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"I review the previews, to let YOU know which trailers are failures!"
The Distressed Watcher

Terroja "The Amazing Atheist" Kincaid (or as he ironically calls himself, the God of the Godless) is an atheist who has been making videos on YouTube since joining the site on November 20, 2006. Although the subject matter of his earlier videos centered almost entirely around atheism and anti-theism, he rarely deals with those topics today. Instead, most of his current videos are either social commentary or purely comedic in nature.

His style is loud, boisterous, and unapologetically offensive. However, he claims that these are his honest opinions. The Amazing Atheist never has even the slightest qualm about speaking his mind, despite sounding offensive to various targets. This is precisely why he's won well over 100,000 subscribers over the course of his YouTube career, replacing Pat Condell as the website's most popular atheist. That hasn't stopped him from making quite a few enemies, especially because of his strident anti-feminism.

He has also written three books: In Defense of Evil, Scumbag: Musings of a Subhuman, and Final Revelation. Like most of his videos, the books are part philosophical, part comedic, and part autobiographical.

When not using the Amazing Atheist moniker, he often goes by T.J., Terroja, or The Distressed Watcher. His YouTube channel can be found here. Though he was forced to take down most of his older videos in early 2009 due to YouTube's increasingly strict censorship policies, you can watch a few hundred of them here and here if you are so inclined.

Notable Tropes Invoked by the Amazing Atheist:

  • Accentuate the Negative: His criticism of theists. His serious moments are reserved for holier-than-thou types.
  • Angrish: Plenty of it in this video. Considering that he's feeding a troll, it's to be expected.
  • Arch Enemy: Christian fundamentalists VenomFangX and JezuzFreek777. To a lesser extent, the Libertarian/Conservative vlogger Lee Doren, or HowTheWorldWorks.
    • Don't forget Patt Condell, though guess he's more of an arch-rival than anything.
      • As of this video, he has finally given us the name of his true Arch Enemy, one that takes many forms: Stupidity.
  • Aren't You Going to Ravish Me?: In a recent video, The Amazing Atheist is mad that he never gets offered sex by a gay Republican in the men's room.
  • You Fail Biology Forever: The "VenomFangX is a Stupid Creationist" series.
  • Ass Shove: Pics of him shoving a banana up his butt have surfaced. He talks about it here.
  • Atomic F-Bomb: From "The Diner Bizotch":

 She ain't no minor bitch / No, she's a MAJOR FUCKING BIIIIITCH!!!

 Terroja: The taste of death is sweet.

 "I mean guys, go get up, look in a mirror, look at your ugly mug and ask yourself if what you really want in life is a female equivalent of THAT?!...Yeah, me too, but surely there’s normal people out there."

  The Amazing Atheist: Here's something people say after some kind of tragedy or things don't turn out as planned, someone will always say, "You know, it is what it is." And it's always with that sage like tone as if we should be in awe of them for taking that common saying and infusing it with such weight and wisdom. It is what it is... yeah it is... IS what it is. Obviously! Of course it is what it is! That's what it is! That is like saying yellow is yellow.

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