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  • Episode 6 of the OVA should be mentioned for two things: The introduction of Washu, who destroys two giant snakes who were trying to eat Mihoshi, who inadvertantly freed her, rescues Ayeka from being killed by Kagato, and stands up to Ryoko, while revealing that she's her mom by creation being one. The other being Tenchi's return when he saved Ryoko by chopping off Kagato's hand, plus when he activates the Light-Hawk-Wings for the first time and defeats Kagato in a classic duel sword strike that cuts BOTH Kagato and the ship Soja in half!
    • Washu is in full badass mode during her whole confrontation with Dr. Clay in the "Zero Ryoko" episode, but it gets even better when, after Dr. Clay has trapped her in some kind of jelly-like material, she breaks free, punches him in the face, and then(even though he dodges it) throws a big-ass chair at him! Dr. Clay abandons ship after that. I would too.
    • And then when Dr. Clay is about to escape,..."MEOW!" says Ryo-Ohki.
  • In Tenchi in Tokyo, Sakuya gets hers towards the end. When Yugi locks Tenchi in a Lotus Eater Machine with Sakuya (her "shadow") as a bait, she ultimately chooses to sacrifice the last bits of her existence and willpower to snap Tenchi out of the illusion, give him a Rousing Speech and send him back to reality so he can reunite with the girls and defeat Yugi.
  • Tenchi in the first movie, Tenchi Muyo In Love, "I won't let you touch my mom!"
    • Also in the first movie, Achika shows off a bit of badass-ery confronting Kain in the Tokyo Tower. However, she ramps it up into Took a Level In Badass after being sucked into the alternate dimension. When she finds out Kain beat the living hell out of Noboyuki, Achika snaps and taps into her latent Juraian power the same one that would kill her years later, telling Kain just one thing:

 Achika: I have had enough! I will not allow this! I will pay you back! (Transforms) Because forgiveness... for one like you... could never be an option.

  • Nagi from the Tenchi Universe. She may have only been around for one season, but she was a total Badass bounty hunter.
  • Pink Robo Ryo-Oki from Tenchi in Tokyo. Also counts a Crowning Moment of Funny for being pink.
  • Sasami whipping out a staff and kicking Mishisu's butt was one of the high points of the Third OVA.
  • Ayeka's reaction after having learned Sasami's story in the OVA. "We love each other. That's what counts."
  • From the first episode of Universe, Katsuhito totaling a mecha with one hit using just a wooden katana.
  • Pretty much the entirety of the final OVA episode. Z managing to utterly own both Tenchi and Lady Tokimi, Washu and Tsunami performing a Big Damn Heroes to put Tokimi in her place, Ryoko doing whatever it takes to save Tenchi, Tenchi manifesting as a god more powerful than the goddesses AND saving Misaki from her counter-actor state...
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