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This is a Stock Phrase used either to imply that something being observed is an example of X, or just to make a pun about it, or anywhere in between.

Examples of That's What I Call X include:


 Steven Hiller: Now that's what I call a close encounter.

  • Mulan. After burning Shan-Yu's hawk:

 Mushu: Now that's what I call Mongolian barbecue.

  • Saved!. Patrick is wearing a loincloth, portraying a crucified Jesus in a play.

 Cassandra: Now that's what I call being hung on a cross.

 'Scaramanga: [Destroys Bond's sea plane with a solar-powered weapon] Now that's what I call solar power.

  • Back to School. After snorkeling in a hot tub with four bikini-clad co-eds:

 Thornton Melon: Now that's what I call marine biology!

 Grumpy Bear: This little star got itself stuck in the gears.

Share Bear: Now, that's what I call star-stuck, Grumpy Bear.


  • Invoked in Going Postal. After defeating a banshee by throwing him in the sorting engine, Moist reflects that at this point a hero would say "That's what I call sorted!" Not being a hero, he just throws up.

Live Action TV

  • Bones episode "The Beaver in the Otter": After a stolen school mascot suit is abused by a rival school's team, a dead body falls out of it. While the body is being examined:

 Angela Montenegro:' He was shot by a blunderbuss, pelted by an angry mob, and then burned.

Saroyan: Now that's what I call team spirit. [They look at her strangely] I'm a wisecracking pathologist with a dark sense of humor.

  • MASH episode "Goodbye, Farewell, and Amen". The Korean War is about to end.

 Radio broadcaster: If you add it all up, it comes to more than two million people killed or wounded.

Hawkeye: [Being ironic] Now that's what I call a grand total.

 D.J.: [refering to the Hulk] Man, now that's what I call a colored man!

 Brisco County Jr.: Now that's what I call a real bad habit.

  • F Troop episode "V Is for Vampire"

 Chief Wild Eagle: [Upon seeing Count Sforza for the first time] Now that's what I call a paleface!


Video Games

 Now that's what I call a bowel movement!

Western Animation

 Captain Planet: Now that's what I call throwing a monkey wrench into his plans.

    • "Polluting by Computer". Linka uses Wind to bind Templeman in paper.

 Wheeler: Now that's what I call getting wrapped up in your work.

 Ranger Rangerfield: Don't you dare sledge down that hill — we're keeping it neat for the tourists! [slips] Oops! Oh my!

Crazy Claws: Now that's what I call a tourist trap!

  • South Park: In a fake Clip Show (where the ends of the source episodes have been changed, and all now involve ice cream), after the end of each Flash Back someone says, "Now that's what I call a sticky situation!" Everyone laughs until Cartman does, then nobody laughs.
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