Tanith Lee is a prolific SF writer, who has written over 50 novels and over 200 short stories. She has written science fiction, fantasy, and horror, for adults and for children.

Her first novel, The Dragon Hoard (1971), is a comic fantasy that takes the mickey out a wide range of Fairy Tale and Mythology tropes while telling the story of how Prince Jasleth was forced to go on a quest after his family was cursed by a sorceress who wasn't invited to his birthday party. Other notable works for younger readers include the Unicorn Trilogy (1991-1997) and the Piratica series (2004-?).

Lee's first novel for adults was The Birthgrave (1975), which was nominated for a Nebula Award. Other notable works for adults include The Silver Metal Lover (1981); the Biting the Sun duet (1976-1977); and the Flat Earth cycle (1978-1986).

Tanith Lee also wrote two episodes of the 1970s science fiction TV series Blakes Seven.

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