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This is a page for the characters of Teanas Travels (and Rise Of The Phoenixes). Character-specific tropes go here. Any big developments that take place in the current-in-progress book and the later section of the previous book are spoilered, to be un-spoilered when said in-progress book’s last chapter is complete and the first chapter of the succeeding book is up.

NOTE: Making entries for every single character from every single world would make this page folder-breakingly enormous. Thus, other than Gamma Team, only OCs, primary/important canon characters, or canon characters who have deviations or additions from original canon are to be included here. If any are missing who deserve to be mentioned, go right ahead and add 'em in. If descriptions seem lacking in some way, go ahead and add on to 'em.

Also, characters other than Gamma are sorted by what Book they first appeared in, not what world they're from. So if, say, a character from the Naruto-verse who didn't appear in Book 3 makes their first Teana's Travels appearance in, say, Book 8 or 9, their entry would go in the "Introduced in Book 8" / "Blah-blah-blah 9" file.

Gamma Team

Teana Uchiha-Lanstar – Gamma-1

Leader of Gamma Team. She left Midchilda after a very ugly falling-out with Nanoha, absconding with an old Forerunner destroyer she'd found and heading for dimensional planes unknown. During her travels, she has taken several levels in badass – first as a member of Noble Team, and then as the leader of her own Gamma Team. Her mother was Sayuri Uchiha, dimensionally-displaced elder sister of Fugaku Uchiha (Sasuke & Itachi's father); Teana awakened her Sharingan late in Book 1, and the Mangekyō in Book 3.

Shion (willingly discarded her surname) – Gamma-2

Second-in-command of Gamma Team. Shion took the chance to jump dimensions and leave her own life behind after the rest of the Sonozaki Clan pulled one too many transgressions against her. She discarded the Sonozaki surname, leaving her with Only One Name, and soon found her way to Teana in the Halo-verse. When Teana put together Gamma Team, she made Shion second-in-command. Later on, Shion underwent training on Shakuras, becoming the first ever human to pass the Shadow-Walk and become a Dark Templar. She is the jinchūriki for the Five-Tailed Tiger, a beast that is not a fragment of the 10-Tails but has similar enough chakra to the other Tailed Beasts to be considered one. She was actually born with the name Mion, but an unintended permanent Twin Switch when they were younger forced the girls born as Mion & Shion to permanently switch names.

Kaede Fuyou – Gamma-3

Kaede left her realm shortly after the disastrous confrontation with Asa Shigure, rival to Kaede's affections for Rin Tsuchimi. She made her way to Teana’s locale, and after training was made Gamma-3. Somehow, she possesses the kekkei genkai Dead Bone Pulse, which enables her to manipulate her skeletal structure to absurd levels.

Marie Swanson – Gamma-4

A unique complex spell hit Marie – a 16-year-old transformed into a three-year-old with reality & others' memories altered to fit it – that restored her to her original body... but it did so without altering everyone else’s memories, and more importantly it hit Marie with every negative emotion and thought other people ever had regarding her, in this timeline and the original. All at once. And it made her face her own inner self-hatred that was the root of her problems. Horrified by what people really think of her and of what she saw within herself, Marie pretty much broke. She barely managed to piece herself together enough to take the chance to jump dimensions (despite her family's pleas to stay and that they forgave and still loved her) and encounter Teana & company. With some work, they got her a bit more psychological repairs, and she joined Gamma Team. Due to her experiences, she is now several orders of magnitude more pleasant to be around, working hard to atone for her previous self. She has constructed Charon, her personal Intelligent Device. She routinely refers to Teana as "Boss", and late in Book 5 she becomes Teana's Ministra Magi..

Mai Kitagawa – Gamme-5

Mai was born with a very advanced bloodline ability that granted her extraordinary regenerative properties. Unfortunately, this ability was used as the focus of her occupation as a sex-torture slave. She, obviously, leapt at the chance to escape all that. Dimension-hopping supercharged her already-impressive Healing Factor, some training & psychotherapy got her up to snuff, and she was made Gamma-5. She is a Type-2 Jinchūriki for the 8-Tailed Ox, meaning she can access a significant portion of the 8-Tails’ chakra (six tails’ worth, to be precise) even though she does not actually contain the beast.

  • Action Girl: A bit more opposed to potentially-avoidable violence, but no less of an ass-kicker when the fights start.
  • Bi the Way: In a relationship with Shion, but still holds affection for her long-missed friend Kizuna.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: Ohh, boy... See the source material (though not if you've just eaten, are eating, are about to eat, or are not in possession of a cast-iron stomach).
  • Hair Decorations: Her red bow.
  • Healing Factor: Before, she could regenerate from all sorts of things – dismemberment, decapitation, brain damage, burning, and other unsavory things. Now, her abilities have been supercharged to the point where even fragments of cells would restore her. Where before being blown to bits or burnt to a crisp would end her life, it would take total atomic disruption to actually kill her now.
  • Heroic BSOD: When psych-probing inadvertently awakened her repressed memories of her friend Sayurin's death, being forced to watch Sayurin's body decay right in front of her, and being separated from her little friend Kizuna and ordered never to speak of him again, and the memory of what happened to her newborn daughter, she suffered a seriously bad BSOD. The UNSC had her on constant psych-watch for over a week, and it took nearly a month before she could be trusted to walk around without an escort.
  • Making a Splash
  • No Sell: Shrugs off Hidan's cursed ritual due to her absurd healing factor.
  • Shock and Awe
  • Super Mode: Using the Hachibi's chakra.
  • The Heart
  • The Medic / Combat Medic
  • Unstoppable Rage: Pain accidentally sends her into one by saying that she didn't know pain. She proceeds to snap, give a horrifying account of her past that leaves even Pain shocked at the brutality of it, and then attacks him, sending him flying a third of the way across Konoha with the first blow alone.

Ahsoka Tano – Gamma-6

When Gamma Team swung by the Star Wars Universe, an ancient Precursor relic resurrected Ahsoka, Rex, and Cody. After learning the horrible truths behind what befell her master, as well as his heroic death, Ahsoka, now having no-one else in the galaxy to turn to, opted to join Gamma Team.

Introduced In Book 1

Dr. Catherine Halsey



Noble Team (Carter, Kat, Jun, Emile, Jorge, and Thom who was replaced by Jess)


 Emile: Girl's name?

Jess: Shut up.


Other Spartans

Jacob Keyes

Miranda Halsey-Keyes

Avery Johnson

Urban Holland

Carol "Foehammer" Rawley

Arbiter Thel Vadam

Rtas Vadum

Zhal Arum

Younger brother of Vtan Arum, Hero of Crassus, Zhal is the Ship-Master of the Starshot from the end of Book 1 onward. He's an Ultra-rank Sangheili and, like any good Elite officer, he's not afraid to get his hands dirty.

Erohn Kilkar

The (adult) son of Rukth Kilkar, the Black Sangheili of Crassus, Erohn is, like his father, an accomplished Special-Ops Sangheili warrior. He is Zhal's most faithful Second. He has a 14-year-old son (the Sangheili equivalent age of a 10-year-old human) back on Sanghelios.

Chen S-Yar

A Skirmisher who befriends the Master Chief and Teana in the swamps of Halo-04. Leader of Talon Squad, a squad of Skirmishers who are the most accomplished Flood-killers in the entire Covenant. Very human-sympathetic, he and his squad are amongst the few Kig-Yar to side with the Sangheili in the Great Schism. He and his team accompany Gamma Team and company on their travels.

  • Authority Equals Asskicking: Chen is perhaps the most badass Kig-Yar ever, and is the only one of his kind to achieve the rank of Field-Master. Among the privileges are Sangheili full-body energy shields.
  • Cultured Warrior
  • My Species Doth Protest Too Much: The Kig-Yar are merchants at heart, and "extermination warfare is bad for business"; so much more profit can be obtained by trading with humans rather than killing them.


High Prophet Triumvirate

The Gravemind

  • Badass Boast: His canon one is expanded upon in the second-to-last chapter of Book 1:


  • Eldritch Abomination: The third-to-last chapter of Book 1 really drives this home.
  • Time Abyss: In this story, each Gravemind in the entirety of the Flood's existence is the same individual coming back in new bodies, with all memories intact. This means that The Gravemind is, in a sense, billions of years old and has experience from conquering/consuming over a dozen galaxies of sapient life.

Introduced in Book 1.5

Rex & Cody

Introduced in Book 2

James Raynor

Tychus Findlay

Matthew Horner

Gabriel Tosh


Ulan is the Dark Templar who trained Shion. He is one of Artanis' most trusted allies.

Arcturus Mengsk

Valerian Mengsk

Horace Warfield


The Dark Voice

An unholy Void-borne entity that was, long ago, a Xel'Naga before he willingly became a Daemon Lord. He was responsible for forcing upon the Zerg an overriding directive to consume and kill.

Introduced in Book 3

Phoenix League

The Sol Confederacy was a viciously corrupt government who used their realm's unique ancient tech to help subjugate dissent against their rule. That all changed when the Phoenix League emerged as a cohesive, unified force, revealing the Confederacy's true depravity and crimes to a shocked populace and then toppling the Confederacy and ousting them from the Sol System. Over the last 16 years, the League has further honed all aspects of itself, forming a thriving civilization free of its predecessor's corruption and far more militarily adept than said previous government.

Grace Staunton-Howard

The woman who got the Phoenix League put together, and was promptly made its leader by the other candidates. She has since led the League to victory and prosperity, becoming much beloved.

Johnathan Devine

Once risked his life to stop a ship-core overload back during the Confederacy's days, earning status as a hero. Joined the burgeoning League upon learning the Confederacy's true evilness. Helped Grace Howard lead the League to victory in two wars against the Confederacy. Currently an Upper-Half Rear Admiral in the Phoenix League Navy. Married to Mel Johnson. Commands the battlecruiser Striking Hammer.

Melody Marston-Johnson-Devine (most just call her "Mel Johnson")

A former "ward" (unjust prisoner) of the Sol Confederacy. Gleefully enlisted in the Phoenix League the second she got the chance to. Has become a very badass high-level Sergeant in the Phoenix League Marine Corps. Married to John Devine.

  • Action Mom
  • Badass: Mel and Avery prove it: if your title is any form of "Sergeant Johnson", you will be an undisputed badass.
  • Badass Longcoat: Introduced late in the first year of the First War, and ever since then she's had one as part of her uniform.
  • Dead Guy, Junior: Names her son after Miles Fairbrass, the below-mentioned childhood friend who was killed during the Second War.
  • Blasters Akimbo: Melody's twin modified/customized KYD-21 blaster pistols are her signature weapons.
  • Important Haircut: Shortly before she joined the League, she cut her formerly-butt-length hair, and has kept it shoulder-length in the 16 years since. She also (semi-permanently) dyed it, as she felt that having black hair would help her be taken more seriously than her natural golden-blond.
  • Heterosexual Life Partners: With Grace.
  • Pregnant Badass: Averted; as soon as the high-ups found out she was pregnant, they forced her to take maternity leave. For Melody, being stuck at home, "helpless and dependant", unable to go out and help people or lead her team, it was pretty much torture. She was, of course, back in action within three months of giving birth.
  • Sergeant Rock
  • Took a Level In Badass: Comparing (physically) seven-year-old Melody to her current mid-20s self is staggering.

Introduced in Rise of the Phoenixes

Sol Confederacy


The first nonhuman sapient race encountered by humanity. A race of saurians descended from dromaeosaurids (or their planet's equivalent). Their voice boxes' structure makes speaking human languages impossible, but they can understand it just fine, just as their human allies can learn to understand (but not speak) the Drakonian tongue. They come from a planet with gravity lower than Earth's, and on Earth-G worlds their physical strength is only around that of an average human, despite their physically-larger bodies. During the war, they sided with the Confederacy until the Oakland Atrocity, after which they switched sides to the League.


A race of technologically-advanced sapients of feline descent. They were the ones who gave both the humans and the Drakonians anti-grav tech for vehicles, amongst other things. They've been keeping an eye on the humans lately, and have thus seen the growing corruption where the Drakonians and most humans did not. During the First War, they sided with the League.

  • Alien Geometries / Bizarrchitecture: In nearly everything they build (roads, buildings, toys, etc), there are no sharp corners, everything has some curve, and right angles are pretty much nonexistent.
  • Petting Zoo People: Essentially anthropomorphic felines


A race of psychically-adept insectoids, the Rigellians and peaceful and moral beings, who excel in telepathy and mind-reading. Small and opposed to violence, they are famous as mediators and as psychiatrists. When shit hit the fan, most of them abandoned human space so as to avoid being caught up in the war, to return and help in the rebuilding after the dust had settled.

  • Actual Pacifist: Due to being empaths, they hold particular distaste for war and will generally evacuate and avoid planets where warfare breaks out, returning afterward to help the survivors pick up the pieces.
  • Mind Over Manners
  • Planet of Hats: Galaxy-renowned for their skill as psychologists and therapists. Their telepathy, empathy, and mind-reading abilities aid in said occupations.


A race of warriors renowned for their skill in the "Hunt" and for their ferocity in battle. The "Brawn" of the Tripartate.


A race of elvish humanoids, well-known for their skill as pilots and for the durability of their starship-grade energy shields. The "Beauty" of the Tripartate (though they're also quite smart). Very, very long-lived by human standards.


A race of near-humans who are vampiric in nature - they must feed on the blood of other beings to remain healthy(though the amount is rarely fatal to the person being fed upon unless the Lucavi they encounter is starving); they can survive on other foods, but going too long without properly "feeding" leaves them weak and sickly. They are renowned for their skill in stealth, making them near-unparalleled scouts and assassins. They are also rather isolationist, though this has started to change recently. The "Brains" of the Tripartate (though they are also quite pleasing to look at). Lucavi-made communications and sensor technology are considered the best in the known galaxy; groups both legitimate and not will pay big money for them.

  • Our Vampires Are Different: They don't have any of the sterotypical weaknesses of Terran vampires of lore (though bright light irritates them); rather, they're simply another sapient species in the galaxy, who just happen to not-quite-require other races' blood for sustenance.
  • Stealth in Space: A Lucavi stealth-ship, when "running dark", can get within 1,000 meters of a Confederate vessel without being detected.


A race of vulpine sapients, who were under the control of a vicous dictatorship who violently oppressed and objectified women and children (to the point where they literally weren't considered people). The League caught wind of this thanks to an escaped slave, and promptly leapt in and deposed the dictator and his armies. The Aspatrians, now much happier and more stable, were made a "protectorate" of the Tripartate.

Kate Scott-Compton

Ishtar Solos

A scout of the Elvaan, sent to Earth to find out where a few other scouts had disappeared to. She was captured and "punished" extremely harshly by the Confederacy simply for following this harmless order, and in response became part of the Phoenix League.

Miles Fairbrass and Henry Henriksen

Two of Melody's old childhood friends, and part of her Special-Ops squad. Rarely seen apart. Killed by Jane Smythe during the Second War.

Jane Smythe

One of Melody's old "enemies", having now (apparently) seen the light and joined the League to do what's right. Melody is still wary of her. This wariness proves well-founded when Smythe turns traitor during the Second War, murdering two of Melody's childhood friends along with several others. Melody tracks down and kills her with help from John Shepherd.

Claudia Marrows-Nightray

Member of the League's Special-Ops Division. The Heart of nearly any team she's in, and a skilled marksman. Murdered by Leonid Dragovich during the Second War.

Klara Leads

Centuries ago, Klaus Merkad committed multiple counts of rape and murder, and was sentenced to a 300+-year Black Circle sentence - extraordinarily harsh even by the standards of the day. Now, the man known as Klaus Merkad is long, long gone; in his place is Klara Leads, a girl who is utterly disgusted by what her previous self did... and a girl who has been irreparably psychologically damaged by what the Confederacy's "handlers" have done to her over the centuries. Nonetheless, she continues to serve as a member of the League's Spec-Ops.

Jemmi and Jenny McLaughlin

Fraternal twins who used to have an inseparable bond... until Confederate manipulations during their time as "pennies" utterly destroyed said bond. Now, these two hate and cannot stand each other. They are still fielded together, however, because they're just that damn good at working in tandem/combination with each other in a fight, despite how much they hate each other (though they need a third person on hand to make sure they don't try and kill each other). Both are killed by Leonid Dragovich during the Second War - Jem while Taking the Bullet for Jen, and Jem while dueling Dragovich in a grief-stricken rage.

Leonid Dragovich

A cool, stoic, fearless, and highly experienced military commander, a Major and therefore the highest-ranking "Blackfire Phoenix" Shock-Trooper. Respected and feared due to his impressive combat service record, including his quick, pragmatic, and often violent methods of bringing an end to conflicts he gets involved in. A near-peerless leader. During the Second War, he turns on the League, killing several promising soldiers and making off with valuable data. Reveals to Ishtar that he was "contracted" by an entity calling itself "Duran", and is then killed by Ishtar in a heated battle.

Robert Veers

An old soldier, a Confederate officer who switched sides to the League after they saved him and his men after the Confed higher-ups abandoned them to die at the hands of a large pirate group. He ends up being a massive help thanks to his strategic and tactical skill.

Confederate President Akta M'Butu

The genuinely-altruistic and fair leader of the Confederacy, kept in the dark over just how corrupt and oppressive the government she has been fooled into believing she has any control over really is.

  • Heel Face Turn: Well, she was never really a Heel to begin with. It's complicated...
    • Heel Realization: More like realizing that her "subordinates" were Heels and she was being strung along by them to believe that they, she, and the Confederacy were Faces
  • Reasonable Authority Figure: Unfortunately, she has far less authority than she's been tricked to believe...
  • Unwitting Pawn: Of the Confederacy

Introduced in Book 4

Naruto Uzumaki

Sasuke Uchiha

Hinata Hyuuga


Itachi Uchiha




  • A God Am I: He believes himself to be a "god of peace" whose job it is to bring "peace through pain" to the world.
  • Gravity Master
  • My God, What Have I Done?: Minor; he only killed Tiida because if he hadn't, Madara would've cut funding for the Akatsuki. Having to kill a man who "already knew and understood pain" did not sit well with him at all.
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist

Madara Uchiha

The immortal old Uchiha who helped found Konohagakure... and then betrayed it. He went on to found and fund Akatsuki, masquerading as "Tobi" until Itachi's death, upon which he dropped the façade. He is the one who killed Teana's parents and then ordered Pain to kill Tiida, as he sought to eliminate all other members of his former clan lest they become a threat to him; however, Tiida's machinations hid Teana's existence from Madara & company.

Introduced in Book 5

Negi Entheofushia-Springfield

Haruna Saotome

Evangeline McDowell

Sebastian von Klaus (used with Ambrant Arandel’s explicit permission)

An older man who was made Evangeline's "caretaker" (jailer) during her indefinite stay at Mahora Academy. An eccentric old mage who makes it a habit of trying to pick away at Evangeline's psyche and reform her. It's going less well than he thinks it is.

  • An Arm and a Leg: Loses his left arm in the tournament match against Evangeline
  • Artificial Limbs: Shows up later in the story with a cybernetic left arm and shoulder. He can still cast spells with it.
  • Barrier Warrior
  • Mind Probe: What he occasionally does to Evangeline
  • Oh Crap: When he realizes Evangeline actually, truly hates him, and is genuinely trying to kill him

Fate Averruncus

A mysterious "boy" who attacks the heroes at the gateport, in the process showing himself capable of fighting Gamma Team's stronger members on an even footing


A mischievous swordsgirl presently aiding Fate. She and Setsuna have an unpleasant history together. After being defeated by Setsuna at the Gravekeeper's Palace, she abandoned the Dark Blade Hina and set off on her own, dropping off the grid to seek her own path.

The Lifemaker

A mysterious and ancient figure of unknown origin and extraordinary (SSS+) magical power. Lord and Master of Cosmo Entelecheia.

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