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  • During the Bum Review of The Dark Knight, the usually wacky and crazy Chester A. Bum is faced with the one movie that truly touched him, causing him to decide to reflect upon his purpose in life, and to encourage the viewer to do the same. However, the real Crowning Moment of Heartwarming is the very end in which he says the following, replacing his usual catch phrase:

 This is Chester A. Bum saying... *glances at his begging cup* ...You know what? Keep the change.

    • On the note of Chester A. Bum, on the Japanese video site NicoNico Douga, some of his videos are posted there. At the end of a typical video, when he asks for change, cue a bunch of Shift_JIS art of cute little Kirby-style hands scrolling across the video giving him various denominations of yen. Anywhere from simple 5-yen coins to [5000] bills.
      • Aww...the Japanese fans love Chester!
    • Also on the topic of The Bum, in his review of Toy Story 3, this troper started tearing up when he re-enacted Andy describing his toys to Bonnie as he gives them away. I managed not to cry at the actual scene, but when Chester started to cry as he spoke, so did I.
  • Quite unexpectedly, the Donkey Kong episode of "Video Game Confessions" turns into one, when Donkey Kong claims to have disowned his gay son--only to come to his defense after Link nastily dumps him.

 "You still my son."

  • In the 31st episode of the Transmission Awesome podcast, Angry Joe introduces guest Benzaie (who he had known for only a few months at the time) as "my brother from another mother." Gawwww!
  • Dr. Insano, of all people, gets one at the end of the Street Fighter 2010 review when his attempt at creating an Eldritch Abomination instead results in a tiny, cute pink ball creature. At first he's despondent over this latest failure, but soon his new creation comes over and becomes his one true friend.

 "Do you hear me, world? I love my pink freakish orb-shaped son!"

  • Well over a year, and this blog from Spoony still manages to bring tears to this lurker's eyes.

 "Final Fantasy VIII may suck, and you may suck for liking it, but I’m the captain of this suck-filled leaking failboat, and I’m not going to have some jerkoff movie critic who’s never cracked a Player’s Handbook in his life call my homies STUPID."

  • The charity drives. Anything from the charity drive. This troper loves watching the drives, cause they're so sweet!
  • The live December 5, 2009 donation drive video generated over 26 grand for charity.
    • With 3 grand coming from a single person. Angry Joe called him Jesus. His wallet died for our sins.
    • Joe's reactions to all the donations could qualify as this trope themselves, honestly.
      • The Live December 5th 2010 managed to break over 40 grand, complete with even more Joe blowing out everyone's speakers in gratitude.
        • They confirmed $50,000 for this year's total. They are encouraging everyone who donated to head to your local Ronald McDonald house, video yourself, and send it in, and they will include it.
          • In the Sum Up video, Doug is visibly moved by the generosity and just barely manages to contain his emotions on camera.
        • While we're on the subject of the 2010 Donation Drive... At one point during the live broadcast, a donating caller asked Spoony if he could mail him an autograph; Spoony, dog-tired and suffering from a raging headache (due to Joe's constant yelling) replied that if the caller wanted an autograph he could "go to the website and buy one". Afterwards (when he was in his right mind), he felt so bad about his Jerkass behavior that he contacted the man personally and apologized. And then sent him two autographed pictures for free.
        • At the end of the drive, the gang posed for a group picture. Right before the photo was snapped, Spoony (very) tiredly mumbled, "I love you Scarlett" to the camera...and Linkara immediately followed suit with "Love you, Liz." Awwww!
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