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These are the original Made of Win pages from TV Tropes. They are maintained here in order to adhere to both the Rule of Cool and the Rule of Funny, and as historical documents.

Why as historical documents, you may ask? Mainly because, as of the point when ATT forked from TVT, a disturbingly large number of the items, entries or contributions which won Made of Win points for their creators had actually been deleted from The Other Tropes Wiki. As has been noted in the second paragraph of the original text below, as well as both within the MOW archives themselves and in discussions off the wiki, it was obvious that someone was using the MOWs as a shopping list of deletes to make. One side effect of this is that many of the archived MOWs are now little more than Noodle Incidents -- nothing more than a page link, a short appreciation, and sometimes the troper responsible for the MOW thanking the one who listed it.

In other cases, someone apparently decided former Wins were now Old Shames, and ghettoized them in some way -- usually by pushing them off onto an obscure subpage or into a little-visited Namespace. They may still exist, but they no longer live where the MOW nomination said they did. These can be just as hard to find as actual deletes.

Whenever we can, the staff of All The Tropes will try to reconstruct lost Wins using the Wayback Machine, but sometimes it's just impossible; sometimes there's not enough information in the entries to even guess at what had been nominated, let alone recover it.

Be aware, then, that going through these archives can be a bittersweet experience.

— The Mgmt.


This page is intended to allow our various tropers to single out lines, edits, and entries made by other tropers that they feel are excellent examples of how to do the job. Be sure to mention what page you found the quotes on.

If what you wish to give a win to is easily quotable, go ahead and copy/paste it here for posterity. This is a wiki, and even the most hilarious pages can change at any time: for instance, while Natter can be hilarious and win-worthy, an editor may be entirely justified in deleting it from the page. However, editors who use the compliments on this page to specifically seek out things to delete, do so at the explicit risk of looking like a kill-joy.

Wins attributed to TVT's Advertisement Server went in Ad of Win. Since we don't do ads here, we have no ad server, and thus there will never be Ads of Win at All The Tropes.

If you wish to give a win for something that has been on a page for a long time, it might be worth to do a quick check-through to see if it has already been nominated. Of course, no one minds getting a redundant win nomination.

Made of Win Archives

There are no TVT MOW archives on All The Tropes after the middle of 2012 because of the delay between forking the tropebase and actually starting this wiki. We hope to begin producing our own archives as soon as we have enough of a Troper Critical Mass to start generating wins to record.

— The Mgmt.

Compare/contrast Made of Lose.

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(Actually, don't -- go to the All the Tropes Made of Win page.)

Continued in Made of Win Archive Early 2012.

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