss arena, only through a ledge -above- the Asylum Demon: "REMEMBER ME, BITCH!?" *Plunging attack*
  • In his review of X-Men: Destiny, Joe tries to get himself into the Xavier school for the gifted. When Joe shows off his Mutant power, it turns out to be an adamantium mustache.
  • At the end of his review for Batman: Arkham City, he takes the opportunity to do a certain... Batman meme.
  • In his first video about Skyrim he tries to get his friend Jacob to come over and do the LP but he refuses because he's too busy playing Skyrim.
  • Joe attacking Corporate Commander in the Skyrim review. He played Skyrim for so long he went insane and made a tinfoil helmet and a broom spear.
    • From the same review, his suspicions that Bethesda has a prisoner fetish. Cue the dancing monks!
  • Joe and Amanda play Saints Row the Third, they do a mission where they've been drugged and stripped naked. Then Amanda finds one of the dildo bats.
  • Everything about the dildo in the actual Saints Row the Third review. Angry Joe calls a sex shop asking about "big purple ones", they drive to the shop and he orders Other Joe to go in and buy it, then Other Joe shoves it into the shot during the review.
    • Other Joe whacking Angry Joe in the back of the head with it in the middle of the review, causing Angry Joe to corpse.
  • His summary of Soul Calibur V's advertising.

 Ass! Titties! Ass and Titties! Ass Ass Titties Ass, Ass and Titties!



  • The sneak peek of the Mass Effect 3 entended cut DLC which is a Youtube Poop-like video.
  • After witnessing "I'm Han Solo" in Kinect Star Wars, he doesn't just let out Darth Vader's Big No, he lets out an extended version of it so powerful that it blows up Admiral Ackbar's ship.
  • In his review of Risen 2: Dark Waters, Joe gets a monkey as a pet. When he sets it off to steal something, another character shoots and kills it. An Angry Joe takes revenge on that character.

 Joe: That mother****er killed my monkey!

  • Angry Joe previews Dragon's Dogma:

 Joe: [while his character is shooting a whole lot of arrows] Yaaaay I'm at the Medieval Faire again!

[Shows an actual photo of Joe at an actual Renn. Faire]

  • Corporate Commander's rant in the Kyle & Lynch 2: Dog Days review.
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