Examples of Examples on subpages are listed on these subpages:
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A header for the examples section for use on trope pages where the examples are stored on subpages. If it has ordinary examples too,[1] you may also want to link to {{examples}} on the following line.
This template makes a gray box describing the fact that we have subpages, followed by a list of those subpages. These subpages specifically exclude standard types like "/Quotes" or "/YMMV", so that only media subpages are listed.
Place the template {{examples on subpages}} where the examples would normally go on a trope page. It will automatically include the name of the trope:
Examples of Examples on subpages are listed on these subpages:
  • followed by a list of subpages
This takes all of the options that {{examples}} does. See that page for documentation on options.
  1. Which looks sloppy and is discouraged - please either move all the examples to subpages or leave all the examples on the trope page,
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