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Other than the sweet things which we see in our life and post here, some parts of TV Tropes are sweet by itself.

  • The page image of Strawberry Shorthand. Just look at that tortoise ^_^ And the caption is just perfect.
  • The very fact that we have an entire index here dedicated to sweet, amazing things. There are enough of them to require that. That is amazing.
  • Back when we had Troper Tales, the one for Never Got to Say Goodbye was a straight-up tearjerker. Unless you scrolled down to the bottom of the page, with many tropers leaving either long or short messages "defying" the trope.
    • It's still alive out there. See you later!
  • The best line on this wiki: isn't about making you feel good. Art is about making you feel.
  • The growth of the Crowning Moment of Heartwarming articles is in itself heartwarming. Seeing how Video Games has grown and remembering how I first typed in Videogames and the first example never fails to bring a smile to my face.
  • This troper can't help but smile when reading Fighting for Survival, especially when picturing each of the examples taken literally.
  • A troper sits alone, heartbroken, on the edge of tears. After an hour browsing the Crowning Moment of Heartwarming articles, his faith in humanity is restored. One CMOH to CMOH itself.
    • You know what's really beautiful? Some of the most cynical series have entries - even in the case of the linked two, entire sections - in here. I guess people just can't keep sweet moments out of things...
    • The very best part? The Troper Tales section. This isn't just some swathe of overly-idealistic fiction trying to tug our heartstrings. This is good things happening to real people, because of real people. This is man's humanity to man. No matter how sexist, racist, religion-ist, homophobic, cruel, Jerkass, and downright terrible some people can be, up until you're ready to say "screw it!" and just nuke the world, suddenly, you see them, those people--the ones in Real Life and the Troper Tales page, and you see that there is, without a doubt, good in the world. The world is worth saving.
  • In the Economy Cast trope page, one troper remarked how Based on a True Story movies often "merged" two or more characters into one, which prompted a response about how it happened in The Wizard of Oz, which in turn led to this awesome exchange:
The Wizard of Oz is a true story?
The Wizard of Oz is the truest story of them all.

 What's the point in living life to the fullest when life has so many ways to turn so very wrong? What's the point in commending the few decent folks when most people seem to be such selfish assholes? Why bother focusing on the nice stuff people are capable of when they're capable of doing such horrible stuff too? Then I realized that that's what makes those things so special. Being nice and happy where everything is all great and dandy? Okay. Finding the strength to be nice and happy despite all the surrounding horribleness? Simply amazing.

    • Another one from the Literature section

 In Guards! Guards!, it is stated that L space connects all universes. Usually when Terry says that, it refers to something that happens in ours as well. I then thought of the possibility of traveling to Discworld through my local library. Only several weeks later did I realize that's exactly what I was doing.


  Oil still leaks from the Arizona's hull even after sixty years, as though the ship is still crying for the hundreds of sailors who died aboard her. Meanwhile the Missouri is standing watch over the Arizona's grave, as though telling the fallen sailors: "Rest easy. We won."

    • On the British Royal Guards playing Star Spangled Banner in Buckingham Palace after 9/11

  If nations are people and anthems are their lullabies, then here was Mother England singing to her grieving American child.

      • This Unknown Troper, who wrote both of the entries above, will forever have his heart warmed by the appreciation shown on this page. Thank you. You all made the effort worth it.
    • Fred Rogers is the major reason to research immortality. Let our descendants from the 24th and one half Century watch Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood, and they will feel the same thing.
    • About the Unknown Child from the Titanic, where the body of a boy was recovered and scientists in the early 2000s were able to identify him.

  He lived for but a few months. He waited for over ninety years. But thanks to the love of strangers one boy finally has a name.

  • Does anyone else find the picture and caption on Earn Your Happy Ending utterly heartwarming? Quoth the troper:

  If The Quest to find your lost love involves getting the wind to carry you over the sea - that's what it takes.

  • The Real Life section for You Are Not Alone makes me love every single one of you. Yes, that includes YOU.
    • Thank you! This troper has been having a really bad day, and reading that made her so happy that she actually cried. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
      • OP here. This is getting dangerously recursive, but the fact that I was able to make some random person on the other side of the world feel better by posting on TV Tropes rules.
      • When I made that section of You Are Not Alone, I didn't really expect anything to come from it. Reading what others wrote...I just want to say thank you...all of you. And yes, even you too.
    • I put it back. The new one probably borders on Tastes Like Diabetes... but it's there.
  • The Troper Tales for When She Smiles. ALL OF IT. This exchange sticks out—
I die a little inside knowing that it will probably never be. Due to me being butt ugly and personally repulsive.
—I bet you're beautiful.
  • The fact that Tropers Tales needs 10 pages for its CMOHs.
    • This Troper had been having an awful week, so she decided to go look at the CMOH's Troper Tales to make her feel better, something which she had not done in quite a while. She initially was quite disappointed to see that the page seemed to be a lot shorter than when she last looked... until she spotted that there were now multiple pages. Ten of them. TV Tropes is a wonderful place!
    • BTW, all 11 of the Heartwarming Moments troper tale pages are now on the new wiki. Why not go check them out if you're having a bad day?
  • From You Are Better Than You Think You Are (Real Life):

You're better than you think you are. Keep your chin up, and your back straight!

But I have scoliosis. I can't keep my back straight.
—Then let your words stand so straight that others always remember your back as being straight regardless of the physical facts.
  • The ending of Driven to Suicide.
  • My mom, who normally mocks me for spending so much time on the internet, saw me adding some video links to some trope examples so that people wouldn't have to go looking for them themselves and said to my dad "Look, she's actually doing something helpful for humanity!"
  • This forum topic. "Jordan" looks for some people to call his friends... and FINDS THEM.
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