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  • Taimanin Fight

    And this is just a friendly mock battle caused by a half-hearted childhood promise made by Asagi who agreed to be Murasaki's bride, if she ever defeated her. Seriously.

    Asagi's willpower CMoA's itself each game. In TA2, we find out since the first game, despite having her body modified to essentially make her massively prone to lust, she resists by sheer willpower alone. By TA3, despite even more torture done to her in TA2, she still managed to otherwise retain her sanity through sheer will, even before having the body modifications that induced it reversed.
  • Kiryuu might be an asshole, but he managed to hide the fact from everyone he could shed most of his body and turn into a demonic bug, which allowed him and Murasaki to save Asagi later.
  • Kousuke, who was initially an Unwitting Pawn throughout most of the first act of TA3, and generally average at best as a Taimanin, manages to finally awaken to his power when Asagi is at the mercy of Dr. Furst and Oboro, and despite being turned into a ball of flesh, still manages to use his newfound power to summon shards of metal to slice Oboro and Furst to ribbons, and likely would have killed them had Ingrid not showed up to save them.
  • Asuka has several CMOA throughout her route in the the third game. Either she kicking supersoldier ass or holding her own against Asagi(to the point even she acknowledges how strong Asukas become). Not to mention she fights Edwin Black and actually pushes him to reveal his true form to turn the fight in his favor. Hell even before the game starts she already has a reputation in the criminal underworld as the Steel Taimanin of DEATH! The real Oboro was right to put the legacy of the Koukawa clan in Asuka's hands.
  • The Hell Knight Ingrid OVA has some great well choreographed fight scenes. In the first episode, we had Ingrid vs. Kiryuu and a legion of demons. Even when she was outnumbered, Ingrid clearly had the advantage in the fight, moving so fast that Kiryuu and his henchman had a hard time keeping up with her. Ingrid would have won the fight if Kiryuu didn't take advantage of the fact that Ingrid Wouldn't Hurt a Child by taking the form of a little girl that Ingrid met earlier in the episode(that may or may not have been Kiryuu all along), while the "Kiryuu" that Ingrid wounded was a decoy.
  • The Action Prologue of Taimanin Yukikaze which showcase Yukikaze's and Rinko's abilities as they wiped out all the demons at Yazaki's meeting. Same scene was pretty well animated in the OVA series.
  • The fact that Asagi personally lead the rescue mission to save her students Yukikaze and Rinko after finding out that their contact wasn't completely honest with them.
  • Anytime Asagi transforms into her demon form you know awesomeness usually insues.
  • Murasaki and Sakura vs The Kanda Brigade. The duo do a damn good job holding the line during The Siege of the Taimanin village. Sakura uses her powers moving through shadows to cut down troops left and right, meanwhile Murasaki deals with the Kanda power armored unit crushing there armor with ease. The only reason the pair are captured in the first place is because Kanda use the Goshu academy students as human shields.
  • Asagi vs The Kanda Brigade. During the third game Asagi has to go into hiding and figure out her next move all the while donning a new white armored Taimanin suit. Eventually Kanda finds her safe house and raids it, overconfident, Kanda thinks that he can capture Asagi, until he notices his troops dropping left and right until Kanda all alone. Asagi reveals herself to him and there's not a single drop of blood on her new suit. Kanda, even after witnessing his highly trained soldiers get chopped up like nothing, brags to Asagi about the fate of Sakura and Murasaki and send more troops and power armored personnel to fight Asagi. Surrounded, Asagi transforms to even the odds. After a vicious battle Asagi emerges victorious, but is severely wounded and confronts Kanda again. All He can do is look in awe and wonder if Asagi is a monster, before she finishes him off.
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