Hi, User, it looks like you're trying to copy content from TV Tropes. This is a problem because:

You imported content from TV Tropes after July 2012 (see ATT:Copyrights)
You failed to properly attribute the content's source (see ATT:Copyrights)
All The Tropes does not have the same rules for content censorship (see ATT:Content Guidelines)
WikiWords are not valid linking syntax on Mediawiki (see Help:Links)
Content should use valid Mediawiki formatting (see Help:Formatting)
Pages on All The Tropes do not use namespaces, unless necessary to disambiguate

Please correct any errors in the page, or ask us for more help in doing so.

If you're unclear about anything around here, check out the TVT-New User Introduction. Welcome aboard!

Thanks, All The Tropes Staff

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This is a template for letting new users know that they messed up by copying things from TV Tropes.

You can use it like so:

{{TVT Copypasta|user=Username|page=[[Page Name]]|copyright=1|attribution=1|censorship=1|wikiwords=1|formatting=1|namespaces=1}}

Please remove any options that do not apply from the list before using.
The above text is transcluded from Template:TVT Copypasta/doc; you can change it or view its history. (How does this work?)
If you're done making changes, please refresh the text. (Why?)
You can experiment in this template's sandbox (create | mirror ) and testcases (create) pages.
Please add categories and interwikis to Template:TVT Copypasta/doc. (View all subpages of this page.)
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