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Whether they be fields, teams, or players, these levels just don't play fair.

  • The Wind Hell--I mean, Wind Hill, in PangYa / Albatross18. Unlike on other courses, the wind is not consistent across an entire hole; there are wind currents that differ from the rest of the course's wind, and you don't even know the speed of these currents. Complicating matters is the alteration of the game's physics; slopes will affect your ball much more, rough is much thicker, and the ball has to take an extra bounce before backspinning. And you will now have to deal with a tree on nearly every hole, and the wind currents just love to hang out with the new trees.
  • Tecmo Super Bowl has the San Francisco 49ers as "That One Team." If Joe Montana-to-Jerry Rice doesn't work, no problem. John Taylor, Brent Jones, and Roger Craig will inevitably murder the player. If that was not enough, injuring Montana won't help; Steve Young is better than half the starting quarterbacks in the game. The Niners' defense is just as scary; Ronnie Lott and Dave Waymer are interception machines, Bill Romanowski and Michael Carter can stop a running game cold, and Matt Millen, Pierce Holt, and Charles Haley can rack sacks up in a ridiculous manner.
    • The original Tecmo Bowl has Los Angeles. If you land on them as one of your final two opponents (assuming you have defenders strong enough not to simply bounce off of Bo Jackson), if you punt, you lose.
  • From Madden NFL 2004, there's the Atlanta Falcons. Michael Vick has the honor of being the cover athlete for that year, so he's got a ridiculously high awareness, throw power, and throw accuracy stat. He can throw to Peerless Price and Brian Finneran (both vastly better in the virtual world than the real one), and not to mention the tight end, Alge Crumpler. Warrick Dunn will run around you, and TJ Duckett will run through you - it's a given. And if that isn't quite enough, Vick has one of the highest speed ratings in the game, meaning he can call a Hail Mary, send all his wideouts down the field, and run upwards of 20 yards before you wrap him up. Brutal.
  • NHL 11 has the Vancouver Canucks. Roberto Luongo stops seemingly every shot you throw at him (the only way to beat him is on a deflection), the top line can score at will and make goalies look like idiots, and they seem to be faster than every other team in the game, stifling any breakaway chances. Even if you can get past the defense, Luongo stops you anyway.
  • In earlier editions of NCAA Football, the replica of the 1994 "Miracle at Michigan" was this. The issue was that, in reality, Colorado QB Kordell Stewart threw a high, lofting floater pass 70 yards in the air that deflected to his wide receiver. In the game, 1994 CU QB (they couldn't use his name) physically couldn't throw it that far. So your two options were to try to throw a quick pass out of bounds to get closer, with 6 seconds and no timeouts this was tough on its own, or to chuck it to about the 10 yard line and hope your WR could catch it (unlikely as it is) and break 2-3 tackles on the way into the endzone.
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