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 Rapunzel: I can't believe I did this! *whispers* I can't believe I did this. I CAN'T BELIEVE I DID THIS! Mother will be so furious! *admiring some flowers* That's okay, I mean what she doesn't know won't kill her, right? *hiding in a cave, rocking back and forth* Oh, my gosh! This would kill her! *running around* THIS IS SO FUN! *leaning against a tree* a horrible daughter. I'm going back. *rolling down a hill* I am NEVER going back! Whoo-hoo! *face down in the grass* I'm a despicable human being! *swinging from her hair around a tree* WHOO-HOO! BEST! DAY! EVER! *ends scene with herself sitting beside a rock, crying*

Flynn: You know...I can't help but notice you seem a little at war with yourself here.

    • What's even better is what follows.

 Rapunzel: Break her heart?

Flynn: In half.

Rapunzel: Crush her soul?

Flynn: *crushes grape* Like a grape.

    • Flynn's expression is what makes this so funny- it really has to be seen.
  • This conversation:

 Flynn: All right. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm letting you out of the deal.

Rapunzel: What?

Flynn: That's right, but don't thank me. (picks up frying pan and Pascal) Let's just turn around and get you home. Here's your pan, here's your frog. (starts walking her) I get back my satchel, you get back your mother-daughter relationship based on mutual trust, and voila, we part ways as unlikely friends.

Rapunzel: (stops walking) No. I am seeing those lanterns.

Flynn: Oh, COME ON! What is it going to take for me to get my satchel back?!

Rapunzel: (hold frying pan to Flynn's face) I will use this.

  • Every other thing out of Flynn's mouth.

 Flynn: Stay calm. It can probably smell fear. (on the topic of a bunny)

 Flynn: Is that blood in your mustache? Hey Goldie, look at all the blood in his mustache! Good sir, that is a lot of blood!

 Flynn: And after years and years of asking and asking and asking... I finally said yes!

  • Mother Gothel's talk with Rapunzel.

 Mother Gothel: [looking into a mirror with Rapunzel] I see a strong, confident, beautiful young lady. [Beat] Oh look, you're here too!

  • All of Flynn's reactions to Rapunzel's glowing hair: in the water, out of the water, and by the campfire. Especially when he manages to barely suppress a scream and turn it into a high-pitched, borderline panicked set of questions. Comedic gold.

 Rapunzel: We made it!

Flynn: *completely in shock* Her hair glows!

Rapunzel: We're alive! We're alive!

Flynn:I didn't see that coming.

Rapunzel: Eugene.

Flynn: Her hair actually glows!

Rapunzel: Eugene.

Flynn: Why does her hair glow!?

Rapunzel: Eugene!

Flynn: *hysterical* What!?

Rapunzel: It doesn't just glow.

Flynn: *glances at a smiling Pascal* Why is he smiling at me?

    • Not to mention his reaction to Rapunzel's power a few moments later.

 Rapunzel: Please don't freak out!

Flynn: [Beat] I'm-not-freaking-out-Are-you-freaking-out-No-I'm-just-very-interested-in-your-hair-and-the-magical-qualities-that-it-possesses-How-long-has-it-been-doing-that-exactly?

  • Flynn's completely non-amused face during the musical sequence in the Duckling bar.

 Flynn: I don't sing.

[Swords appear everywhere]

Flynn: [commence singing]

    • Something that makes this moment even funnier is that Flynn is breathless in his singing, since he's quite literally forced into it at sword-point!
      • When the musical number begins he has the greatest look of 'Really?' on his face.
        • Once the song really starts going it switches to "Oh fine!"
          • During the Hook-handed thug's verse, we start seeing the other pub thugs bounce up and down to the song. Even a couple of rats are bogging to it, while a bewildered Pascal stares at them.
  • Anything Maximus does. Even the way he moves!
    • Maximus...with a sword. And of course Flynn's reaction while sword-fighting a horse with a frying pan:

 Flynn: You should know that this is the strangest thing I've ever done! (Maximus knocks the pan out of his hand, they watch it fall over. Max's ear twitches as it hits the bottom.) 'bout two outta three? (Maximus holds the sword at his neck and he quickly holds his hands up)

    • Maximus eating a poster of Flynn like a paper shredder with the best expression ever.
    • A moment earlier: Maximus does not recognize Flynn's face on the poster until he covers the nose.
    • Upon hearing a noise, Maximus leaps behind a rock and pulls down an overhanging tree branch to conceal himself... except that the rock and tree branch combine to look exactly like a horse.
    • After Gothel encounters Maximus and freaks out over a palace guard horse being so close to her hideout -- and the implications for her and Rapunzel that means -- there's a shot after she runs off of Maximus, head cocked to the side, with a perfect "WTF was that all about?" expression on his face.
    • After Maximus rescues Flynn, Flynn is prompted to begin a spiel about how maybe the two of them have just been misunderstanding each other this whole time... only to be cut off when Maximus gives him a look that clearly reads "Cut the B-S, Rider, I had you pegged from the start and you know it."

 Flynn: ... Yeah, you're right, we should go.

  • The entire sequence of Rapunzel trying to stuff Flynn into her closet. Just...all of it.
    • It's even better when your realize there is absolutely no dialogue going on since she hits him with the pan.
  • Pascal's hilarious facial expressions throughout the entire Rapunzel-healing-Flynn's-hand moment.
    • Especially when Flynn looks at him the second time and Pascal just nods like "Oh yeah, that's the good stuff".
    • And Flynn's reaction--"You're being very cryptic as you wrap your magic hair around my injured hand."
  • Rapunzel's very first meeting with Flynn. There's something incredibly funny about the way she first brains him with a frying pan and then squeaks in terror and runs and hides.
  • Rapunzel hitting Flynn with the frying pan when he awakens the first time and the scene following it as she tries to get him in the closet.
    • Then hiding the satchel from him, and telling him he'll never find it. Flynn looks to the right, then to the left, and says, "It's in that pot, isn't it?"

 [pause] ...*CLANG*

Rapunzel: [after Flynn awakens again] Now it's hidden where you'll never find it!

      • A Freeze-Frame Bonus in that immediately after he points to the pot, the scene swamps out to the view of the tower, and snaps to black just as the CLANG is heard.
    • Pretty much the whole scene where Rapunzel has Flynn tied up in her hair, and interrogates him:

 Rapunzel: Something brought you here, Flynn Rider. Call it what you will: fate, destiny...

Flynn: (deapan) A horse.

Rapunzel: I have made the decision to trust you.

Flynn: A horrible decision, really.

    • Flynn trying (and failing) to use "the smolder" on Rapunzel. "You broke my smolder..."
  • Rapunzel's adorable reaction over her reaction of getting scared over a cute little bunny rabbit.
  • "Did I ever tell you I've got a thing for brunettes?" Doubles as a Heartwarming Moments.
  • The escape from the Snugly Duckling contributed this gem:

 Hook-handed Thug: Go. Live out your dream.

Flynn: I will.


Hook-handed Thug: Your dream stinks. I was talkin' to her.

 Shorty: What's the password?

Captain: What?

Shorty: Nope! (shuts hatch)

Captain: Open this door!!

Shorty: Not even close!

  • Just before entering the Snuggly Duckling, as Flynn convinces Rapunzel to stop there:

 Rapunzel: I do like ducklings...

Flynn: Yaaay!!

  • Ulf the mime thug, and the palace guards' bewildered reactions to his performance.
    • And his "Oh my!" look to the camera after Vladamir body-checks all of the guards.
    • The disturbed looks on the citizen's faces when he performs at the end.
    • "And this guy... I assume he's happy. He's never told me otherwise."
  • The whole scene where the pub thugs sing "I've Got A Dream." Especially when Flynn tries to resist singing along.
  • Flynn's reaction to one particularly hilarious poster: "Oh, now they're just being mean."
  • "Head down. Arms in. Knees apart..."
    • "Wait, why do I need to keep my knees apAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!"
  • In the song "Mother Knows Best", Mother Gothel warns Rapunzel about all of the scary things in the outside world, including men with fangs. After Rapunzel knocks out Flynn, one of the first things she does is check his teeth.
    • Blink and you'll miss it, but in that song, watch for Gothel pretending to sauté a doll on the word "cannibals".
    • "THE PLAGUE."
      • "No!" "Yes!"
    • Rapunzel trying to hide in a mound of her own hair.
  • After Rapunzel knocks Flynn out and ties him to a chair, Pascal climbs onto his shoulder and attempts to wake him up so they can question slapping Flynn in the face with his tail. Repeatedly. And when that fails he shoves his tongue in Flynn's ear.
  • One moment in "When Will My Life Begin" at the line where Rapunzel is talking about ballet. She's dancing...then twirls enough that she ties herself up and falls to the floor with a squeal. Basically, a lot of stuff in that song, including Rapunzel practicing ventriloquy...with Pascal, she's made a truckload of candles, and then there's her scaring Pascal with a papier mache mask as well as her standing on a stool, brush and paintboard in hand, staring at the walls of the tower trying to find some place with a free space to paint on, the accompanying line in the song being "There must be room somewhere!".
  • After stuffing Flynn in her own closet:

 Rapunzel: I've got a person in my closet! Too weak to handle myself, huh mother? (chuckles and twirls her frying pan) Tell that to my frying pa- (accidentally whacks herself in the head with it)

  • Pascal's quick raspberry-blowing after Rapunzel says they can't go outside at the beginning.
  • A blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment. When the royal guard has chased Flynn and Rapunzel into a dam, which then breaks, sending water everywhere. As the wave is about to hit them, the guards all look ready to void themselves, but Maximus is staring it down with a look that just screams, "Bring it on, Bitch!"
  • Not long after the above, just after Flynn and Rapunzel escape the cave-in and flood:

 Flynn: (Referring to Pascal) Why is he smiling at me?

Tangled Ever After

  • Eugene's thoughts on his marriage day:

 Eugene: This is the story of the day my life ended.

  • Eugene: "Everyone dying to catch a glimpse of me... US! I meant us."
  • "Oh, come on! They still can't get my nose right?!"
    • Later on, Maximus ends up running into the above banner showing Eugene and Rapunzel, causing it to fold and make his nose even bigger.
  • The accordion player from the bar is on call for the wedding music... and is spurred into action the exact same way as before.
  • Right after Max and Pascal lose the rings:

 Queen: Those were my grandmother's wedding rings!

Hysterical Soldier: THE KINGDOM IS LOST! (castle explodes)

    • This is an Imagine Spot, in case the absurdity of it is confusing.
  • Three words: commemorative frying pans.
  • When Max and Pascal show up in time with the rings, they are covered in tar, and Max is wearing a dress, hat, and shoes. The King and Queen's expressions and Rapunzel and Eugene staring at them all confused as they put on each other's rings are priceless.
  • After Rapunzel and Eugene kiss:


  • The Stabbington brothers are at the wedding, still chained up, wiping tears of joy.
  • At the very end when Maximus accidentally bumps the wedding cake, and it rolls out the door:

 Eugene: So, who wants a piece of cake?

(Max and Pascal look on with "Oh, shit" expressions)

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