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  • The T-800's Dialogue Tree options to respond to the landlord complaining about the smell:

  The Terminator: Fuck you, asshole.

    • And shortly afterwards, the T-800 leaves his apartment in his iconic get-up and an assault rifle in one hand, prompting this reaction from an on-looker:

  On-looker: God daaaaamn!

 John: Friend of yours?

Terminator: He was my college roommate.

  • Sgt. Candy
  • "He's my Uncle Bob..."
  • "Talk to the hand".
  • After the T-800 has killed Reese and is crawling after a badly injured Sarah. She manages to crush it in a hydraulic press, but not before she says "You're terminated, fucker!"
  • During T2, after John finds out the terminator does whatever he says he asks him to stand on one leg. The scene follows with him standing on one leg whilst talking to some guys, until John quietly says "Put your leg down" out of the corner of his mouth. This troper finds that hilarious.
    • Seconded. He says it like such a mom to the tall robotic assassin.
  • John makes the Terminator promise that it will not kill anyone. The Terminator proceeds to shoot the guard in the kneecaps. "He'll live."
  • Minor scene from T1, the phone booth scene. The guy says the Terminator has an attitude problem, makes me lol every time.
  • "I need a vacation".
  • From Terminator 2:

 John: (in a phone booth) You got a quarter?

T-800: (smashes bottom of payphone, quarters fall out)

  • T3 had a good one when Kate finally gets her hands on a gun and points it at the T-850, who, of course, is not concerned. In a panic, Kate pulls the trigger. The T-850 spits the bullet out of its mouth (revealing completely unscratched teeth), much to Kate's horror. The T-850 then just says: "Don't do that." and turns away.
  • This scene:

 T-850: I am looking for John Connor.

Kate: If I tell you where he is, will you let me go?

T-850: Yes.

Kate: He's in a cage in the back of the clinic. *T-850 begins to close the doors* Hey! You said you'd let me go!

T-850: I Lied. *shuts and locks the door*

  • This troper has a poor ability in recognizing faces, but the cemetery scene's psychiatrist trying to calm Kate in T3 struck him as the same head of the asylum Sarah Connor was put in in T2. The funny bit was when he tried to assure Kate that it was just her minds playing trick regarding the Terminator.... But the moment he saw that exact same Arnold face he saw years ago in T2, he immediately bailed, as if saying "this is real!".
    • Yes, that was Dr. Silberman, the same character from the first two films.
  • More Hilarious in Hindsight than due to the movie itself, but the cops in the police station rationalize that the terminator was just some "guy on PCP." Given that it's the standard excuse for vampire related antics on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, you start to wonder if the Sunnydale PD got some transfers...
  • In the second movie, when the Connors are planning to flee to Mexico. The Terminator sees a baby, then picks it up and looks at it like he has no idea what it is.
  • For all the tension in the scene, the T-1000's Finger Wag is pretty darkly hilarious, especially combined with Sarah's facial expression. You can tell she's mentally going, "Seriously? Seriously?"
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