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Teen Nick is a sister channel of Nickelodeon launched in 2001, primarily aimed at teenagers. It was formerly known as The-N. The-N was originally a night-time network that shared space with Noggin (a preschool network) and aired from 6pm to 6am EST. In 2007, The-N finally split from Noggin (now known as Nick Jr.) and in 2009, the channel was re-branded TeenNick in order to emphasize the Nickelodeon connection. Currently, there is a shift in programming from dramatic series with older teens to more light-hearted shows showcasing younger kids. The network is primarily known for being the American distributor of Degrassi the Next Generation, as well as for off-network Nickelodeon live-action repeats, though they have recently been beefing up their original programming. It aired several Canadian shows like the afformentioned Degrassi, Instant Star, and The Best Years

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Despite the focus on teenagers, TeenNick used to be notorious for its zealous Media Watchdogs. The most infamous example of censorship was when they complete excised two episodes of Degrassi revolving around a character getting an abortion, only showing them years later. Reruns of Daria also suffered from syndication cuts, as did an entire season of South of Nowhere due to its lesbian content and romantic scenes. This censorship has softened in recent years, as Degrassi has been shown without any editing. Nick Cannon is the honorary chairman of TeenNick and apparently has some authority over programming, as he conceived and hosted the first annual TeenNick HALO Awards, an awards show awarding teens making a difference. The channel has recently launched a new block on July 25th called 'The 90s Are All That', showing Nickelodeon's 90s output. Oh, and on a thankful note, this block instantly became a huge ratings success, multiplying the ratings for it's time slot by 850%.

Also, it's "Teen Nick," not "Teenick," though that's a common mistake. Nick Logo 2008_638.PNG

The Tee Nick programming block was born in 2000 and aired Sunday nights from 6pm to 9pm EST. It later became the Spiritual Successor of the Snick block when Tee Nick Saturday Night took over SNICK's timeslot in 2004. It wasn't very notable or different than SNICK, except the programming was a bit more girl-orientated with occasional promos with fashion tips and such (Tee Nick Saturday Night was more boy-orientated). The block was hosted by J Boogie and lasted until 2009, when Nickelodeon phased out all their programming blocks and later used the name to re-brand The-N, albeit with a different spelling.

Notable programming on Teen Nick channel include:

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