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  • Taimanin Funny

    Whether they have Gag Boobs or A-Cup Angst, demon slaying ninjas are not amused about jokes regarding their bust size...

    Oboro (the fake one) is basically the Butt Monkey of the third game. Practically everyone, on both sides, mocks her for being relatively unimportant and a chronic failure, both Ingrid and Asagi easily push her buttons for kicks, and she winds up getting backstabbed by her own cronies and truly killed on the true ends of Asagi's and Asuka's routes. The punchline is that this happens after she used to enjoy prominent threat status in the first two games.
  • Kiryuu manages to escape being killed by Furst by turning himself into a demonic bug and flies away to warn Murasaki about him.....and decides to do that by making a beeline for her cleavage. She isn't too thrilled about that.
  • During the first episode of the Taimanin Yukikaze OVA, Yazaki's demon bodyguard were able to identify Yukikaze as the the Lightning Taimanin and Rinko as the Slashing Taimanin not just because of their powers, but also because they were quick to notice their bust size, pointing out Yukikaze's flat chest and Rinko's large breasts. This ends up pushing both their Berserk Buttons, as the two comedically overreact, complete with Cross-Popping Veins and, the only time the OVA uses the Super-Deformed art style while both Taimanins express their anger to the comment, before proceeding to annihilate them.
  • Murasaki's crush on Asagi is a surprising gold mine of funny moments. For example, Murasaki apparently has Sakura steal Asagi's bath towels and seeing Asagi naked gives Murasaki heat flashes. Asagi, who is fully aware of Murasaki's feelings, can't help but feel a little creeped out at times.
    • Murasaki's crush on Asagi is somehow even worse in Zero. The normally serious Murasaki acts specially cutesy around Asagi, become a Third Person Person complete with heart shaped pupils. When they were kids, Asagi jokingly told Murasaki that she would agree to be her bride if Murasaki defeats her. A statement that Asagi regrets as Murasaki took the joke completely seriously and has been trying to defeat Asagi ever since.
    • During one scene in ZERO, when Asagi and Murasaki where in a school locker, Asagi tell Murasaki that she is going to shower and get changed. Murasaki says she understands and stares. Asagi repeats herself, clearly wanting privacy. Murasaki responds by stating that she doesn't mind and stares again, this time with heart shaped pupils. Realizing that Muasaki isn't going leave, Asagi only sighs and goes on to take her shower.
  • In Taimanin Asagi Gaiden, featured in Lilith-Izm04, while Asagi, Sakura, and Murasaki were at the beach, Murasaki can't help noticing how Sakura's body has developed, and even speculates that Sakura's body type would be eventually the same as Asagi's. But then goes on to thinking that Sakura doesn't deserve to have a figure that would rival her sister's.
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