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A man has experienced a sensation that something isn't quite right, and the first order of business is to check that his genitals are still intact before anything else.

Examples of Testes Test include:

Comic Books


  • Big: Josh wakes up to discover he has aged seventeen years overnight. He doesn't believe it at first and looks to his genitals to confirm it.
  • Now and Again: after Michael Weisman was killed by a subway train and his brain transferred into a new body, one of the first things he did was check out his package. The doctor who performed the operation, watching through a two-way mirror, notes that that's always the first thing people do.
  • Kiss Kiss Bang Bang: Harry wakes up in the hospital after a shocking ordeal involving electrical torture (to the groin) lots of shooting, a car chase, and a fall from an overpass. The first thing Harmony asks him if hes alright down there.
  • The Medallion: Jackie Chan's character Eddie has just died. His friend Arthur in the morgue confirming his identity, when suddenly Eddie appears and doesn't believe it when Arthur tells him he's dead. Eddie pulls back the sheet on the stiff and confirms its him because "I know my own thing."
  • True Lies, when Albert "Gib" Gibson (Tom Arnold) is shot at and he hides behind a lamppost, as soon as the gunfire stops he checks out his "package".
  • In Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me, after a fembot blows up in his face at the beginning of the movie, Austin moves his hands to his crotch, then faces the camera and announces, "Oh, thank God."
  • Tammy and the T-Rex, Tammy and Byron go to look for a new body for Michael's brain after it was put into the body of a robot T-Rex and his original body is starting to decompose. They go to the morgue to look for a fresh body and comically take down sheets to waist level. Obscurus Lupa comments in her review, "Yes folks, our heroes are judging a dead man's penis."

 Tammy: No way.

Byron: Oh, c'mon, he's perfect!

Tammy: Not to me he isn't.


Video Games


  Shepard: I noticed a few upgrades. I hope you didn't replace anything really important.


Web Orignal

Western Animation

  • Futurama: In "Neutopia", Fry gets hit in the crotch, but it doesn't hurt. He checks and immediately notices the problem.


  • There's a joke about a man who gets in an accident with a Catholic priest. The priest makes the Sign of the Cross upon emerging unharmed, and the other man makes a similar motion. The priest says, "I am glad to see you are also a man of faith." The second man says, "Spectacles, testicles, wallet and watch."
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