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* ''[[Star Wolves]]''
* ''[[Star Wolves]]''
* ''[[X-COM]]''
* ''[[X-COM]]''
* ''[[Super Mario Brothers]]''
* ''[[Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure|Skylanders]]''
** In subsequent parts in the series, the second word in the title is also the name of a sub-group of the Skylanders introduced in that part (e.g. ''Skylanders: Giants'' introduces the Giants)
* ''[[Super Mario Brothers]]'' (also a [[Family Title]])
== Web Comics ==
== Web Comics ==

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Works titled after the organization or team that they revolve around. A blanket way of naming Character Titles.

If it names the characters explicitly (or implicitly by numbering), it's a Multi Character Title. If their team name is their number, it's The Notable Numeral. If the team is a group of parents/children/siblings/cousins or otherwise relations, it's a Family Title.

Examples of Team Title include:

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  • Animorphs
  • The Cheetah Girls (also TV and a movie...take your pick of category)

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