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Fridge Brilliance

  • The occupation of Taimanin seems to be a family business. Examples include the Igawa sisters (Asagi and Sakura) and the Yatsu siblings(Murasaki, Kurou, and Aiko). Also, the Mizuki, Akiyama, and Kokawa families have apparently been Taimanins for generations, and all the Fuuma Clan members appearing in the series are also Taimanins (though previously they were pretty much neutral). The reason behind this is that most Taimanins acquire their abilities genetically, as its revealed in TA2 that all Taimanins have some form of demon lineage.
    • This also explain why Taimanin are forbidden to marry anyone besides other Taimanin, as a means to insure that their Superpowerful Genetics are passed down to the next generation of demon slaying ninjas.
  • In ZERO continuity, Muasarki is a lot more straight forward with her crush on Asagi and doesn't try to hid her perverted urges toward the older Taimanin than her main continuity counterpart. This seems a little odd at first, until you realize in ZERO timeline Asagi is single, unlike the start of TA1, and this version of Asagi told Murasaki, as a joke, that she will agree to be her bride if Murasaki can defeat her. In other words, ZERO version of Murasaki believes she has a good shot of ending up together with Asagi, at least has a far better chance than the main continuity's Murasaki.

Fridge Horror

  • It is implied by Oboro's Clone in Taimanin Asagi 2 that most, if not all, Taimanins are born with some form of demon lineage, which explain their superhuman powers and why all Taimanins have a Super-Powered Evil Side. However, considering that most demon in-series live to rape any human woman that they can find, this implies that at least one of their ancestors was a Child by Rape.
  • A slightly more subtle version of this trope is in effect for the series as a whole. Most applications of demonic technology lead to little good for anyone, yet the nations of the world are obsessed with obtaining it, so even if most of the notable demonic warlords are dealt with and the demonic threat to the world of men is pared down to negligible, that still leaves the possibility humans could prove to be even worse given their lust for such things.
  • After of be raped by the demonic citizen of Tokyo Kingdom, Asagi and Sakura almost became in mindless whores. The fridge horror comes from the fact that only spent three days, while the end of the ova takes place 3 months later.
  • Even though the bonus episode may seem lighter than the normal series at beggining, One has to think about the kind of "training" that the Chaos Arena had to give Asagi, to turn she from a strong woman into Man Child obsessed with the cocks.
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