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So anyway, Tetsu Inada is one of the seiyuus known around since the 90's, gracing the world of voice acting with his super gruff and deep voice, thus his forte is mostly men that are Badass, macho and powerful all around (Bishonen-ness not accounted for). While he doesn't garner extreme fame, he's also the voice behind TWO Memetic Badasses, so he's certainly one seiyuu you don't want to forg -- (Trombe!)

(After the song is over...)

He's also notable for voicing a group of anthropomorphic badasses (so manly that they somehow end up becoming popular furry GAR), so he has voiced someone for every fandom!

Has a twitter account, named after two of his famous roles (or nicknames)

All right, for the roles Tetsu Inada has done, here they are:

Now available in 8-bi-- Trombe!

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