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Basic Trope: Drug dealers insist that people try their drugs, even if they're clearly not interested.

  • Straight: Dave approaches some teenagers in Suburbville and screams at them until they smoke up.
  • Exaggerated: Dave, a criminal kingpin, arrives with fifty armed mooks and seizes control of Suburbville High, forcing everyone to try his drugs at gunpoint.
  • Downplayed: Dave gets out a baseball bat and threatens Bob with it, saying he will hit him unless Bob takes a sip of some of the alcohol that he has. Bob, who's genuinely scared, takes the sip.
  • Justified: Dave is high on his own PCP and desperately needs money for another fix.
    • Dave sells a Fantastic Drug that actually will get people addicted on the first try, and he's the only one in town selling it.
  • Inverted: Teenagers shake down small-time dealer Dave for some drugs, even though he's unwilling to sell to minors.
  • Subverted: A kid tells Dave that he's not interested, and Dave shrugs and walks away.
  • Double Subverted: ... but returns later when it's dark and the kid doesn't have any friends nearby for support.
  • Parodied: Dave follows the awkard, pudgy girl who's trying to lose weight around in his ice-cream truck, shoving cones at her until she gives in and eats one.
    • Dave is aggressive because he's actually not a very good drug dealer, and puts people off from buying his product with his over-eagerness; the more this happens, the more aggressive and desperate for attention and customers he becomes, until he's reduced to wailing "why doesn't anyone want to buy my drugs?" and crying.
    • Dave is a child.
  • Deconstructed: Dave's aggressive tactics get the cops after him, and he's soon arrested.
  • Reconstructed: In prison, Dave learns that Suburbville teenagers aren't the best potential customers, but that more at-risk people are. He develops an eye for weakness, and once he's back on the streets, forces his product on the poor and vulnerable.
  • Zig Zagged: Some drug dealers in the setting are aggressive, but some aren't.
  • Averted: People who want drugs have to visit Dave at his house, and he refuses to sell to anyone unless an existing customer can vouch for them.
  • Enforced: Moral Guardians demand that all drug dealers be shown this way - God forbid that anyone might get the idea that people want drugs!
  • Lampshaded: "You're giving your drugs away for free? I'm no entrepreneur, but that doesn't make a whole lot of business sense to me."
  • Invoked: Dave, regretting his occupation and convinced that he deserves to be caught and jailed, snaps and begins approaching strangers to shout about his drugs, hoping that someone'll call the cops on him.
  • Defied: Charlie, a drug wholesaler, tells his new employee Dave to never approach unfamiliar people.
  • Discussed: "Dave was a drug dealer all along? But he never tried to force me to buy drugs from him like the PSAs showed! I'm so confused!"
  • Conversed: "Dude, they have one of those retarded PSAs on TV again."
  • Played for Laughs: Dave yells at some animals to try some of his drugs, completely unaware that they won't. Eventually, he just gives up.
  • Played for Drama: People all over the town stay inside, scared that Dave might see them and kill them since they won't try his drugs. Eventually, they rally and drive out Dave.
    • Alternatively, Dave is willing to use any method to get people to try his drugs. Even cold-blooded murder...
    • Dave is the Villain Protagonist. He starts out as a succesful dealer, but starts to lose his success. He tries to push for more sales. But these tactics get him caught and jailed. When he gets out his employer pulls a You Have Failed Me on him.

You'd better go back to The Aggressive Drug Dealer. You wouldn't want to make me angry, wouldya?

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