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Kevin Nash, Sting and now The Pope's current angle is a Take That towards Anti-Hogan/Bischoff regime fans.

Not so far off as it turns out!

TNA is paid for by Vince McMahon to turn people off of Indy and foreign style wrestling.

Come on! Only a genius at wrestling could create something so terrible.

The Fourtune/EV2.0feud is a Writer Revolt against the push of old ECW WWE and WCW stars over homegrown talent.

Fourtune is portrayed as a fun loving True Companionship of Badasses who have a bunch of super popular stars like AJ Styles, Ric Flair and Kaz. EV2.0 has a bunch of washed up old losers who look like cowardly weak old men who have to cry to get their jobs back. What better burial of ECW then what TNA has done to it?

TNA post-Bound for Glory 2010 is a satire of WCW

Hogan's created a giant and unwieldy heel stable in the mold of the New World Order with Immortal. The Finger-Poke of Doom was replayed with the Knockouts Title. Katie Lea Burchill (now Winter) seemingly has Warrior-style powers. The shows themselves have scaled back the wrestling even more than before. Expect J-Woww to pull a David Arquette any day now.

    • And now we have a repeat of Starrcade '97 with a dejected Sting returning to take the World Title off the Big Bad, this time being Jeff Hardy. So, is Goldberg showing up in a year?

The writers are Obfuscating Stupidity

Fortune/Immortal really has been in the works since Hogan's first day at the company.

    • If so, it was one of the most well played storylines in wrestling history. First make them have such low hopes that they're about ready to quit watching, then suddenly pull out a Crowning Moment of Awesome that got one of the greatest moments in TNA's history.

Immortal represents Satan and the Seven Deadly Sins

Jeff Hardy brought this one on himself with his "Anti Christ" crap. Don't look at me that way!

  • Eric Bischoff: Satan. Yeah, a case can be made that Hogan is technically the Big Bad, but he's been removed from an on-screen position and thus Bischoff is leading the troops now, as Satan commanding the forces of Hell. Even when Hogan was on-screen, it was Bischoff who tricked Dixie into signing away her company, Bischoff introducing the troops to the ring in a showy fashion, and Bischoff who sat at the head of Immortal's Thanksgiving table.
  • Hulk Hogan: Pride. No matter how big his name is, his ego is just that much bigger, and he feels the need to constantly stroke it. Tellingly, he's "firing" EV2.0 members because Dixie Carter praised them in a way that insulted his ego. Not to mention his reason for screwing Dixie, not to mention admitting to it with no shame whatsoever, is all about the fact that she didn't placate his ego enough.
    • Kazarian, vain and self-centered, he joined Fortune to be with a the elite of the elite.
    • Dixie Carter actually identified Hogan and Bischoff this way first. Exhibit A of this would be 1:40 to 1:57 of her confrontation in their office the Impact after Bound For Glory 10.10.10.
  • Jeff Hardy: The Antichrist, self-identified.
  • Ric Flair: Lust. Who went out to get bimbos during the Thanksgiving dinner? Ric Flair. Aside from the fact that he's already the most iconic Millionaire Playboy in professional wrestling history, he's also admitted to sleeping with a horse, plus he wakes up more in love with Hulk Hogan everyday, and loves him more than his ex-wives. Can't get much more lust-crazy than that.
  • Jeff Jarrett: Envy. Why'd he start doing MMA crap? Jealous of Samoa Joe. Why'd he join Immortal in the first place? Jealous of Dixie's power in the company he built.
  • Beer Money: Gluttony and Greed. It's in the name: James Storm likes drinking too much beer (gluttony), and Robert Roode likes money (greed).
  • Abyss: Wrath. He's a big violent monster with a 2x4 that has nails hammered into it, a knockoff of Kane, he's mostly in everything to bring pain and destruction. All but an Anthropomorphic Personification of wrath.
  • AJ Styles: Sloth. Is talented enough to go out on his own and achieve solo success but instead clings to the legs of Flair like a chick to a mother hen.
    • Seems fitting, considering one of the reasons AJ originally joined with Ric Flair was so that he could keep a title belt the easy way.

The "They" Crimson is talking about is the Main Event Mafia.

The group Crimson is talking about has to be a power stable. Speaking of whom, every time he "informs" them of "they," he is always dressed in a suit, which was the Mafia's dress code. Sting and Nash, the original opposition to "Immortal," as well as Kurt Angle, who took advantage of the distraction after Crimson's announcement, were members. And a week later Scott Steiner, who was the person Angle made the phone call to and also a member of the Mafia, made his return rushing off Immortal, also dressed in a suit.

Ric Flair turned against Fortune for their own good.

As much as he cares about the stable that he helped created, Flair wanted to make sure that they were able to handle anything and everything that was thrown at them. By becoming their enemy, he could test them to see if they could handle the pressure on their own without his guidance, believing A.J. Styles was now able to lead Fortune. Flair turning on Fortune could be compared to a parent kicking their child out of the house once they've reached adulthood. Flair may appear to be pissed that Fortune decided to turn against Immortal without his consent, but on the inside he's proud that they decided not to play second fiddle to Immortal.

Ric Flair is in Immortal as a Reverse Mole, and he is the man behind the network.

This goes into the above guess about him secretly being proud of Fortune, but is actually even bigger than that. Recently, the network has been subverting the control of Hogan and Bischoff over TNA. This is beginning to get attention from characters now, with Christopher Daniels commenting to Flair, ironically, that someone back there has been getting a leg up on Immortal. Hogan and Bischoff, discussing this frustratingly in their office, describe this by saying "they're thinking like a wrestler", and Bischoff is now out to intercept this all. Flair has asked "who is that talking to my boys!?" in reference to Fortune and Daniels, minutes after the latter's return to TNA, and in a promo the following week, the same one where Daniels, Hogan, and Bischoff noted the network pattern, he puts over the champions that Fortune are as well as how he "loved" them (but, of course, they made a "mistake" when they "decided to side with AJ over the Nature Boy").

  • Good theory. I'm not sure, but wasn't he the one who said "They is Fortune?" during the second They foreshadowing?
  • No. Here's the kicker, though. He said it during the first one.

Tara will help Mickie beat Madison at Lockdown.

  • Madison is treating Tara like crap recently, and on the April 14th episode, she seemed on the verge of a The Dog Bites Back moment. What better way to do it than cost her boss the title?
    • Sort of. This ended up happening a month later at Sacrifice as the culmination of several smaller such moments in the Impact episodes following Lockdown, and now Tara is free from Madison. Probably because Mickie's real-life shoulder injury heading into Lockdown wasn't exactly conducive to a full match.

Mick Foley being "fired" is just another trick of his

He's faked out Hogan once before this. Either he sent a fake message himself or had the Network do it to trick them into trick them into thinking no one is watching them so they'll go back to their old ways and prove to the Network and get them even more furious at them. Think about it, why would they send a notice of Mick Foley being fired to them? Even in-universe it wouldn't make much sense unless there's something else behind it, and last week, the Network was on Foley's side. With as big of a Chessmaster he's been lately, it'd certainly be in character.

Hulk Hogan is working for Vince McMahon in a plot to destroy TNA.

Taken from the WWE WMG page, but worth repeating here after the events of Bound for Glory 2011. Bobby Roode, after eight months of steady buildup for his rise to superstardom culminating in him winning the "Bound for Glory Series" round robin tournament to become #1 contender to the title at the show that TNA calls its Wrestlemania, was ready to go into BFG and make his "boyhood dream" moment similar to Shawn Michaels, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and John Cena winning their first world championships at Wrestlemania. This was an opportunity to not only solidly cement a new main event star, but also successfully make the BFG Series become TNA's version of the Royal Rumble, as well as really make BFG itself truly special in a similar vein to Wrestlemania (though obviously not to the same scale, but that's a different topic altogether). This would've been a huge step toward legitimizing TNA as a structured, functional company with a grand spectacle event. But Hulk Hogan had them DUMP THIS CHANCE, claiming against all evidence at the last minute that Roode wasn't ready to be champion, instead directing TNA to have an injured Kurt Angle retain the title with a roll-up holding the ropes and completely underwhelm the entire program. At the very least we know he doesn't care about TNA.

Suicide is the secret Christopher Daniels is blackmailing Kazarian with.

By now it's pretty much common news that Kazarian and Daniels are the two men who most frequently portrayed the former character of Suicide. On-screen, the Guns have threatened to unmask Suicide years ago, first assuming Suicide was Daniels, but they managed to get as a far as a suspiciously familiar tan-skinned jaw before Daniels came out to make the save. Daniels knows Kazarian was Suicide because he's literally covered for him in the role, and he's holding it over Kazarian's head due to the hot water this could put Kaz in with management. Kaz has started showing signs of rebellion either because he's figured out a way to prove Daniels' involvement or he's starting not to care anymore.

  • Jossed HEAVILY on May 10th, 2012.
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