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Describe That Other Rusty and Masquerade Movie here.

...Where to begin?

That Other Rusty and Masquerade Movie is a profoundly ridiculous short film written and directed by high school film nerd Phill Skokos. It was posted to YouTube in late 2007. The story follows a young man named Masquerade, who is betrayed by his childhood friend Leningarb when the latter begins his plot for world domination. Masquerade winds up in a backwoods village where he pulls a giant spoon out of a muffin, only to discover that the spoon is magical, and part of a set of arms called The Order of the Square Meal. He meets a walking, talking blue walrus named Rusty, and the two of them team up to fight Leningarb, and his evil associate Sir Knight Lordington

So... yeah.

This film contains examples of:

  • As Himself - Phill Skokos appears as himself in two scenes, in which he is depicted writing the script. Cam Stewart, who plays Lordington, appears the second time, looks at the Big Lipped Alligator Moment Phill just wrote, and says "Plot, Phill. Get back to the plot."
  • Big Lipped Alligator Moment - Every other scene.
    • About halfway through the movie, Rusty and Masquerade stop in mid-conversation and we cut to footage of Phill sitting at a computer with writer's block. We then see Rusty and Masquerade attack the side of a building for a while until a glass shatter transition takes us to another scene.
    • Rusty's story about how he killed a bartender who cut him off.
    • The brief interlude in which a teacher instructs the audience at home about tax laws in New Jersey.
  • Crazy Awesome - If you like the film, this is probably why.
  • Deus Ex Machina - One second Masquerade is just sitting there in jail, asking Rusty how they're going to escape. The next minute they're walking out of a tunnel and it takes them a few seconds to realize they have no idea how they got out.
    • Turns out it was God.
    • Leningarb tells Masquerade about his plan to use the Butterfly Effect to Take Over the World, to which Masquerade replies, "I'm pretty sure that was just in Jurassic Park."
  • Special Effects Failure - It's a silly comedy made by a bunch of high schoolers at summer camp, so this is quite forgivable. That said, the scenes with Schleckdude are really glaring and unnecessary.
  • Stock Footage - The montage early on depicting Leningarb's rise to power.
  • Take Over the World - Leningarb's stated goal is actually one step beyond this: conquer all reality!

 Masquerade: "You know, I sniffed a lot of glue once, and I tried to conquer all reality. Tore up my grandma's kitchen..."

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