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Reality Ensues is when an outcome to an event, or a consequence to someone's actions, happens because This Is Reality and it's meant to be a "realistic" outcome.

This is the exact opposite.

This is an outcome that happens (or fails to happen) because the work ISN'T realistic. Science fiction, fantasy, a combination of both, or a Planet Eris means what's "supposed" to happens makes way for what would actually happen given the bizarre nature of the particular universe.

Often happens because the characters in question are Flat Earth Atheists, Locked Out of the Loop, or just plain Genre Blind.


Examples of Thanos Ensues include:

Anime and Manga

  • In a realistic work, Chichi would be in the right. Unfortunately, in that universe The World Is Always Doomed, and Gohan being a Saiyan means he is one of the few beings powerful enough to keep Earth from being destroyed.

Animated Film

  • The argument in My Little Pony: The Movie doesn't last long because the universe is one when The Power of Friendship prevails over anything (hence the source show's subtitle, Friendship is Magic).
  • The consequences of The Incredibles believing themselves to be superior over Badass Normals are never explored because Brad Bird confirmed that the overal message is about family, so the superhero stuff takes a backseat to that.
  • Zootopia avoid the logistics that would result from a truce between predator animals and prey animals because the movie is a Buddy Cop Movie meant to push an anti-discrimination Aesop.

Live-Action Film


  • Any attempt in Harry Potter at showing the psychological scars that would result from Harry being forced into the role of The Chosen One and/or forced to endure the Dursley's abuse gets sideline the next time Voldemort and/or someone acting on Voldemort's behalf starts wrecking havoc with magic, because in the Potterverse "magical" problems are far more important than "mundane" ones.
  • In Twilight, the consequences of an abusive relationship are never explored because Edward is a vampire and the whole saga is a Gothic Romance.

Live Action TV

  • A common issue in Once Upon a Time, since the "realistic" settings of Storybrooke and Hyperion Heights are window-dressing for the fairy tale/Disney/literary Massive Multiplayer Crossover. A recent example is the Candy Killer Arc, with the Candy Killer being a fairy tale character who targets witches rather than a "mundane" serial killer.
  • The massive amounts of collateral damage the Power Rangers often cause is either ignored or Hand Waved away because the show is a superhero show aimed at a family audience.
  • The attempts at Revisiting the Roots in Arrow failed because the Arrowverse became a Planet Eris after the introduction of The Flash, and there's no turning back. The writers eventually realized this and brought back the "comic booky" elements to the show.

Web Comics

  • Scary Go Round has a Kudzu Plot that runs on science fiction and fantasy tropes, so Erin Winters' story, which runs on Slice of Life tropes, is sidelined and then brought to a screeching halt.
  • Despite the goverment being constrantly portrayed as being corrupt and/or inneficent in Spinnerette, the consequences of this are never explored because, even at its darkest, the comic is still meant to be a superhero parody.

Western Animation

  • In Justice League, the conflict between Cadmus and the League lasts until Brainiac attacks, at which points Cadmus is forced to admit that superpowered vigilantes acting outside the law to protect the Earth are preferable to leaving the Earth unguarded against "supervillain" threats.
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