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File:Raven-Collage-teen-titans-35077 500.jpg

Raven's new outfit is quite fascinating [1]

  • For a show that allegedly was trying not to appeal to older fanboys, Teen Titans was chock full of it. In "Date With Destiny," Starfire had one scene where, in her indignation, her breasts bounce quite visibly, accompanied by a rattling-spring sound effect.
    • There was also a scene where the Titans have collapsed into a pile. Starfire screams "Someone's claws are on my grebnacks!" followed by a suction cup sound and Beast Boy (in octopus form) saying "Sorry, my bad."
  • Raven has had no shortage of moments that seem designed to remind us how curvaceous she is. However, even lighter moments range from oddly mature implications--like when Beast Boy yanks her cloak off to do an Obi-Wan impersonation, and she throws her arms over her chest with a horrified look as though she'd just been stripped naked, and dramatic moments take things to outright Disservice:
    • When Raven begins the ritual to summon Trigon, the energy does not originate from her chakra as it usually does, but from her uterus.
    • "Birthmark", when Slade, acting as Trigon's Dragon, actually does shred most of Raven's clothes with magic. The scene does everything short of displaying a bright flashing neon sign saying Think Rape! And when one recalls that in the comics, Raven herself is essentially the product of a rape, things get even more uncomfortable.
  • A scene that particularly shocked (and amused) this editor was during the episode "X". The team suspects Robin of being Red X, a new villain. After Starfire pokes him to make sure he isn't a hologram, Beast Boy points out that he could still be a robot, and tells Cyborg to "check him for batteries" which prompts Cyborg to dramatically pull out a white latex glove and hold his hand up in a very "cavity search" manner. A justly shocked Robin desperately asserts that it isn't necessary.
  • "Haunted" in pretty much its entirety, especially the climax. Robin violently being beaten to a pulp throughout the entire episode is made all the more creepy when he actually begs Slade to stop, but to no avail. Seriously: listen to the first 25 seconds of this vid with your eyes closed and tell me what it sounds like. It gives Mind Rape a whole new meaning.
    • What has been heard cannot be unheard.
  • During the episode "Betrayal" Slade says and does things that suggest he's jealous of Beast Boy's relationship with Terra. He actually says, out loud, in one of the most bitter tones you ever hear out of Ron Perlman, "She never even liked you." This having to do with a girl who's thirteen or fourteen years old and a man who's older than forty. In another episode in that arc they give each other this "warm and fuzzy" look which is deeply unsettling. In the finale opening there's a scene where Terra swears her loyalty to Slade...and for all the world it looks like she's taking wedding vows. Just what in the world...happened...while Slade was training Terra?
    • This is probably a Shout-Out to the sexual relationship the two had in the comics. She was 17 there, but still...!
  • The creepy Subtext of Slade's partnership with Terra culminates in "Aftershock", when Terra disobeys Slade's order to fight and runs for her life from the Titans. Remember that when something is left ambiguous, fans always assume they're hiding the worst case scenario:

 Terra: I made it! I'm alive! I can't believe they almost beat me...

Slade: (backhands her across the room) That was nothing compared to what I'm going to do to you...


 Slade: She wanted control, and that's what I gave her; my control, her body.

  • In "Can I Keep Him", Johnny Rancid taunts Robin saying, "Look at that, Bird Boy, my dog is kicking your..." Beast Boy turns into a donkey and kicks him... get it?
  • There's an exchange in The Movie that might be innocent, or might not...

 Cyborg: Looks like you're not a wanted man anymore.

Robin: (holding hands with Starfire, and looking at her in an interesting way) I wouldn't say that.

  • There's also the scene in the first episode where the pole Cinderblock's holding goes limp and Starfire giggles . . . ah, impotence jokes . . . do they ever stop being funny?
  • In the episode "Mother Mae-Eye", Starfire is fighting See-More, but her sweater's sleeves are too long for her to use Starbolts, and she yells something along the lines of "You are not the only one with powerful eyes!" and shoots eye beams at him, to which he replies "Yeah, but I bet I'm the only one with see-through vision! Hah!". Starfire gasps and tries to cover herself with her hands. Seriously.
  • In "Stranded" Robin grapples himself and Starfire into a cave while they're falling through a chasm. They tumble for a few moments and then Robin lands... not quite on top of her but pretty darn close.
    • Raven's encounter with the "Shala!" aliens is rather clever at slipping stuff past the radar at the end - it seemed like they were doing something other than a massage to elicit such pleased groans from her... (The fact the Spanish dub of the episode makes them all sound like worshipful little girls only makes the scene's implications even more bizarre.)
  • "Employee of the Month". Beast Boy is drooling and panting over the centerfold in a motorcycle/moped magazine (called "Hot Rides") in a manner very reminiscent to ANOTHER kind of magazine. It's several seconds before Starfire points out the object of affection is "merely a land vehicle".
    • There's a "bicycle" joke in there if you squint hard enough.
  • When looking at their puppets in "Switched", Robin mentions how accurate the puppets are. Beast Boy, then looking down his puppet's pants, tells Robin "Speak for yourself."
    • The puppets themselves could be seen as a stealth in-show advertisement for the action figures.
  • In "Car Trouble" in the first scene of the third act Cyborg is sitting despondently on the curb, having failed to get his car back from Gizmo looks like he's been drinking heavily. Then Raven shows up, looks at the discarded cups, and says, "Fourteen milkshakes. Not a good sign."
    • In the same episode, during the car race, it definitely sounds like someone in the cheering crowd is shouting, "Kick ass!"
  • Más y Menos can very clearly be heard swearing in Titans East. They say "Y este viejo nos está jodiendo," the equivalent of "And this old man is fucking with us!"
    • I believe they had to change the lines for the Spanish dub.
      • They did.
  • Hard to believe nobody's mentioned Raven's nearly-final line in "Can I Keep Him?", where the entire team is Covered in Gunge:

  Can we go home now? I need a shower, in the worst way.

  • In "Transformation," as Beast Boy desperately waits to use the bathroom he is exposed to, among other things, Robin performing the classic garden hose gag, followed by a baffled Aside Glance.
    • Shortly after we see Raven moving two rocks to let water pass mimicking the same gag but from a "female" perspective.
    • "L, M, N, O, PEEEEEE"!
  • In "Bunny Raven... or... How to Make A Titananimal Disappear", during the act with Starfire, The Amazing Mumbo is going inside Starfire's mouth and appears below her, implying he may have come out in a certain spot. Adding to the effect, Starfire has a very violated expression. Further adding to the implication is when you realize Starfire's a cat as this is happening.
    • Wait, are you suggesting that Starfire gave birth to Mumbo? I'm pretty sure the implication here was that Mumbo made his exit via a different means entirely. (Granted, that's only slightly less disturbing, but still...)
    • Earlier in the episode after Mumbo has kidnapped Raven and turned her into a rabbit at one point he has her tied up in a cage and naked (when she transformed she's still wearing her clothes), granted she's a rabbit at the time but imagine if she'd been human.
      • Don't worry, we do.
  • Starfire curses and says (apparently) inappropriate things quite a lot, albeit not in any human language.
  • Blackfire. Tamaraneans in the TV show have to kiss people in order to learn their language. We know that when Starfire kissed Robin when they met, she only learned formal English because Robin is formal. Blackfire spoke English more naturally than Starfire, which implies that she probably kissed several guys. Plus, she flirts with Robin, Cyborg, and Beast Boy.
  • Speaking of Blackfire, there's also the scene when Starfire hears "strange noises" coming from the training room, in the voices of Robin and Blackfire. However, as Starfire rushes in, she sees that Robin and Blackfire were just sparring.
    • Listen to what she says. Definitely crap past the radar, in my opinion.

 Blackfire: That's perfect Robin. Hold me just like that, and...

  • In Date with Destiny It is very clear that Starfire is using strange alien acupressure to cure Robin of his paralysis while holding him upside down. However, if paused at the right moment, a look on her face appears like she has clear view of his crotch. He is wearing tights after all.
  • It seems that a couple of Big Bads are having trouble watching their language. Luckly for the heroes, they get their butts kicked before finishing the sentence.

 Slade: You ungrateful little.... [Terra throws a rock at him.]

Trigon: Wretched insignificant.....[Raven blasts him.] ARRRGH!!!!

    • It's not only the bad guys who need to watch their language.

 Cyborg: You can take your offer and blow it out your-

Brother Blood: [Cutting him off] You insolent child!

  • It's debatable whether it was an accident or not, but we get a brief upskirt shot of Melvin during "Hide and Seek". And she's missing something...
    • OHGODWHY? And WHY does it actually look normal? Jeez, maybe seeing Robin in tights is desensitizing.
  • What about the scene in Sisters where the Goth boy is hitting on Raven? This line is right before he runs away from the probes.

  Goth Boy: So, you like show tunes?

  • Some of the lines Slade has are quite...suggestive. For example:
    • To Raven: "Hello birthday girl, ready for your present?" And the other lines he tells her in the episode.
      • Some of the lines he tells her in the episode as well as his advancing towards her and invasion of her personal space seem oddly reminiscent of rape.
    • Beast Boy asking Slade what he did to Terra and Slade saying "Nothing she didn't want me to do."
  • First-season episode "Forces of Nature," where Starfire's been mad at Beast Boy all episode due to a prank Gone Horribly Wrong. The moment when they reconcile, he turns into a cat and jumps into her arms, and snuggles up against her chest...mmm-hmm.
  • Now, all these years later, there are the Teen Titans Shorts. One of which - "Blackfire's Babysitter" - doesn't so much evade the Radar as much as it first kicks it a few times for distraction while the buddies casually creep by: First, Blackfire - who is not that much older than the teenage Starfire - is revealed to have children. Then those children turns out to be green blob-tentacle monsters like the one from the episode "Betrothed". That's because Blackfire married that one. That's the part where this short simply doesn't care about the radar: The example this entry is concerned with takes part at the end of the short, where Blackfire is assaulted by her own children. Blob-tentacle alien children. The viewer is not shown what happens there, but are instead shown Starfire just looking on while Blackfire screams. And this shot is stretched just a little longer than necessary. The implications are sicker than Nurgle, the Lord of Pestilence, and genuinely disturbing. Blackfire did not deserve that.
    • Let's not forget the 'Turn Back The Clock' one, where they managed to get Starfire's original Stripperific costume on display, even if only for 3 seconds.
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