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  • The scene of the king, right before he and the queen release the lantern on Rapunzel's 18th birthday, is enough the make even the most heartless scrooge shed a tear. The fact that there's no dialogue just makes it even worse.
    • It's the look of sheer pain on the man's face. That scene didn't need dialogue.
  • Flynn's heroic death at the end! Good lord, that is easily one of the saddest death scenes in the Disney Animated Canon. The expression of pure anguish on Rapunzel's face seals this particular scene.
    • Not to mention the absolute brokenness of her words when she sings the Healing Incantation.
      • Just the audio is terjerking. On the soundtrack, the song at this part is "The Tear Heals". They leave in the singing. It is absolutely heartbreaking. You can hear the pain.
    • Or when Rapunzel tell Mother Gothel that she will never stop fighting her... unless she lets her heal Eugene.
    • It's one of the most heartbreaking scenes since... well pretty much the entire latter half of Beauty and The Beast.
  • Also, the heartbreaking look on Rapunzel's face when she is led to believe Flynn betrayed her.
  • Flynn's face when he realizes where Rapunzel is. And worse once he's at the tower and thinks she's gone. Don't cry, Flynn!
  • "You were my new dream." "You were mine."
  • An example of a happy tearjerker is the entire lantern scene. This troper was crying because of how beautiful it was.
  • After Flynn has been stabbed by Mother Gothel, Rapunzel tries to heal him using the Healing Incantation, and she starts to cry. Her tears fall on Flynn's wound, healing him.
    • Disney Death didn't make me cry. (On the other hand...) However, the look on the King's face when raising the lantern for that year's festival. *sniff* You can tell he's losing hope.
    • For this troper, it was less the Disney Death, but what happens right before it: Flynn/Eugene has a chance to survive, but sacrifices his life by cutting off her healing hair so Rapunzel could be free from Mother Gothel.
      • I second the third post on here, it was that moment that caused me to tear up as well...
    • During the lantern festival, when they both start actually singing... waterworks. Old Faithful. Hello, Niagara.
  • Does no one tear up during sappy reunion scenes like I do? When Rapunzel sees her birth parents again had me in floods.
    • That scene is what made this troper start adoring sappy reunion scenes in the first place.
    • The fact that Rapunzel lets out that tiny little gasp before their big embrace seals the deal.
      • Group hug! And when they pulled Flynn into it too... *tear*
  • When taken out of context as a spell incantation, "Healing Incantation" is a very sad song; it's basically the pleas of someone who desperately wants to escape fate with "change the Fates' design" to "heal what has been hurt," "save what has been lost," and "bring back what once was mine."
    • And then eventually, it's not so out-of-context.
  • For some reason, the scene where Rapunzel and Flynn are trapped in the sealed cave with rapidly-rising water, thinking they're about to die gets to me...Partly because of Rapunzel's tearful apologizing and "Mother was right; I never should have left..." and partly because of Flynn trying to tell her it's hopeless a few seconds earlier.

 Flynn: "It's no use! I can't see anything!"

*Rapunzel panics for a second, then dives underwater*

Flynn: "Hey! Hey!" *pulls her out, holding her shoulders* "There's no point! It's pitch-black down there..."

  • Ahem. Does no one remember the look on Rapunzels face when you-know-who falls out the window, to their dusty death? Sheesh, this troper was hiccuping from the tears.
    • It's heartbreaking, the way Rapunzel still reaches out her arms when Mother Gothel dies. Regardless of everything that has happened, she's still the only mother figure Rapunzel has ever known.
  • To any survivor of domestic abuse, Mother Gothel's treatment of Rapunzel strikes a really painful chord. In this troper's experience, accurate to the point of some terrible flashbacks.
  • The Dark Reprise of 'When Will My Life Begin', even though it's a Cut Song, is pretty heartbreaking, considering you can practically hear the sadness in Rapunzel's voice. You can listen to the song here.
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