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For the characters/character-specific tropes specific to The Sarah Connor Chronicles spin-off, see that series' character sheet.


T-800, Mark 1

 Played by: Arnold Schwarzenegger (1984)

This Terminator was sent back in time to kill Sarah Connor before she could give birth to her son John, who will become the leader of the human resistance in the war against SkyNet and the machines.

T-800, Mark 2

 Played by: Arnold Schwarzenegger (1991)

This Terminator, reprogrammed by John Connor, is sent back in time to protect himself as a pre-teen.


 Played by: Arnold Schwarzenegger (2003)

This Terminator -- which runs on a different fuel supply than the T-800 -- is sent back in time in Terminator 3 by Kate Brewster, John Connor's future wife to protect John as a young adult.


 Default form played by: Robert Patrick (1991)

Other forms played by: Jenette Goldstein (1991), Dan Stanton (1991), Leslie Hamilton Gearren (1991)

This Terminator was sent back in time to kill John Connor as a pre-teen.


 Default form played by: Kristanna Loken (2003)

Other forms played by: Mark Famligetti (2003), Claire Danes (2003)

This Terminator was sent back in time in Terminator 3 to kill John Connor and several of the human resistance's top fighters, as well as to help ensure the launch of SkyNet.


The artificial intelligence responsible for Judgment Day and the "leader" of the machines in their war on humanity.


Sarah Connor

 Played by: Linda Hamilton (1984-1991)

John Connor

 Infant John Connor played by: Dalton Abbot (1991)

Young John Connor played by: Edward Furlong (1991)

Adult John Connor played by: Michael Edwards (1991), Nick Stahl (2003), Christian Bale (2009)

Kyle Reese

 Played by: Michael Biehn (1984) [1], Anton Yelchin (2009)

Kate Brewster

 Played by: Claire Danes (2003), Bryce Dallas Howard (2009)

Dr Peter Silberman

 Played by: Earl Boen

  • Agent Scully: In the first movie, he does not belive Kyle about the Terminator.
  • Dr. Jerk: His whole character.
  • Hate Sink: Rather cowardly and burlesque.

Miles Dyson

 Played by: Joe Morton

Blair Williams

 Played by: Moon Bloodgood

General Ashdown

 Played by: Michael Ironside

Lieutenant General Robert Brewster

 Played by: David Andrews

Ed Traxler

 Played by: Paul Winfield

Hal Vukovich

 Played by: Lance Henriksen


 Played by: Common


 Played by Jadagrace

  • Child Soldier: she and her buddy, Kyle Reese, grew up After the End, so yeah.
  • Cute Mute: her back story is that she was traumatized by events that took place before the start of the 4th movie.
  • Little Miss Badass: dropping a car on a Terminator? Figuring out that a flare is needed to light the gasoline to blow up a Hunter-Killer? Badass.


  1. Also appears in the special edition of Terminator 2
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