• Keep Circulating the Tapes: Very few of the actual cartoons are commercially available for viewing aside from some public domain bootlegs or TV recordings. The closest thing to an authentic release would be the redubbed prints aired on Mighty Mouse the New Adventures, as well as the three unaltered bonus cartoons included on the DVD of "New Adventures." And considering how large the Terrytoons library is (on account of how quickly they were produced in addition to the long length of the studio's life), this combined with the total lack of demand for re-releases would make it unfeasible to compile them all onto a single DVD collection. Fortunately, Jerry Beck of Cartoon Brew has much of the studios output ready and available to be pressed onto DVDs for animators wanting to watch them for research, via his Cartoon Research Garage Sale website. FORTUNATELY, Jerry Beck is working with Fox as we speak to get a Mighty Mouse Spotlight Collection released at some point in the future!
  • What Could Have Been: After the runaway success of Disney's Snow White, Paul Terry planned to make his own animated feature, but backed out as soon as he saw Disney's Pinocchio a few years later.
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