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Note that some of these were copied from the RHJunior comic forums

Wildcard is sentient

Considering that the "random" effects almost always seem to help Quentyn and that it seems to use boolean logic, Wildcard could easily be an lux-powered AI.

Dolan sent the Dragon

Dolan couldn't control the dragon (given their immunity to lux), but there wasn't anything in Quentyn's wishes about Dolan coming back to cause other forms of mischief. It's possible he BAITED the dragon to the duchy using taunts and evasion...then slipped back to Tir Na Nog while the dragon went on its rampage. Not a perfect plan of revenge, but who says it has to be one event? Dolan can make his revenge dragon and on and on...

  • All signs point to Dolan attempting his revenge in QQSR.

The fae sisters sent the Dragon

No doubt, and would likely give plot killing power to Quentyn. ("Evil bad guy in the way? No problem. Dragon, toast them! Need a quick deliver of a lost artifact came fire, flood, or storm? Dragon!") It just makes sense from a foreshadowing point of view.

  • Two creature of such power it's a step down only from the Heavenly Host, offer aid to Quentyn that not even they speak out loud what it is? [edit] Something even they fear or fear to be associated with? [edit] A 'helper' so fantastically out of character of the fae-folk that it may only be identified by a phrase that could be delivered just before a cliché death strike is delivered?
  • A creature terrorizing the locals, but mysteriously doesn't do so much as scratch Quentyn. Save to deliver to Quentyn to some place he may have by-pasted entirely and missed a large plot point in his tale?
  • Such creature out of it's element, out of it's normal behaviour, and mysterious compelled by a unseen hand?
  • A page or two dedicated to how 'horrifically' unlikely it is that said ladies would have anything to do with a dragon, but conveniently leave a gap you could drive a truck though? The seer of the two could easily extracted a favour from such a creature in some contrived plot point.
  • His last means of transportation lost and possibly damaged beyond his ability to repair?
  • A foreshadowing of how he and a one other (possibly a golem, and one of his lost artifacts) are lost in the trudging though hip deep snow? So that he may conveniently discover how the dragon really was sent to help him, alone, and opening the door to further shenanigans?

There is no Dragon

  • Yes, something caused the damage, but it's all some sort magical/illusionist scam trumped up by parties unknown. Explains why all the witness descriptions are so utterly different.
    • And with a recent update, Quentyn has started thinking along similar lines. Whether or not he's right remains to be seen.
    • Jossed. Turns out There were two dragons squabbling over territory.

The Centaurs are responsible. They are actually lux-adepts & accidentally changed one of their friends into a dragon. He's having a hard time adjusting to his new form.

  • All we have is a footprint... it's... the Creature From the ID...
    • Jossed, unless this was the cause of the second dragon turning up.

It's all the dream of an autistic Rac Cona Daimh kit.

Quentyn son of Quinn is a descendant of Quentyn of Ridgedale

They do look pretty similar, and it's known that O'Ridgedale had a daughter.

  • Though Quentyn did say he didn't think he was related to O'Ridgedale, for all we know Meribeth is the descendant.

Quentyn son of Quinn is Quentyn of Ridgedale

That message in O'Ridgedale's journal seemed oddly specific.

The Patronum Monstrum is real.

  • Rosad Athair Beither, a Rac Cona Daimh scientist 300 years ago, while helping fight off the many dark creatures of the world, came up with a theory: that the supernatural creatures of the world all sprung from a single source, the Patronum Monstrum. He spent years proving that all you needed was sufficient knowledge and skill with biomancy and lux craft to create the various horrors of the world. When he was caught, the High Council kept him alive for a year so he could collect his notes and sort them for future study, before he was finally executed. The most terrifying thing about all of this story, even more than the lengths that he went to try and prove his theory is simply this: NO ONE HAS EVER SAID HE WAS WRONG. Despite the horrors he inflicted, experimenting on people and from creating monsters that killed and devoured people, not a single piece of evidence has been produced that contradicts his theory. Worse, we have the Fae, which are flat out stated to have been created by an ancient race as servants. If it's possible for someone to create a race of immortal, nigh-unkillable servants with unimaginable powers, is it really so absurd that there's something out there, whether a living creature or some ancient device from an age long past, whose sole purpose for existing, whose sole pleasure in life, is to create horrible monsters and unleash them upon the world?

related to above The Patronum Monstrum is "the Source" from Prototype

Something that churns out city-destroying horrors? check. Mad scientist screwing around with it? check.

Guns are a status symbol

"Oh, I don't have to waste lux, I'm rich enough to afford bullets".

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