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  • Why did Lee have Xiaoyu's Mishima Polytechnic school uniform in his closet, despite the fact he's never been to her school and Xiaoyu hadn't been in his house up to that point?
    • Since both his school's uniform look pretty the same, it possible that Tokyo U. uniform. However it raise another question; "Why did a male teacher have a girl uniform in his guest room?" So I guess that there is two theories; 1) He used it for entertaining with his female guest 2) He have several student guest
  • Is it me, or Anna became twice the bitch she usually is? Not only she strangled Xiaoyu, she commanded her soldiers to kill her and Alisa in their sleep. However, the main question is, did Anna finally beat Nina?
  • Is the whole thing Canon at all? Was there any Word of God on this matter?
    • It's supposed to be but I have my doubts. Heihachi in particular should not be in this movie as, canonically, he didn't reemerge until Tekken 6 (he sat out Tekken 5 by being trapped under all that rubble).
    • Sat out Tekken 5, but re-emerges and learns that the Zaibatsu is under Jin's control. This could take place after Heihachi found out about the takeover, and before Tekken 6 (he only emerges publically in the Tekken 6 timeframe, thus why Shin had to lure him out from hiding). So Heihachi fell to his 'death', survives and went back to hiding. Same with Kazuya, fell to his 'death', survives and returns to G Corp like nothing has happened.
    • But it raises questions on the canonity in other things, so did Xiaoyu return to her old school of Mishima Polytechnics? Did Alisa completely forget about Xiaoyu when she met Lars (though admittedly, Jin could've erased her memory)? What happened to Nina after Anna tried 'humiliating' her, did she forget? Wasn't Ganryu trying to open his own restaurant, rather than becoming a PE teacher, didn't he swore off both Zaibatsu and G Corp already? And why is Lee a teacher, no mentions of his own corporation? And in his cameo, why is Lei sharing information to the Zaibatsu, wasn't his objective in-game to arrest Jin?
  • Okay, why is Shin suicidal? I know there's the trope "Who Wants to Live Forever?", but that usually happens after the character has lived for decades or centuries and has lost everyone important to them.
  • Isn't the whole "humans can work to fix their problems" moral a Broken Aesop, given the events? The Mishimas' bids for power is reaching Lensman Arms Race levels, to the point that Heihachi can effortlessly no-sell the genetically enhanced guy, and that's before devil and Mokujin stuff. Really, the only reason why the Williams sisters come off as badass at all is because they keep fighting each other rather than their superiors. Meanwhile, Xiaoyu is completely outclassed, repeatedly being saved by the panda and the robot, and her only true accomplishments are forming emotional connections and being nimble enough to accomplish non-combat things and successfully escape. Thus, Jin's suggestion that she work to defeat him if it is necessary breaks suspension of disbelief from two angles, the other being that it wouldn't be much of a fighting game if we didn't write this off as Cutscene Power to the Max.
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