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When you're a celebrity, or become one overnight, tabloid stories will turn your personal life into a trashy melodrama. Try not to take it too seriously, even if they are pronouncing nuptials for you and some celebrity you merely had a friendly conversation with.

Truth in Television (but not in tabloids), especially applied to Hollywood actresses and actors.

Examples of Tabloid Melodrama include:

Anime and Manga

  • The manga/OVA Boys Love series Haru wo Daiteita is based on two actors and their relationship with each other, surrounded by paparazzi and gossips, including tabloids and talk shows.

Comic Books

  • In The Castafiore Emerald, Paris-Flash's cover promises the wedding of Castafiore to Captain Haddock (who can't stand her voice), and she tells him not to take it too seriously, as she's been linked to hundreds of other men in the past. She later gets upset about the Tempo di Roma's unauthorized expose on "La diva ed il pappagallo".


  • The movie Paparazzi did this as the whole excuse for the film's plot.
  • A lot of Notting Hill revolves around trying to keep things from the tabloids.


Live Action TV

  • One episode of Absolutely Fabulous had Patsy locked in a steamy affair with an important man (possibly a cabinet minister), leading the tabloids to hound her and refer to her as a "flash fash slag."
    • An two-part episode of Dream On reversed the gender roles when Martin Tupper began an affair with a woman who turned out to be the wife (Teri Garr) of a prominent politician (George Hamilton). In the ensuing tabloid uproar, cameo roles went to people like Rita Jenrette, Gennifer Flowers and Jessica Hahn, all of whom had experience with the phenomenon in real life.
  • I am almost ashamed to add this Real Life example, but Jon and Kate Plus Eight is a tragic classic version.
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