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Wayne: So what exactly is the difference between Pac-Man and Mrs. Pac-Man?

Noah: Well, she's got a bow on her head!
Y'see, I know it's a female dog because it has lil' pink ribbons on it's head. We wouldn't want to give the impression Marlowe is a gay, would we? Even in other dog movies we still feel the need to have that scene where the dog sees, like, a girl dog and is sexually attracted to her or somethin'. Can't they leave this sex stuff out of a kid's movie?! I mean, kids have up until they're eight to start having sex, leave 'em with those precious few years of innocence for God's sake!
Mr. Plinkett reviews Cop Dog
Johnson: We believe that this crest and these markings indicate... a female.
Press Start Adventures on Mrs. Pac-Man.

Roy Knable: Boy, this is strange! [after being turned into cartoon mice]

Helen Knable: Strange? I'm a cartoon mouse wearing high-heel running shoes. The word "strange" is somewhat lacking.
"So! Being a ladybug automatically makes me a girl! Is that it, flyboy?!"
Francis, A Bugs Life

Edgeworth: I suppose this is the Pink Badger? But since it has the same design, doesn't it seem forced to call this one a female?

Kay: You think so? I mean, just look at how long her eyelashes are!

Edgeworth: That's the only difference.

Kay: And the fact that she's pink.

Edgeworth: Yes, and?

Kay: And her lips are red! See, lipstick!

Edgeworth: ....... (What? She has nothing to say avout the giant pink ribbon, or is that too obvious?)
Miles Edgeworth: Ace Attorney Investigations

Optimus Prime:Where are we?

Sari Sumdac: And who designs a robot with high heels?

Flareup: I don't know, but when I find him, ugh!
Transformers Animated, "Bee in the City" script-reading
Somehow... the idea of a mouse, with lipstick and eyelashes and a dress with high-heeled shoes; a mouse, ten times bigger than the biggest rat... this idea has always made me sick!
Donald Darnold Duck's thought bubble, MAD parody "Mickey Rodent"

Bob: There's a giant monster in the lake.

Jean: Hah?

Bob: An' I'm pretty sure it's a girl! It had eyelashes! I think only girl monsters have eyelashes.

Molly (a girl monster with eyelashes): It's true!
"In cartoon world, girls have lips and boys don't."
Andrew Hussie, regarding Homestuck
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