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Fridge Horror

  • In Disney's Tarzan, at the end of the movie, after Kerchak's acceptance of Tarzan as his son, Tarzan becomes the new leader of the gorillas, announcing it to all the characters by hitting his chest repeatedly, typical gorilla demonstration of power... nothing is bad with that... unless of course you know that the Leader's responsibilities are not only of protecting the group and guide them... but there's also the reproductive function of the Silverback who have the exclusive breeding rights to all the females. In reality, there are gorilla troops with more than one silverback in charge so... maybe Tarzan delegated that particular task to some male gorilla friend, but still...
    • It's not squick, but more like tragic if he didn't give that task to a male gorilla. He can't reproduce with gorillas, so he wouldn't try. His group will either begin to die off with no offspring or go off and look for males.
    • The gorillas seemed to understand that Tarzan isn't quite the same (read: an entirely different species) than them. They probably would understand that he would only possibly be breeding with Jane, if anyone.
    • In some gorilla groups there are also Blackback males - not fully grown, but already sexually mature males, usually the dominant Silverback's sons; occasionally they can also mate with the females. Maybe in Tarzan's group the Blackbacks (there's a handful of them, like Terk's buddies Flynt and Mungo) fulfil the reproductive function entirely.
    • Maybe Kago and Uto from the Prequel would get that role?
  • If Kala never found Tarzan when he was a baby, he would have starved to death or been eaten by Sabor.
  • In Trashin' the Camp, Tantor is visibly horrified when he sees a human skull. Any human in his position would obviously have the same reaction. But Tantor is an elephant and has never met a human besides Tarzan before. How did he know what a human skull looks like, and more importantly, how does he know he should be frightened of it?
  • When Kerchak and Kala discover their dead baby, imagine what the partially eaten remains must have looked like.

Fridge Brilliance

  • Also in Disney's Tarzan, Professor Porter says that Rudyard Kipling would be delighted to meet Tarzan; the reason why is obvious.
    • While Tarzan can communicate freely with gorillas, elephants, baboons and other jungle animals, which are conveniently anthromorphized and makes the movie a talking animal picture. However, this makes the fact that Sabor is totally inhuman and true to her nature seem somewhat strange at first. However, it makes perfect sense considering leopards would be an animal that Tarzan would not get chummy enough with to learn their language.
  • In The Legend of Tarzan, Queen La is for some reason depicted with tanned skin and white hair. She's actually from Atlantis, and therefore looks like the Atlanteans from Atlantis the Lost Empire.
  • In the original books, Tarzan and Clayton were relatives. Now notice their similiar facial structures, particularly the jutting chins.
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