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Well this is a Hentai, so most scenes that would be considered a "tearjerker" in any other series is either be played for Fetish Fuel, or just so ridiculously over-the-top that no one can take it seriously. That being said there are still a couple of scenes that find a way to hit you right in the feels, including:

  • In both TA1 and the OVA, we have Sakura's What You Are in the Dark moment. This is especially sad since Sakura is normal shown to be cheerful and upbeat, and has been mostly defiant during her capture. After Asagi and Sakura were locked in a jail cell and are finally alone together, Asagi tries to comfort Sakura by telling her to try to endure and that they shouldn't give up their pride as Taimanin. This actually ends up upsetting Sakura, who points out that Asagi can at least can hold her head up high knowing she gave her virginity to the man she loved, while her own first time will always be remembered as a traumatic experience. All Asagi can do is remain silent as her sister begins sobbing.
  • The first couple of minutes of episode 3 of the Taimanin Yukikaze OVA, is surprisingly pitiful, as we see of what has become of Yukikaze and Rinko after spending 6 months as Sex Slaves at Under Eden. During their conversation, the two are unable to look at each other. Yukikaze spent most of the conversation looking at the ground, while Rinko blankly stares into space, looking away from Yukikaze. Here they seem rather quite and distant from each other. This greatly contrasts their personality from episode 1, when they were upbeat, had at least one cartoonishly funny moment, and have acted as sisterly True Companions to each other.
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