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Chuck: I have so many questions. My mind wanders.

Ned: You need to feed it warm milk and a turkey sandwich, let it curl up in a sunny spot and take a nap.

Or: Moment of Awesome D'Awwwwwwsome. This page is for entire works that manage to be one big Heartwarming Moments. When you post a work, just remember to explain what in it made you go "Awwwwwwww" :)

If a work has one Heartwarming Moments but is otherwise not particularly heartwarming, post it to that page. Sometimes related to the other kind of sweet dreams.

Highly recommended to drop by this page if you've been over at Nightmare Fuel and plan on sleeping.

Tropes used in Sweet Dreams Fuel (Sugar Wiki) include:


Anime and Manga

  • A lot of the works of Osamu Tezuka are full of Sweet Dreams Fuel, especially Astro Boy and Unico. However, his work tends to have just as much of the other side as well.
  • Mahou Sensei Negima. Any moment that shows Evangeline isn't really as evil as she wants people to think, and any of the goofing-off arcs (especially the Summer arc right after Mahorafest).
    • Chachamaru's pactio. The way Negi tells her to believe (in him who believes in her) and then practically shouts at whoever oversees the pactios "Who the hell do you think I am?!", followed by Chachamaru looking at the card like her newborn daughter made this troper cry from happiness.
  • Chi's Sweet Home. Can't really get more specific than that; she's such a cute KITTY! :3
    • Not to mention the lovely, simplistic watercolour artstyle.
  • Azumanga Daioh, even though Sakaki keeps on being bitten by cats.
    • It only makes the moments with Maya all the sweeter.
    • The part where Kaorin does the folk dance with Sakaki. It's the perfect mix between funny and adorable.
    • The entire Chiyo-chan in a penguin sequence. Sure she is abused a little bit, but she is so incredibly adorable.
      • Chiyo-chan in general. Take the scene where Sakaki first meets Tadakichi-san: she comments that Chiyo could ride on his back, as she's just about the right size to do so. Turns out, she's already done so, and it's adorable.
    • Any scene with Osaka in it. Yes, even the creepier ones. If you think she isn't adorable, you're either lying or you haven't seen enough of her personality yet.
      • "Do you like Taiyaki pastries, Chiyo-chan?"
  • Also, Yotsubato!.
    • A single chapter, any chapter, in the evening is enough to make the day better. The publication of a new chapter makes my week.
    • The recent chapters involving Yotsuba and her first teddy-bear, Duralumin, have caused particularly soppy grins at times.
  • Bottle Fairy (no, not her!)
  • Cardcaptor Sakura. I love it because it's cute. Both the manga and anime just make me feel so gooey inside.
    • Even the commanding imperiousness of Yue the Judge, the silver moon spirit that took almost sadistic satisfaction in making hell for Sakura and Syaoran, is lost in the face of him being just so damn sugary sparkly pretty.
    • Unfortunately, the flashbacks of the Darker and Edgier sequel make it much harder to enjoy the simple happiness of the lighthearted original. Damn you, CLAMP! Damn you to ell
      • Mind you the original couple only made an appearance to help Tsubasa's Sakura and Syaoran, they aren't related (well not by blood anyways)
        • Ah, but Clow is the same. Unfortunately. Tsubasa completely changes the tone of the sad but still sweet scene when he says goodbye to his Guardians before he dies. Then again, CCS is still adorable when taken as a stand-alone work.
  • Stellvia of the Universe. It's basically Azumanga Daioh in space, with awesome spaceship scenes and not one, but TWO instances of all humanity uniting to save the solar system.
  • Slayers. It's light, funny, heartwarming, and still manages to be engaging. After the first story arc, I wanted to live in that world. ^_^
  • Kannazuki no Miko is so dreamy and Chikane-chan is so cute, i want to be Himeko. No, i'm not being sarcastic. This is Sugar Wiki, after all.
  • Binbou Shimai Monogatari, Kyou and Asu's relationship is just so sweet and heartwarming. Especially, in the (much longer) manga which among other things includes a happy version of "The Little Match Girl" with them as the title character. Kinko and Ginko's relationship is almost as sweet. Also, deep down everyone is is a nice person. Yes, even their father.
  • Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou, a slice-of-life series composed of lovely and heartwarming moments, set After the End. Not even kidding.
  • Girl Friends! The Gayngst and Will They or Won't They? may be agonizing at times, but that only makes every little moment Mari and Akko have together sweeter.
  • Although Mushishi has its moments of Nightmare Fuel, its overall effect is incredibly relaxing, especially Travis Willingham's dub work as Ginko.
  • Ditto for Dennou Coil - it's basically My Neighbor Totoro with computers.
  • The first three episodes of There She Is.
  • The ending of Prétear. Everyone lives happily ever after. The villain is not defeated, but redeemed, and even she gets to live happily ever after with the man who loved her enough to die for her.
  • Natsume Yuujinchou has a lot of this too, being basically Mushishi with even more heart-warming... And Tear Jerkers too, but that just makes the fuzzy all the fuzzier.
  • In Dragonball Z, the Cell Game saga fillers. It wasn't a particularly Nightmare Fuel type show, but it wasn't particularly light hearted through most of it. It's just before the Cell Games and everyone's just having a hell of a time before the fight to save the world. Something about it is just... heartwarming. It's the main reason why I could stand those fillers. Yes, even the fight scenes that were in there were good too.
  • When Ouran High School Host Club isn't making you laugh from the sheer ridiculousness of its melodramatic comedy, it's warming your icy heart by devoting episodes to reuniting couples torn apart by circumstance or showing just how much the other hosts actually care about Haruhi at the end of the day.
  • Lucky Star!
    • Heck, I don't even have to watch the whole show. Just the opening theme is enough to make me grin. After that, everything is just icing on the chocolate cornet.
  • K-On!
  • My Neighbor Totoro, a Slice of Life movie about a loving family consisting of two young sisters, an attentive father, and a mother who is sick in the hospital (but getting better). And the furry, friendly supernatural critters the girls befriend.
  • Kiki's Delivery Service. An adorable young witch in a wonderful coming-of-age story, three loving mother characters, a surprising and beautiful change of pace when Kiki spends the night with Ursula, Scenery Porn worthy of the Louvre, and a heroic rescue at the end. And a cat romance. The whole movie is like the cup of hot coffee/chocolate Osono gives Kiki when they meet.
  • Ponyo. One of the few times I walked out of a theater actually feeling uplifted.
  • Whispers Of The Heart. A sweet slice-of-life romance between two young people. The "Country Roads" scene in the violin shop is enough to make even a hardened macho dude sniff.
  • Ditto it's quasi-sequel The Cat Returns - yes, there are some tense moments, but all in all the fantastical nature of the story, the beautiful visuals, and the wonderful Ear Worm ending song combine to make you just feel *happy* after watching it.
    • Oh, heck, *any* of the Studio Ghibli films which are aimed at children are this.
  • Shinryaku! Ika Musume has the tile Ika Musume (squiid-girl) planing to invade the world, because humans pollute the ocean. Tough she might not have been successful with that, the show has invaded your heart. And also causes Awesomeness Withdrawal because it's that awesome.
  • Despite the characters living in something of a nasty, dangerous world, what makes One Piece good is that it's still full of Sweet Dreams Fuel of all kinds. It's loaded with hilarious and positively warm and fuzzy scenes. And you always come out of reading it feeling NO ONE is alone, and that your true friends will care about, protect, and stay by your side no matter what, and that miracles happen and nothing is really impossible.
    • You will have trouble finding something more awesome and uplifting than Luffy beating the ever-loving snot out of Arlong and ending the battle by breaking his base in half with one kick. * sniff* So awesome...
    • I take the Arlong arc and raise you the Water 7/ Enie's Lobby arc. Even though it has a lot of depressing parts, it also has the appearance of Sogeking, Luffy going 'LEEE-ROOOOOOOOOOOOOY JENKINS!' on Enie's Lobby and declaring war on the World Government to prove he won't abandon one of his crew. This one cheered. One Piece is very good at taking all the depressing moments and turning them into Crowning Moments of Awesome.
    • This troper literally has had One Piece be sweet dream fuel! She had the awesomest dream of her life the night she finished reading the manga.
  • Macross7, a lot of it, but especially the scene in Episode 37 when it's revealed that "the Sign of Peace" that a door locked with a riddle requires in the Protoculture ruins is a half-breed, someone born of two parents from two different races. That's when you realize in full force that humanity was nearly annhiliated by the Zentradi, a race of giants that knew only war and destruction, just a few years ago, and they were literally LOVED INTO SUBMISSION... and that it's all happening again, with what what was thought to be a soul-devouring Eldritch Horror about to be saved by The Power of Rock. All to the notes of the incredibly aptly-named Power To The Dream.
  • Sket Dance. The friendships. The endless and unique humor. The adorable characters. The endlessly cute and heartwarming relationship between Bossun and Himeko. This manga WILL make your day better.
  • Aria. Just ARIA. Seriously, between the incredibly beautiful and soothing music, the cuteness, and the general tone of how life should be enjoyed, this troper actually makes it a point of watching one or two episodes before going to bed after particularly bad days - and, somehow, he inevitably comes out of it with a smile and an uplifted heart, and sleeps well.
  • Haibane Renmei. There's something about Rakka waking up and seeing everyone else just smiling at her that warms this troper's heart.
  • Ichigo Mashimaro. The two sisters, the weird neighbor, the innocent girl and the British girl who can't speak English. There's a laugh in almost every scene with this group.
  • Fruits Basket is a great thing to watch marathon-style while in the depths of depression. It's basically a giant Hurt Comfort Fic. The manga is better story-wise (and, you know, complete), but the anime is better spiritual ice cream binge material.
    • For that matter, what about the ending of the manga, after Tohru and Kyo hook up? Folks pair up with the people they've been in love with, the Zodiac curse is broken so they can show affection, we see that Kyoko was reunited with her husband in the afterlife, Akito is able to move on, and Tohru and Kyo end up Happily Married.
  • Manabi Straight!. Seeing everyone work together to make the school festival a reality is just so heart-warming.
  • The Read or Dream manga is very much a Lighter and Softer version of Read or Die focusing on the everyday life of the Paper Sisters, three characters who interact excellently and very obviously care a lot about eachother. As a result the series consists entirely of this. The same goes for large parts of ROD the TV.
  • Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann cheers this troper up whenever he feels down. Some series just make you feel better to be alive.
    • Nia. Getting a troper who pretty much hates Moe, and getting him to like a character just because of HOW DAMN ADORABLE she is. She is made of d'awwww and Squee!
  • Axis Powers Hetalia always makes this troper feel better.
  • Pretty much any Girls Love manga by Miyabi Fujieda: Ame-iroKouchakanKandan, Iono the Fanatics, The Mikos Words and The Witches Incantations... Warmth and fuzziness are guaranteed.
  • Bunny Drop is like a more low-key Yotsuba&!, complete with requisite Crowning Moment of Heartwarming per chapter. This troper would like nothing more than to adopt Rin for himself.
  • Air Gear isn't exactly filled with heart warming moments, but as a skater who hates gravity with a passion, the stuff they do in this show often makes This troper feel like flying. Not to mention Akito/Agito! Squee!
  • The main turn-off factor of Zettai Muteki Raijin-Oh to mainstream mecha fans is this, and inversely is a turn-on to this troper. Those adorable kids, while not diabetes-inducing sweet, are an antithesis to the Kids Are Cruel truism that pervades today's media. Their everyday interactions, both on and off the battlefield, just makes me wanna go awwwww.
  • Together With Master, a one-shot shoujo-ai Manga that has a lot of sweetness to it without being Diabetic. The twist in the ending helps take the edge off some of that sweetness.
  • FLCL. It's like Mind Rape, but in the opposite direction--your brain is just as broken, and you're just as confused, but you feel good. Not really sure why, though.
  • Eureka 7, without a doubt. The Power of Love is practically the show's central theme, after all.
    • But watch out for grains of Nightmare Fuel, such as the arm in Episode 20, Charles dying, Eureka getting petrified, Eureka pre-evolution, Hap sitting on the toilet naked, Coralians, typeZERO's rolling eyes, Anemone eating jam... Yeah, just be careful with it, ok?
  • The Power of Love and The Power of Friendship are central themes in Sailor Moon; when they're not fighting monsters, they're just teen girls hanging out, and some funny moments and sweet scenes of conversations between the girls are Sweet Dreams Fuel. Its humor is a good thing for it, and then sometimes Off-Model-wacky art style adds to its charm to some.
  • Anytime a Code Geass character does anything genuinely sweet or romantic. Also, anytime Lelouch actually smiles for real (and any fanart that shows him doing so counts as well). And, any (non-violent) scene of any character(s) as a child/children!
  • Windy Tales. A few kids learn how to control the wind, and have fun playing with it together. Cats can fly. Girls can float. The bond between friends is nigh-unbreakable. Soft, relaxing music. A gorgeous, highly experimental art style. All wrapped up in one Thirteen Episode Anime that shows both the bitter and sweet sides of growing up--but likes to lean toward the sweet.
  • Kamichu!. A Slice of Life about an ordinary middle school girl who becomes a god, and lets her life continue mostly as usual. The characters actually look and act their age, there is pretty much zero fanservice, and the backgrounds are pure Scenery Porn. Any conflicts that arise are resolved within an episode, and several things happen just because they can--a WWE-esque cat wrestling match? Sure, sounds like fun. Amazingly relaxing.
  • The ending of Kaleido Star (the first season)
  • Every episode of Sketchbook is heartwarming and relaxing. And then the hilarity goes up to eleven once Kate shows up.
  • Mokke. The relationship between the sisters Shizuru and Mizuki is so heartwarming, and even their realistically portrayed occasional bickering can't put any dents in that. Sure, some of the ghosts are scary, but in the end their appearance only seems to enrich the two girls' lives.
  • Umi Monogatari. Similar to Prétear, it starts out adorable and gets rather dark near the end. But it's okay, because Everyone lives. Even the Bittersweet Ending is just so sweet.
    • The opening theme can cause sweet dreams.
    • Don't forget the shrine maiden's song. While the lyrics are somewhat dark, the singing itself is beautiful. It's an in-universe example, too, calming troubled souls.
  • Hanamaru Kindergarten. It's... oh, my God, if you could weaponize cuteness, this show would be freakin' lethal.
  • Digimon Tamers is dark, but also outdoes the other seasons in terms of sheer cuteness factor. Culumon is just... It has to be among the most "awwwww" inducing critters this troper has ever seen. Guilmon's personality is utterly adorable outside of battle, Terriermon needs not be said ("Moumantai~"), Lopmon's frown doesn't make him less cute, and then MarineAngemon is introduced. Cuteness overload. I await the night when I get to cuddle up to Culumon in my dreams.
  • Minami-ke deserves mention, a funny and cute series involving the love of three sisters and their daily lives in their own schools and as a family. Full of funny moments and heartwarming moments as well.
  • While Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha has its darker moments, the show simply has such strong themes of forgiveness, second chances and acceptance that it ultimately becomes this.
  • Any of the Aw, Look -- They Really Do Love Each Other moments between Ranma and Akane on Ranma ½.
  • The ending to the final episode of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai is extremely sweet and fluffy. The rest of the series, however...
    • All the Nightmare Fuel that happened before just makes the ending all the sweeter. Two words: July First.
    • The more innocent scenes are pretty heartwarming. Of particular note is any scene involving Rena wanting to take someone home. Especially, Hanyuu.
  • Almost the whole of Little House With an Orange Roof got this troper feeling happy after a short read, especially the ending.
  • Time of Eve: If you don't feel some sort of Hope for humanity/non-humanity you... well you probably still have a soul in some way.
  • Oh My Goddess!. An honestly romantic couple, three truly close sisters, and a sweet, homey feel add up to over twenty years' worth of warm-tea-with-honey feelings. The five-episode OVA alone will fill you with amazing feelings.
  • Kimi ni Todoke: shy, socially awkward girl with low self-esteem gradually opens up and makes loads of great friends thanks to the influence of the nicest most-popular-boy-in-school you ever saw... and she does it without having to change who she is. It's adorable.
  • Angelic Layer. The angel-motif "Angels" and the background stories of the characters just makes this troper so giddy and happy.
  • Wandering Son. Behind the constant Tear Jerker moments is a cute, inspiring manga about two kids who just want to be themselves while being adorable.
  • Sasameki Koto, when not bogging itself down with angst, is fun and cute and it stars two adorable girls who will make an adorable couple when they finally get together.
  • Tamayura. Four girls on their quest toward adulthood, following their dreams, all while enjoying springtime in their beautiful seaside town. It makes one want to move to Takehara just to enjoy the view every day.
  • Pandora Hearts may be a dark and violent manga, but Lacie, the nostalgic melody from the pocketwatch is definitely Sweet Dreams Fuel. And this series is heavily based on Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass, after all, so the whole thing gives me a happy, nostalgic feeling.
  • Maison Ikkoku, otherwise known as The Power of Love meets Character Development. Seeing the ways that the characters slowly grow and mature makes the happy ending feel so *right*.
  • All this and no mention of Rozen Maiden? Ladies and gentlemen, the sweetheart that will infect your dreams with cute, I give you Hinaichigo, the 6th Rozen Maiden
  • Clannad. If you're ever feeling depressed or agitated, look at this picture. Seeing Nagisa and the rest of the girls sweetly smiling and beaming up at you is bound to help you relax.
    • But that picture has Fuko...
  • Chobits. Some parts of the series are admittedly very serious (and, well, perverted), but most of it is the adorable antics of cute robot girls and a couple of intertwining love stories. What really makes it Sweet Dreams Fuel, though, is the atmosphere: the visuals are soft, pretty, and mostly pastel-colored, and the soundtrack alternates between sugary-sweet and soothingly peaceful.
  • Ikoku Meiro no Croisee is possibly the most heartwarming series this troper has ever seen, in every way possible.
  • Spice and Wolf has always been this for this troper.
  • While it starts out (and doesn't stop) with Nightmare Fuel, Fullmetal Alchemist as a whole (especially the Happily Ever After in the manga and Brotherhood) has a very uplifting message that you'll find yourself repeating when you feel like nothing's going your way:

 Edward Elric: There's no such thing as a painless lesson. They just don't exist. Sacrifices are necessary; you can't gain anything without losing something first. Although, if you can endure that pain, and walk away from it, you'll find that you have a heart strong enough to overcome any obstacle. Yeah. A heart made fullmetal.

  • Virtually everything by Tanaka Yutaka. My Lovely Ghost Kana especially. Ai-Ren is Bittersweet, but the overwhelming message is one of hope. Virgin Night is full of heartwarming short stories. (And a bit of bittersweetness.) Mimia Hime is a fairy tale built on heartwarming and Scenery Porn.
  • Mahoraba is a funny, heartwarming and strangely weird Slice of Life where every chapter is guaranteed to make you go "D'awwwww!" at least once. The characters are all absolutely adorable and the ending wraps everything up like a big hug in a warm sweater.
  • A Little Snow Fairy Sugar certainly qualifies. The night I began watching the show, I literally dreamed that Saga was playing my favorite songs on her piano with Sugar right next to me.
  • The anime version of THE iDOLM@STER. Almost every episode has An Aesop and leaves you with a good feeling about their world.
  • One Piece. I mean just look at the Straw Hat Crew, especially Luffy, Usopp and Chopper. Not to mention the extremely flamboyent world they travel through and the people they meet. You know what else? People communicate through colorful talking snails known as Den Den Mushis.
  • Ristorante Paradiso. Yes, it's a show about a damn near Mary Suetopia of a restaurant. Yes, said restaurant is called "Cottage of the Bear." But it's so sweet and nice that eventually you give in and get your sugar addiction on. My particular favorite episodes are the birthday parties of one of the chefs' son and the owner's wife.
  • Nichijou, it's a light hearted comedy about how awesome everyday life is. That alone should tell you how ridiculously happy the anime is, and then you get to the last few episodes showing you just how great having friends really is.

Comic Books

  • The Toon Treasury of Classic Children's Comics is pure, unleaded Sweet Dreams Fuel from start to finish. Loaded with over 60 classic comics from a large variety of artists (some of whom were even Golden Age animators!) binded in a pseudo-classic book like fashion. The stories feature lovely artwork and stories handpicked by industry veterans like Art Spielgelmen (who you might know as the creator of the not-so-sweet dreams fuel ridden comic Maus)--stories that they feel are worthy enough to be read by the children of today.
  • There is also the Craig Yoe book The Golden Collection of Krazy Kool Klassic Kids' Komics, which also has a large variety of comics from many classic artists. The story selection isn't quite as impressive as the Toon Treasury book, but it's still a worthy addition to any classic comic enthusiasts collection, a fun read for any age, and just as loaded with sweet dreams fuel.
  • Nine Lives to Live: Felix the Cat [1] is a wonderful compilation of Sunday Felix the Cat comic strips penned by his creator Otto Messmer. Rich in imagination and fantasy, Felix embarks on many escapades, loaded with fun sight gags, good characterization, all told with Otto's imaginative rubberhose art style--even his props are fun to look at! If you're a fan of Felix, this book is a must have!
  • Another excellent Felix collection is the Craig Yoe book Felix The Cat's Greatest Comic Book Tales, offering a selection of stories that are truly ideal for children--loaded with lovely illustrations, cute fantasy stories, funny gags, and great artwork from Otto Messmer, Joe Oriolo and even Jim Tyer. It's also much easier to get ahold of than the Nine Lives to Live book.
  • The Complete Milt Gross is yet another excellent collection from Craig Yoe, featuring a plethora of hilarious stories from one of the best comic artists of the 30's and 40's! The artwork is hilarious bizarre and full of energy, and Milt's slang and witty dialogue, as well as his funny cast of characters made this ideal for someone who wants a little more spice in their sweet dreams fuel.
  • Mickey and the Gang: Classic Stories in Verse is a truly excellent, LARGE book loaded with classic Disney comics, Good Housekeeping magazine poems represented with beautiful hand-painted illustrations, and is crammed to the bursting point with trivia and information on Classic Disney. Great to read to your kids before bed, and a true treat for any fan of Classic Disney.
  • E.C. Segar's Popeye anthologies are all excellent comics that have stood the passage of time. While his artwork is fairly crude, Segar created some of the most memorable characters in comic history, and his wit is as sharp as a razor. Even if you're already a fan of the Popeye cartoons, the original comics will only enhance your appreciation for the series even more.
  • Krazy Kat is a truly surreal, but sweet dreams fuel inducing series. Not much more to be said.
  • Pretty much any comic made by Winsor McCay will fall into this, but his legendary Little Nemo comics take the cake.
  • Calvin and Hobbes is pure sweet dreams fuel from start to finish, loaded with great artwork, truly imaginative stories, and some of the richest, funniest characters to ever grace the comics page.
  • Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane: This is the tonic to One More Day. Adorable, well-written, enjoyably fluffy, and barely wangsty at all despite being about a teenage girl in high school...a nice change from the ordinary comics fare.
  • The chibi Endless from Sandman and spin-off comics. This troper owns a set of figurines of them. They live on her desk and watch over her sleep in their cuteness.
  • Tiny Titans: Aw yeah, Tiny Titans! If you're depressed by the team's sky-high body count and the book's downward spiral, please check out this book. Who ever thought Trigon could be even remotely adorable?
  • Supergirl: Cosmic Adventures in the 8th Grade: Supergirl, her sort-of-evil clone and Lex Luthor's kid sister get into wacky hijinks. Just the thing if you're feeling stressed.
  • Scott Pilgrim: Once you get past everyone fighting and all the video game and music references the series is essentially a funny and sweet story about two people changing their shallow relationship habits so that they can work out together.
  • Enfants, c'est l'Hydragon qui passe. A tenderhearted story about a boy, his father, and a cool boat.
  • Every scene in The Sandman where Death shows up is this. Yes, even though she's Death.

Fan Works


  • Terry Pratchett's Hogfather. I, for one, boycott each, every and all Christmas movies ever (sugar-iced, honey-coated, syrupy pieces of cheap tacky feelgood...) And that one manages to make me cry four to five times every time I watch it.
    • For example: Death himself, in the role of the Hogfather (Discworld's version of Santa), saving The Little Match Girl.
  • Alfonso Cuaron's A Little Princess, HEART Jerking not withstanding.
  • Am I weird if I include The Nightmare Before Christmas here? Because I think the characters are just adorable.
    • Nope. The finale where Jack and Sally have their ending duet is a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming and if that's not a high note for a movie to end on, then what is?
  • Miracle on 34th Street.
  • While the older version was good, the new Hairspray is pure Sweet Dreams Fuel, from the joyous dance numbers, to its giddy optimism.
  • Try, just try, to watch Sigur Rós' homecoming-tour documentary Heima without wanting to move to Iceland and just bask in a sea of etheral post-rock, cable-knit sweaters, and geological anomaly forever.
  • Pretty much any Pixar movie. If you can watch one all the way through without smiling at least once, then you have no soul.
  • It's nearly impossible to watch Ponyo without saying the word "cute" to whomever you are watching it with at least once.
  • "Some things, you see with your eyes. Others, you see with your heart."
    • This movie, typical of a Don Bluth film, has its tragic moments, but it balances it with some of the most beautiful portrayals of maternal and filial love ever shown on film. The soundtrack only makes it all the more heartwarming...
  • How to Train Your Dragon. Basically any scene with Toothless is this but especially the scene where he and Hiccup bond for the first time and definitely the ending.
  • The end of It's a Wonderful Life looks cheesy and cliche if taken out of context, but taken with the rest of the film it makes excellent Christmas-flavored sweet dreams fuel. Many people owe their holiday warm fuzzies entirely to Frank Capra.
  • Speed Racer: While already the incarnation of pure awesomeness, the final lap of the Grand Prix crowns all other preceding moments of awesome.
  • Amelie, a beautiful little film that is essentially one big Crowning Moment of Heartwarming that, at least with this troper, helps to restore faith that people aren't all that bad...
  • Raindrops on roses, and whiskers on kittens! Bright copper kettles, and warm woolen mittens!
  • Almost literally, Pure Imagination.
  • Mike Leigh's Happy-Go-Lucky: Poppy's cheerfulness really rubs off on you. Unless you can't stand quirky happy people who joke a lot :D.
  • Magician's Hat, even though I've only recently discovered it and was only released in one language (which I don't speak). Try doing a youtube search for "Thistle sings" - the song, the voice and the imagery is truly sweet (and has considerably fewer gawky forest creatures than its prequel). But the Crowning Moment of Heartwarming comes at the end when the aformentioned Magician defeats the film's bad guy but in the process ends up being another victim of said bad guy's freezing curse (and due to the timing is not freed by the curser's death) and Fairy Queen, who has come to reciprocate his affection is able to remove the curse with her tears
  • For some of the older tropers in the audience, a few words; Life's like a movie, write your own ending, keep believing, keep pretending...
    • Maybe it's just me, but for my entire life, any time I hear "The Rainbow Connection" my heart smiles.
      • Definitely not just you.
  • This one time, I watched Paranormal Activity, late at night with my girlfriend. Not wanting to send her home traumatized, I played her a few of the songs from A Mighty Wind. She was humming "Potato's in the Paddy Wagon" for a week and a half, and never stopped smiling. Thank you, A Mighty Wind; even three minutes can undo Nightmare Fuel.
  • This one's going to receive a lot of raised eyebrows, but Deep Rising has earned the title of Sweet Dreams Fuel to this troper. Sure it's an action/horror movie with some gruesome and horrifying moments, but one night this troper suffered an enormous emotional breakdown for reasons it was difficult to pinpoint. When he hit the Despair Event Horizon, he pulled up the movie and watched it, hoping it would take his mind off everything. It did. The likable characters, masterful buildup and atmosphere, pulsepounding action, pants-wetting horror, amazing soundtrack and ultimate resolution with an indescribably awesome action sequence ultimately giving the villains and the monster(which was a magnificent creation in its own right) their ultimate punishment, and seeing the protagonists triumph against impossible odds all made for a film that left this troper in a good mood by the end, despite everything. The Nightmare Fuel just made the ultimate payoff that much more uplifting.
  • The Disney Animated Canon. Beautifully animated movies with sweeping soundtracks, loveable and relatable characters, and an idealistic, romantic viewpoint of the world. Examples include:
  • Guest From the Future, a children's Sci Fi classic from 1980s Russia. The characters--both kids and grownups--are all likeable, especially Alisa, the future girl herself. She made a new generation interested in science and the future, and the actress, Natalia Guseva, became a scientist herself. And the theme music is always worth a listen if you want to feel good.
  • You Never Dreamed is also very adorable, and lets you know that no matter how hard it may seem today, love always works out in the end.


  • Spring-Heeled Jack, a half-graphic, half-novel about Victorian London's Batman as he rescues scruffy orphans with trinkets and takes on Mack the Knife himself, wittily and with great aplomb. When Philip Pullman does sweet, he does sweet.
    • If you think about the fact that Spring-Heeled Jack is a semi-folkloric character more like a fire-breathing, failure-prone rapist than a dispensory of vigilante justice.
  • Lloyd Alexander's The Remarkable Journey of Prince Jen. Wise without being smarmy. Fun without being sugary. Harrowing without being Nightmare Fuel.
    • The cangue wasn't Nightmare Fuel? Or Li Kwang's adventure? Or the thirsty sword? But the paintbrush, kite and flute made up for a lot of it.
    • On the subject of Lloyd Alexander, The Arkadians does it for me. Retellings of myths? A truly happy ending? Rainbows? Can it get any better?
    • Arguably also The Cat Who Wished to be a Man. It's a very innocent outlook on humanity, and while some of it is depressing and frightening, there are enough genuinly witty or sweet moments to make it worth it.
  • 14,000 things to be happy about by Barbara Ann Kipper. It's exactly what it says on the cover.
  • Audiobooks of AA Milne's Winnie the Pooh stories. A kind, grandfatherly voice narrating the adventures of the scatterbrained Pooh and his friends... I'm horribly cynical at best, but these audiobooks have never failed to put a smile on my face. The animated adaptations are good as well, but nothing beats the original stories.
    • Even just reading the books aloud is wonderful! Nothing is as adorable as reading about Pooh describing the lunch he packed while a series of little pictures show him packing said lunch.
  • Paddington Bear. You will never look at marmalade without a nostalgic smile ever again. Kind of like when you open a jar a Play-Doh.
  • Pretty much anything by Diana Wynne Jones can qualify as this. Slice of Life stories of friendship, romance and teamwork made interesting with magic!
    • The best one is The Ogre Downstairs. It's what this Troper reads if something has creeped her out and she can't sleep.
    • Though you might wanna avoid, um I don't know, Hexwood, Charmed Life, The Time of the Ghost, The Homeward Bounders, Dogsbody, Eight Days of Luke... They are totally amazing books, just not exactly what you'd call cheerful. Actually I can't think of any book by her that's completely free of nightmare fuel, and I've read all but two. Still, that's what makes her awesome. You read about not nice things happening to nice people and end up with a warm fluffy feeling when it all works out. Only, like in a few of the titles above, sometimes it doesn't.
    • The Time of the Ghost is the only one of those that really doesn't qualify. The other ones are mostly light-hearted throughout, and the endings are varying levels of bittersweet, but Time of the Ghost? This troper couldn't sleep after reading it. The Dalemark books also may not count due to being more serious in tone throughout.
  • The entirety of Bridge of Birds, especially the ending.
  • Terrence Real's books (which sort of straddle the divide between Literature and Real Life) are made of Sweet Dreams Fuel. This editor is particularly reminded of a retelling of "Echo and Narcissus" in How Can I Get Through to You?
  • Oddly enough, Melina Marchetta's On the Jellicoe Road, despite being a pretty much non-stop Tear Jerker (or maybe because of?) has this by the bucketload.
  • Brian Floca's Moonshot: The Flight of Apollo 11. Yes, it's a picture book for little kids, but out of ALL the books that came out for the 40th anniversary of the moon landing, this troper thinks this one captured the beauty and wonder the best. ESPECIALLY the last picture, with the family running outside to play with the little toy rocket and the moon in the background.
  • The Secret Garden: A heartwarming tale about the The Power of Friendship and the magic of nature. Its just great to see Mary and Colin enjoy life more and more each day with Dickon's help.
  • Dinotopia. Especially the very first one. A Utopia of poets, writers, artists, and scientists? With friendly dinosaurs? Brilliantly illustrated? Oh yes.
  • The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou is like a happy, magical fairytale for grownups. Its whimsy and wonder are childlike without completely distancing oneself from adulthood.
  • So Long, and Thanks For All the Fish. We've followed Arthur Dent through so very much, from his house (and subsequently his planet) being demolished, going insane, and being given more reasons to say "So this is it. We're going to die" than any man should have in his lifetime. And in a few months, he recovers his planet (and subsequently his home) and finds true love with someone so right for him that she even makes the idea of leaving Earth once more bearable. It's remarkably sweet and somehow feels right to the point where the narrator can concede the point without losing the wit or the trademark simile-ing everything to death.
  • Connie Willis's Bellwether and To Say Nothing of the Dog. Particularly the second - all her trademark screwball-comedy dialogue, a charming homage to Victorian and Edwardian literature, and even in the darker bits, there's a sense that everything will turn out OK. Also, fluffy kittens.
  • PG Wodehouse's Jeeves and Wooster stories. They're just so innocent and silly that it's impossible not to smile through the whole thing.
    • Pretty much everything by Wodehouse, really.
  • No matter how dark and depressing it can be, Harry Potter is this, at least for this troper. For the nostalgic reasons, and for the "I wish I lived in this world" feeling everyone gets.
  • Go break out the stash of books you read as a kid. Read one of your old Junie B. Jones books. You're welcome.
  • Doctor Dolittle. A man who does what he loves (talking to and helping animals) without caring about what other people think or how much money he earns doing so. His pets are all completely endearing, from Dab Dab the housekeeper to the parrot who first teaches Dolittle the animal's language. Turns to Tear Jerker when you realise the original form books have been out of print for 40 years.
  • The Little Prince. "You only see well with your heart. The essential is invisible to the eyes". Brings me to happy tears even as I write this.
  • As mentioned in the Films section, Death from Discworld is absolutely adorable- he doesn't quite understand humans, but he finds them extremely fascinating, and, in the end, he really cares about people, working hard to protect them from the Auditors.

Live-Action TV

  • Pushing Daisies. Brightly colored sets, fantastic clothing, impeccably witty dialogue, and amazing acting. Should rightly taste like diabetes, but somehow everything works out in its favor (even the combination of the sweetness of Ned and Chuck and gruesome murders).
  • Gilmore Girls. The love that the mother and daughter have for each other, and not only that, even with all the troubles, Stars Hollow and the Gilmores are good people inside they hearts..
  • Mork and Mindy. Both the show and the titular couple. So much sweetness and optimism... why is it they don't make shows like this anymore?
  • Summer Glau
  • 'Too Cute'. Show about cute puppies growing up. Pure, concentrated adorable.
  • The Golden Girls. Whenever I am depressed or upset, the Girls cheer me up. True comfort TV.
  • Any Star Trek episode with the word "Tribble" in the title.
  • Glee: this. And not just because they're hot cheerleaders, either.
  • The Adventures of Pete and Pete is pure nostalgia to anyone who has ever been a child.
    • It's more than that. It just perfectly encapsulates childhood, period, with a healthy dose of exaggeration. All the problems that seem petty looking back are displayed with outrageous importance, blown up to proportions that by all logic should seem too absurd to take seriously, but the characters are so genuine and their reactions so familiar and close to home that the lengths the conflicts are taken to seem justifiably as important now as they were then. The show takes you back to how it felt to search desperately for a missing Ear Worm or how unfair curfews seemed or how the local bully acted like a Complete Monster. But with that you get how it felt to have a crush, or end a fight with a friend, or do something nice for someone, or even just to relax. This show is an epic, feel-good tribute to what it means to be a kid and have fun without tasting like diabetes for a single moment. And it makes you laugh. So, yeah, perfect.
  • "You take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and then you have...."
  • Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood. No one else has compared in the world of children's television, and Mr. Rogers cared about adults too.
  • "Family Ties" is definitely sweet dreams fuel for anyone who was a child in the 1980s.
  • ICarly: iSaved Your Life. Freddie would sacrifice his life to save Carly, Carly realises how much he means to her, they kiss about 6 times in a very cute way (and one hot way in the extended version). They practically glow with happiness whilst they are together, and the final 'dawww', Freddie has a I Want My Beloved to Be Happy moment because he doesn't want to hurt Carly by taking advantage of her when he's unsure if her feelings are true. Even though it's a minor Downer Ending, it's a very powerful expression of his feelings for her and that it's not just some random teenage hormonal attraction on a show with practically no morals, aesops or lessons.
    • Also the relationships between Spencer and Carly, and Sam and Carly. Whilst most of the show isn't especially heartwarming, the 3 major relationships, Spencer/Carly, Carly/Sam and Freddie/Carly are a heartwarming core of warm fuzziness.
  • The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross. There is a reason all the trees are happy!
    • One German TV channel used to broadcast it around 3 AM (and without dubbing!) specifically for its soothing qualities. Literal Sweet Dreams Fuel for the insomniac.
  • Some days are special. Some days are so, so blessed. Some days, nobody dies at all. Now and then, every once in a very long while, every day in a million days, when the wind stands fair and the Doctor comes to call...everybody lives.
    • The ending of Vincent and the Doctor. That is all.
    • The 2010 Christmas Special. Period.
      • What about the 2011 Christmas special's ending, when the Doctor arrives at the Ponds?
    • What about Amy and Rory's wedding? Everything about that day is perfect, from her parentsly beinng brought back to reality, to Amy and Rory being happy and safe and able to be together, to the Doctor dancing like a loon to the three of them riding off in the TARDIS together.
    • Near the end of the finale for season six, the scene where River goes home to Amy and Rory's place, and Amy's whoops of joy when she finds out the Doctor's alive.
  • The entire show which has taught whole generations of people that a hero is a slightly barmy alien with a screwdriver who is a huge fan of our planet. Even his ship thinks we're bigger on the inside.
  • Fraggle Rock. There's a reason that it's considered Jim Henson's Magnum Opus. Not many shows are created with the intention of bringing about world peace.
  • "You're gonna make it after all..."--even the opening theme on its own is made of happy.


  • Bowling for Soup. Especially Shut Up and Smile and I'm Gay. Just something about songs like these makes it impossible not to smile.
  • Heartbeats by José González. Nuff said.
  • It is impossible to listen to "Pilots" by Goldfrapp without feeling chilled out afterwards, but add in the dreamy music video, with the elegant dancing and the synchronized scooter stewardess ballet, and suddenly all the fuss and annoyances of airport security and terror threats seem very far away...
  • Iron and Wine's "The Sea and the Rhythm" "Flightless Bird, American Mouth" and "Fever Dream" never fail to soothe this troper into sleep.
  • Anything and everything by Belle and Sebastian. "Dog On Wheels" and "Judy And The Dream Of Horses", especially.
  • The Vocaloid song Last Night, Good Night (written by "kz") is this trope in spades. Depending on how the audience takes the meaning of the lyrics.
  • Toraboluta's Pink Spider sung by Rin Kagamine.
  • Dreameater Girl in the Sand has literally helped this troper get over nightmares and go back to dreaming happy things.
  • SF-A2 Miki embodies sweet dreams fuel for this troper. Just saying her name can put a smile on their face.
  • Okay, maybe this won't work for everyone, but this troper is a United States Air Force veteran, and at my Airman's Coin Ceremony (when you become an Airman in basic training, a wonderful moment even without this song) this song played. Imagine you've been put through hell (physically and mentally) for two solid months, and finally, the squadron commander shakes your hand, gives you your coin, and says "Congratulations... Airman." all the while this song is playing in the background, and, for the first time in this two month period, YOUR FAMILY IS THERE. This troper can't hear the song without tearing up.
    • Corpsman here. I'm green with jealous rage... sort of (lol chairforce bootcamp is hell?). All we get is that corny "Proud To Be An American" song at our capping ceremony. Still, even with the corny music, having your RD Cs shake your hands and give you your Navy ballcap, and getting addressed as "shipmate" for the first time? Holy hell, such a crowning moment of heartwarming.
  • Pogo's remixes
  • Lingalad. Pretty much anything by them qualifies, but Il Vecchio Lupo especially. Even if you don't speak a single word of Italian.
  • So much of The Beatles music can't help but make you smile, but Hello Goodbye is quintessential Bealtes happytime music of awesome. Especially their goofing around in the video during the coda.
  • "Evening Song" is a Russian lullaby that will leave you dreaming of the romantic city of Saint Petersburg standing serenely and triumphantly on the blue waves of the Neva River.
  • "Lullaby To Tim" by The Hollies. Despite the criticisms, I get all warm and fuzzy listening to this, right down to the WALL-E styled vocals.
  • Freelance Whales. Special notice for "Hannah".
  • Owl City. That is all.
  • Just anything by Brooke Fraser, like Shadowfeet or Flags. It can heal you from any bad day.
  • This troper once left Rufus Wainwright's cover of Across the Universe playing and went to sleep. Result? She had a dream about an astronomical observatory built in her town, with a huge planetarium near it. It was the best dream she ever had. Sadly, It Only Works Once.
  • Jennifer's Rabbit by Tom Paxton, written for his daughter.
  • The Staunton Lick, by Lemon Jelly.
  • "Mr Blue Sky" by Electric Light Orchestra.
  • As it is apparently Radiohead's goal to branch out into as many genres as they possibly can, it was only a matter of time before they created "Worrywort," possibly the world's most uplifting 8-bit alternative ambient post-punk post-rock dance-rock.
  • Almost anything by Donna Summer qualifies. Her music seems to emanate from a world of brightly colored lights and nonstop dancing and love. How can you NOT want to dance to Donna?
  • "That's the Way of the World" by Earth, Wind, and Fire. Makes me smile.
  • The Fantasticks' Try To Remember, by Jerry Orbach. The man had an incredible voice despite having a Bronx accent.
  • Pretty nuch anything sung by Ella Fitzgerald. Misty is a great example.
  • The instrumental Robinsonse Pitter Patter Goes by Heart by Broken Social Scene. The top comment put it best, saying it is the "sound of falling in love."
  • Rosemary Clooney's Tenderly.
  • Julie London had a voice as delicate as a cloud. When I Fall In Love proves it.
  • Girls' Generation's Gee and Kissing You are my happy place songs. Dear Mom is a good one, too, since it was made specifically to be a love letter to the members' mothers.
  • This seems to be one of Connor Kirby-Long's two default modes, the other being Tear Jerker.
  • Auto Tune the News's Winston Churchill, backed by band from the future. It's a song meant to be set in the middle of The Great Depression. It is very uplifting when placed in context.
    • The Sanity Song. "We hear every damn day about our fragile country. We hear every damn day about the brink of catastrophe, and that it's a shame that we can't work together. But the truth is, we do. We work together to get things done every damn day."]]
  • The album Ghost by the Devin Townsend Project so much for this one. Starting off with Fly and Feather. The dreamy flutes and -what sounds like- Oboe, the sweet lyrics about a father singing to his daughter, gentle whispering ("Close your eyes and go to sleep... Peace to you..."). The whole album it comes from is generally this, it's hardly sinister at all compared to Devin's other works. In fact this one listens to it before going to bed it's so chill.
  • The Crystalline Effect's song "Right". It's slow, beautiful, faintly nostalgic and just so damn perfect.
  • "Stir It Up" by Bob Marley.
    • Also, "Three Little Birds." The simplest, sweetest Hope Spot you could ask for, perfect for listening to in rough times.
  • Most of Anna Nalick and Amy MacDonald's songs I've heard so far, especially this one.
  • Megurine Luka's Toeto. Just hearing that song automatically makes this troper feel so peaceful. Even moreso with the Nico Nico Chorus version, where it, literally, sounds like a chorus of angels.
  • This troper finds all of Joanna Newsom's music incredibly soothing, particularly Cassiopeia. It's about going to sleep- literal Sweet Dreams Fuel!
  • Every second of the Sailor Moon Orgel Fantasia CD. Princess Moon and Tuxedo Mirage sound like two of the worlds greatest lullabyes.
  • All opinions you may have about Bill Plympton's 1987 classic "Your Face" aside, Maureen McElheron's score is one of the most heartwarming love songs out there.
  • Pretty much every song from Sunbears. Like here: Dream happy dreams
  • "A Pillow Of Winds" from Pink Floyd.
  • "Year of the Rat" by Badly Drawn Boy. The power of hugs conquers all!
  • Megadeth's song Coming Home is very calming and soothing compared to their other music, some of which borders on Nightmare Fuel.
  • Though they're certainly not known for their sweetness, Gorillaz has a gem in "On Melancholy Hill". It's highly instrumental, with subdued lyrics that carry a gentle, loving message: 'nothing's perfect, but I'll do anything I can to make it better, because I feel like I'm a better person when I'm with you.'
    • Especially in the acoustic version. Skip to 2:35 to hear it- and it's nice to see how happy and peaceful the band look whilst playing.
  • The Kuricorder Quartet. Anything they've ever done, ever. Yes, even the Imperial March. (Tuba, ukulele, bongos and melodica.)
  • Snow Patrol, especially Chasing Cars, Shut Your Eyes, Crack The Shutters and finally The Lightening Strike.
  • "Sylvia" by Focus contains what may be the sweetest, most uplifting melodies ever. Never fails to bring a smile to this troper's face.
  • The aplty named "These Dreams", by Heart.
  • Emilie Autumn, has some sweet dream making songs such as Across The Sky, and Remember.
    • and her covers of such songs as Leclair-Tabourin, Vitali-Chaconne and Crazy He Calls Me.
  • Britney Spears has some sweet dream giving songs such as Strangest Love, Trip To Your Heart, Heaven On Earth, When I Found You, Everyday and State Of Grace
  • The Veronicas have "I Could Get Used To This" a song basically describing the(ir) ultimate boyfriend.
  • Also putting Colbie Caillat here. Particularly "Magic" and "Oxygen", but most of her music would fit here, either uplifting or loving or telling you it's okay to be afraid sometimes of little things like commitment (Tied Down) or of failure (It Stops Today)
  • This troper finds Coldplay's Paradise always cheers her up; Strawberry Swing by the same band has the same effect, too. "It's such, it's such a perfect day..."
  • Quite a few LM.C songs. Some of the best examples are "Punky Heart" ("You’re crying all alone but if you can just smile then it doesn’t matter if the whole world’s your enemy"), "Optimisland" ("The blue color of the sky that we always see as the color of tears just does not look that bad if I am with you, right?"), and "Ah Hah!" ("Every day, even if you’re meeting the worst moment in your history, say 'I just wanna be the happiest' - laugh it off; it’s OK")
  • Just about all of Eric Whitacre's choral peices are Awesome Music, but the most uplifting are surely Sleep, the hauntingly beautiful Seal Lullabye (Dreamworks picked Kung Fu Panda over this?!), and especially the upcoming various solo, orchestral, and choral settings of the beloved children's classic, Goodnight Moon.
  • A lot of the music for the The H.P. Lovecraft Literary Podcast is created by one of the co-host's, Chad Fifer, and his track for the story Celephais is a wonderful soundscape of bell-like melodies, soft synths and calm, lapping ocean waves. This troper often happily falls asleep to it. The track (and the rest of the music) can be obtained through contact with either show host on the HP Podcraft site.
  • Even if you're not a fan of the show, Pinkie Pie's song "Smile Smile Smile" is a genuinely uplifting and nice song about how Pinkie likes to make her friends happy.
  • When your jimmies are more rustled than a forest after a hurricane, sometimes you just gotta settle down and listen to some Lakmé Act 1. Click, and let the blessings of the Unrustled Triumvirate wash over you like clean, sparkling bathwater.
  • Normally, Silent Hill isn't a source of heartwarming, but as evidenced by the case of Letter From The Lost Days from Silent Hill 3, there is the occasional tidbit. Especially in this song about love, keeping up hope, and wanting someone else to find happiness. "Oh, what a pair, me and you, put here to feel joy, not feel blue. Sad times and bad times, see them through--soon we will know if it's for real, what we... both feel..."
  • Shako-Pani makes drum-n'bass inspired tunes to briefly put your troubles aside by, with sweet melodies and a light atmosphere prevalent even in his most chaotic works.
  • Suzuka. Her works always seem to have an air of overwhelming beauty and pure, unadulterated soul, with melodies seemingly designed to remind you that better days exist, or at least help you take your mind off the worse ones.
  • Suntra's "Other Victories" album. Cheesy, video-game melodies made with old equipment, bring to mind an old RPG or a sidescroller set in a cartoony, surrealist world of the sort the cover only hints at, with a warm and cheery atmosphere building throughout.
  • Mozart, especially pieces like the Piano Concerto in G (#19), several of the piano pieces, a lot of his chamber music... The man was capable of amazing depths of happiness which cheer the very soul just by being so very happy to exist. Beethoven needed struggle against adversity, Bach was raptured in religious reassurance, but Mozart's music is just plain excited.
  • Bassnectar has a lot, mostly on the Mesmerizing The Ultra, for which the majority of the album consists of this. Besides that, he has at least one or more per album. We could keep going finding more.
  • Ludo has a number of genuinely sweet, wonderful songs- I dare you to listen to Anything for You or Manta Rays without getting the warm fuzzies.

New Media

Newspaper Comics

  • Reading just one panel of Calvin and Hobbes takes me right back to being six years old and reading the collections with my grandfather.

 It's a magical world, Hobbes ol' buddy. Let's go exploring!

    • Same for this troper, but with my older sister.
    • Yes. C and H is awesome.
    • Hey, waitaminute. C and H is a sugar company. Coincidence?
    • The quote's a bit of a Tear Jerker. Every other comic of its ten year run is made of cute.
  • Cul de Sac. Take Lucky Star, remove the Moe, make everyone grade schoolers, and watch yourself become all giddy as you read it.
  • Frazz is one of the cleverest strips being published today, and frequently gives the warm fuzzies besides!


  • The Ku Klux Klan is listed under nightmare fuel, and quite rightly. But the method of their defeat, the complete changing of their image from a distasteful but marginally tolerable part of the American social fabric to a collection of hate-filled idiots, is most definitely this: Superman took them on, and won. No joke. For the serial "Clan of the Fiery Cross," one of the writers of the Adventures of Superman radio serial infiltrated a "klavern," as the Klan called their chapters, and loaded the script with every last possible bit of genuine Klan slang, methodology and doctrine. The Klan leadership was so panicked they even tried to get the serial cancelled by organizing a boycott of Kellogg's products in Atlanta. It didn't work.


  • Almost all of Shakespeare's comedies have at least a little of this in the final scene. Typically, there are Weddings for Everyone. A Midsummer Night's Dream ends with the promise of eternal love for all the couples, because the fairies are protecting them and will protect their children--plus, the laborers have put on their play, and everyone's going to continue partying, day in and day out, for the next two weeks.
  • Almost, Maine when it isn't being a Tear Jerker.
  • War Horse, because SERIOUSLY.

Video Games

  • Roll's theme song "Kaze yo Tsutaete". it makes you feel warm and happy inside just listening to the cute singing voice of Yoshino Aoki, especially the Japanese version of Tatsunoko vs Capcom.
  • Knytt: One of the best freeware games ever created, it's basically what happens when you take the atmosphere of Ico and turn it into a side-scroller. The graphics are deceptively simplistic but soothing, the music is ambient and lively, and the gameplay is so peaceful and dreamlike--there are almost no enemies in the game, no boss fights, and the only non-enemy way to die is to touch liquids. The crisp pacing and Metroidvania based gameplay, as well as it's short length (it can be beaten in an hour) make it a soothing gaming experience.
  • Pikmin 2: The cynical ideas aside, in Captain Olimar's notes about a certain treasure you pick up, he describes how he choreographed a musical in which his pikmin danced and sang on top of the 'podium' that this treasure was perceived to be.
    • Imagine being able to hug Pikmin-- if you want to get cavities...
      • Bring on the cavities, then!
  • Yoshi's Island, at least until you lose Baby Mario. Then it's pretty creepy.
    • Try Yoshi's Story, then. Eat fruit. Listen to happy music. Look at pretty pictures. <3!
    • He also manages to carry it over to Super Smash Bros Brawl. Right after Link draws the Master Sword, usually a key point in his games, we see Yoshi... sleeping happily on a treestump.
      • And then Link gets attacked, and Yoshi just wanders up, still half-asleep, with an air that says, "Hey bro, what's goin' on over here? Oh, is that all? Cool, I'll give yez a hand."
  • Hamtaro: Ham-Ham Heartbreak, the adorable characters and the entire premise of helping bring the couples together, not to mention the "Duets" song
  • Super Mario World. Look at the GBA version's special intro if you have any doubts. This game is made of childhood and curiosity.
  • Kirby 64 The Crystal Shards
    • And Kirby's Dreamland 3, The 'crayon art' is solidified glee.
    • Let's push it up to Kirby in general, at least when you're not facing bleeding eyeballs.
      • Even then, you can take comfort in the idea that the abominations can, in fact, be defeated.
    • Kirbys Epic Yarn is made on this stuff, so much so that it mellows out the other kind of dream fuel that usually lurks around the Kirby series. It helps that the Big Bad's One-Winged Angel form is a Tankbot-esque robot instead of the usual Eldritch Abomination. And it doesn't impede on the awesome moments of the game, either.
    • Kirby is so good at this that the usually manic Keet Medibot was incredibly mellow in his LP of Crystal shards.
  • Boomshine! Good luck getting your time back.
    • But when you fail you get red text with the word "fail". To compare this, imagine you're stroking the best kitty in the world, and accidentally nudge it wrong. The kitty looks at you and says, in the voice of Darth Vader, "You have failed me for the last time, insolent whelp".
      • At the same time, every once in a while the green text saying "So close! Just one away!" is really quite encouraging and refreshing; it takes away all the frustration of failing by only one and makes you want to try again.
  • Most anything from Orisinal, especially Winterbells.
  • The Mother series, when it's not being bizarre, heartwrenching, or terrifying. Especially the soundtrack, which has songs like this.
  • Midna is considered by many to be pretty adorable.
    • Even Midna's One-Winged Angel powerup isn't really that scary. Like, yeah there's a house-sized black chitinous spider-thing with a trident stomping around...but it's on your side.
    • Wind Waker, all the way through. Little Link is so brave and cute!
      • 90% of the cast of The Wind Waker and the overall design and mood of the game also apply.
      • Skyward Sword. Especially flying around on your giant bird, and anything Link does, and any scene where Link and Zelda interact, squee! <3
  • Final Fantasy VIII. Yeah, it has its shortcomings... but you can't help wanting to live in that world because of the beautiful, sunshiny look to everything.
    • The main point of the entire plot of the game is Squall coming to realize that friendship and love make life worth living and that the world is worth saving, dammit!
    • Even better is that VIII is one of the few FF games to end on an unambiguously high note. Heck, Squall and Rinoa get to live Happily Ever After, and Squall smiles!
  • For that matter, Final Fantasy IX, a charming thowback to past Final Fantasies, where you play as chibi-characters consisting of a cheerful, Chivalrous Pervert Loveable Rogue with a monkey tail, a six year old Genki Girl with a small, adorable horn, and a klutzy Child Mage who is a walking embodiment of The Woobie, who each gain an integral and heartwarming lesson throughout the story. The save points consist of a wide variety of adorable Moogles (tiny winged bears with pomp pomps on their heads) that write your progress in a story book brought out of Hammerspace for goodness sake!
  • The entirety of Katamari Damacy. Na naaaaaaaa, na na na na naaaaaaah na naaaaa na na na na na naaaaaa...
    • Ah dun dun dikadika dun dika dun dun... The soundtrack is definitely what makes this one break the Happy Meter. DISCO* PRINCE is awesome driving music, Katamari Star is both happy AND melancholy, Walking On A Star and Fugue #7777 make me smile and giggle EVERY DAMN TIME I HEAR EITHER, and I have Beautiful Star for an alarm.
    • Katamari Damacy is essentially a direct antidote to the horrors of the Silent Hill series. It's the polar opposite!
  • Hey You Pikachu is pretty much cute in cartridge form. Not only is the only point of the game to have fun romping around with a young Pikachu, said Pikachu is pretty much the most adorably scatterbrained member of the species ever. Also, when you become very close, he will present you with Valuable Treasures like magnets and Pidgey feathers while singing a pirate song in Pika-ese. Eeeeeeee!
    • This game is made of the cotton candy from your childhood.
    • It has kind of a Bittersweet Ending where you have to let Pikachu back into the wild, but Pikachu comes right back and the game continues forevermore. After, again, the cutest credits sequence ever. Pikachu sings you a song.
    • My Pokémon Ranch. Chibified Pokémon playing with each other. A good deal of them are those you transferred yourself. The concept is way too adorable.
    • Don't forget Pokémon Snap. Pretty much just a leisurely tour of an island, taking pictures of Pokémon in their natural habitat. One lap around the ultra-serene starlit skies of Rainbow Cloud, with the ultra-cute Mew as your lone photography subject, and you'll be having sweet dreams in no time.
    • In Heart Gold and Soul Silver, the first member of your party walks with your Trainer. If they are sufficiently fond of you, when you interact with them, sometimes they'll dance happily, cuddle or hug you, or just is happy walking beside you. It's incredibly cute.
    • In Diamond/Pearl/Platinum, there is a character named Dr. Footprint, who analyzes how your Pokemon walk (or fly or scoot or whatever) and tells you how they feel about you. Show him a Pokemon that has a high/maximum friendship rating, and he'll spout adoration on their behalf. Even sweeter if you show him a Pokemon of a typically scary/evil species with a good friendship rating; he lampshades the species's ill repute and thanks you for loving it anyway.
  • A somewhat odd example from Baldur's Gate... Imoen discusses her Super-Powered Evil Side and mentions that yes, she gets... urges sometimes in the middle of the night. Luckily it's just that the slayer wants a sandwich.
  • Florina and Serra's A support in Fire Emblem: Rekka no Ken. Florina's declaration of admiration and friendship is so sweet it renders Serra speechless beyond simply "Aww...Florina!"
  • Chao Garden, specially the Sonic Adventure 2 version, with the overly cute song playing during your stay.
  • Peach. When she's not the Distressed Damsel, she kicks ass and takes names while smiling and looking like a picture book princess.
  • Many of Pop N Music's characters.
    • Especially notable with Minit. Everything about her is cute, including the song she's in. Even her miss animation (in which she cries) and her "stage failed" animation (in which she cries and needs her brother Timer to comfort her) are cute.
  • Loco Roco Just... Loco Roco. Look at the cute rolling smiley face blobs roll to the music is the brightest, happiest place ever!
  • Little Big Planet is a sweet dreamscape put into the form of a video game. Even the soundtrack alone is uplifting. And when your pretty little dream is over? You can always have some more just the way you want them, or someone else's.
  • The 'Good' ending of Bioshock. Sure, the game has some of scariest, most profoundly messed up things ever, but that ending... It was such a Heartwarming Moments that you may shed Manly Tears.
    • The sequel's good ending also qualifies. Eleanor is free. Delta's nightmarish existence finally ends, and he will continue to live within his beloved Little Sister / daughter. And Eleanor is going to teach to the Little Sisters he saved to be good persons, just like his daddy taught her to be. Even Lamb, who for the whole game has been trying to kill you, is given a second chance at life, and will instead be a better person than she ever was. Awwww...
  • The Legendary Starfy <3! He's so cute and loveable and Kirby-like and has an even cuter sister to boot. The game is adorable.
  • Chibi-Robo! has, as its main objective, solving the Sanderson family's problems and making everyone happy. It is also cute.
  • Cat Planet Cat Planet Cat Planet!
  • Flower. Just... just Flower. For the most part.
  • Super Robot Wars. Imagine growing up watching all kinds of Super Robot and Real Robots shows, like Mazinger Z, Daitarn3, the various Gundams, Getter Robo and all others and see them all join forces to defeat the forces of evil and save the day even from world-ending tragedies like those of Neon Genesis Evangelion or Space Runaway Ideon... No villain ever becomes a Karma Houdini, and - if you play you cards right - the sympathetic characters can all be saved from their untimely death.
    • Not just that, but it turns out more than just music is overriTROMBE! Seriously, how can you stay in a sad mood with that lodged in your ear?
    • If you add this unrelated music from Virtual On Force... Holy shit!! Even more of a Sweet Dreams Fuel for both game series!!! Imagine all the heroes making a victory march together in space after defeating the ultimate force of evil!!!
  • The Soar Star theme from Super Mario Galaxy. Everyone likes the flying dream, and it's the perfect soundtrack.
  • Ni GHTS. Something about having a creature who is technically a nightmare protecting you in your dreams is incredibly comforting. Plus, "Dream Dream" is such a wonderful song.
  • Robot. Unicorn. Attack.
  • Purr Pals, an underrated DS and Wii game where you take care of an adorable kitten and play games with it. Also, it has the cutest rendition of "Toreador" ever made.
  • The soundtrack to Ristar -yeah, you were on your way to take down the evil empire, but some of the music really made you feel everything would be OK by the end of the adventure. (Ristar's little "waiting" animations and the pictures during the end credits helped to drive that point home.) It would be great to dream about exploring planets 2, 4 and 5.
  • Okami has its moments. Scratch that, it's 90% Sweet Dreams moments. Sidequests include feeding kitties and making sakura bloom. The characters are all so loveable, from silly Mr. Orange to Queen Himiko. The brush gods are awesome, and Amaterasu is humorous as well as good-hearted. Even some of the battles are sweet--fighting Waka with his amazing flute-sword and fighting Hayabusa as he tries to trap you in a hole in the ground and do doggy business. Heck, in the Moon Cave and Oni Island dungeons, which are supposed to be NIGHTMARE fuel, just don't seem that scary once you meet imp chef Ajimi and Demon Paper Tobi.
    • Admittedly it has a lot of Nightmare Fuel too.
  • The first Kingdom Hearts is this... when it's not too busy being Accidental Nightmare Fuel.
  • Zelda's Lullaby from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time really would make a good lullaby. The way Link sways back and forth while playing it on his ocarina is also charming, as is the blue magic that surrounds him while he does so.
    • Prelude to Light is a pretty good candidate as well.
    • That game has many, manymany dark regular Nightmare Fuel moments, but it also has Link yawning. And stretching. And blinking. And when left idle, tapping his boots and fidgeting boredly. One of this troper's favorite things to do is play the Song of Storms, stay idle, and watch him shiver in the rain and sneeze.
  • Elite Beat Agents. Some songs are funny. Some songs are heartwrenching. But every time the world is saved by everyone getting together and dancing, you'll smile for the rest of the day.
  • Servbots! Whether from The Misadventures of Tron Bonne or Marvel vs Capcom 2, you just can't help but feel all warm and fuzzy when these guys are around. Even when they're beating up manly men.
  • Braid. The first half.
  • Even though it's only for Facebook and My Space, the game Pet Society by Playfish. It's where you make a pet, and try to raise coins to buy nice-looking clothes and furniture. Absolutely nothing there is inappropriate, violent or creepy-looking at all. One of those games for all ages that all could enjoy.
  • King's Quest games have a fair amount of Nightmare Fuel, Everything Trying to Kill You, and Guide Dang It...but if you reach the Golden Ending? They are a banquet of sweet dreams.
  • The Golden Ending to Final Fantasy X-2.
  • Endless Ocean. Launch the game. Listen to the smooth music. Dive. Pet cute fishes. Relax.
  • Even the Nightmare Fuel -prone Castlevania has a few of this as well. The most notable should be the Lighter and Softer Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin, where Jonathan Morris and Charlotte Aulin, the close childhood friends, make the adventure as an opposite-sex duet, as opposed to the other protagonists going solo in the other Metroidvania games. From the way they interact with and tease each other, it gives a hint they have sincere crush with each other; Charlotte's wedding dress and engagement ring, especially when paired with Jonathan's tuxedo, further fuels this.
    • Just add any of the music of Salamander such as this, which happens to be from the same company as Castlevania, and you get a romantic duet adventure in space - Charlotte is a Vic Viper, and Jonathan is a Lord British/ Super Cobra, respectively.
    • Apart from the two protagonists, there's Jonathan regaining his respect for his father, and the general theme of familial love as expressed by Brauner, his daughters, and Eric Lecarde. The game even manages to make the relationship between Dracula and Death heartwarming!
    • Considering that the plot of the previous two installments of the series revolved around a Rival Turned Evil and the next one had a Big Bad Friend, it was surprisingly refreshing to see the protagonist find genuine True Companions in Aria of Sorrow. Especially when you consider that their You Are Not Alone speech essentially convinces the Big Bad of the series to change his ways, and gives him back what he had lost centuries ago. And the story's being told from his viewpoint.
    • Even though it has some of the most potent Nightmare Fuel in the series, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night is almost pure 2-D sidescrolling bliss, with some incredibly enjoyable and atmospheric levels, some highly amusing and enjoyable weapons and familiars to use, and one of the beautiful soundtracks ever put to a video game. If the song Lost Painting doesn't put you in a dream like state, nothing will.
  • The music in Gradius gives this, in spite of the game's tendency to give Nightmare Fuel just like Castlevania. Hearing it over the course, how would one not think of an amazing, heroic space adventure even if one is fighting a war against the Eldritch Abomination??
  • Animal Crossing. An idyllic little town where you can talk to cute anthropomorphic animals, fill your house with fountains and spaceships (or whatever else you want), or just kick back and go fishing. This game is the perfect antidote to a bad day.
    • The music is uplifting too. Almost every track from the original Gamecube game is amazing, and cheery. Namely the title theme.
  • The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks. Link and Zelda scenes. That is all.
  • The ending of Ghost Trick: After a night of undoing death after death Sissel finally manages to fix the world so Everybody Lives. Even Kamilla's mother and Yomiel's fiancee. The ending sequence is an entire montage of everyone going about their newly renewed lives, peaceful and happy--including lonely kitten Sissel himself, who is adopted by Jowd and his family.
    • Think about this again: You broke one of the most persistent curses that inevitably plague any anime-style storyline: The dead mother. It feels like you flat out ignored the laws of the universe when you realize you actually brought Camilla's mother back from the dead!
  • The entirety of the Harvest Moon series is this, really; a pleasant little utopia where nothing bad ever happens and you can spend your days watering virtual crops and petting virtual animals. It's so soothing.
    • Nothing bad ever happens? What about Nina's death? Or worse, your own at the end?
  • The entirety of Dead or Alive Xtreme/Paradise. A summer sports game and vacation sim with beautiful scenery, all about having fun on a beautiful tropical island vacation, which completely frees the series from the often quite dark storylines of the main series. They're even playing with the villain of the series as if they're all good friends! Awwww!
  • The downloadable game Always Remember Me, a dating/life sim game where you play as Amy, a girl whose boyfriend, Aaron, has forgotten her after a car accident. Not only does the game allow you to get the happy ever after with Aaron, but also it encourages you to play through again to try to get a different happy ever after with one of three other guys who in their own way, have feelings for Amy. Plus every happy ever after is the topped with a perfect ending scenario, making it like dipping a strawberry in ice-cream. And that's not even getting to the theme music for the game it will rekindle your belief in true love
  • Dark Cloud II. You go around the continent and restore things to its former beauty, helping and recruiting a colorful cast of NPC's to aid the heroes in their journey. The bright, cel-shaded visuals really add to the sunshiny look to almost everything. In between rebuilding the world and bopping monsters, if there's water nearby you can pull out your fishing pole and have at it, or play a funky cool version of golf (Spheda). And whenever you go fishing or play Spheda, a nice, soothing acoustic song plays
  • The turret opera at the end of Portal 2, the translated lyrics are so sweet.
    • Seconded.
    • No mention of the Portal ending song? Sure, G La DOS is making grim jokes at parts, but the entire song, being clever yet still good sounding, was a great way to end the game.
  • Super Mario RPG and its Spiritual Successor, Paper Mario. These inventive and charming RPGs will give even the most jaded gamer a warm and fuzzy feeling when playing through them.

Web Comics

Web Original

  • An Invocation for Beginnings If you're ever in a rut, a classy reminder of the things you still can do, no matter what.
  • Cute Explosion.
  • The Colour My Series. Even the Nightmare Fuel 3rd one has a sweet ending, compounded if you find the secret note. ^^
  • Go to any image-sharing site and search "kiss_chart" or "kiss chart". Either adorableness and/or eroge ensue.
  • Any Touhou fanart drawn by Eijima Moko.
  • Everyday Cute. Just...Everyday Cute!
  • Anything from Team Starkid. They're just a bunch of kids in college goofing around and being ridiculous, but they're all friends and it's so clear that they love what they're doing. Not to mention that for all the ridiculousness, all of their plays have this heart to them deep down. Couple that with all the amazingly talented actors and writers they've got with them, as well as the awesomely catchy music and the insanely quotable humor, and you've got something totally awesome. I lessthanthree all of those Starkids out there. :)
  • The story Love.

Western Animation

Also, there's something about One and Two's Image Song Duet, "One, Two", that may be quite sad, but still just puts a smile on my face every. single. time.

Two: Everything is better with two, the two of us together, just me and you, imagine all the crazy things we can do with two, with two. 

One And Two: One,  

Two: Two,   

One And Two: One,  

Two: Two,   

One And Two: One,  

Two: Two,   

One And Two: One,  

Two: Two, with two, you can dance a two-step, with one you can do the hop.   

One: One, one. 

Two: With two, you can learn a new step,

One And Two: And be spun right round like a spinning top.

Two:With two you can ride a tandem, but you haven't seen anything yet, with two you can give a piggy back,

One And Two:With two you can sing a duet, la, la, laaaa! Everything is better with two, the two of us together, just me and you, imagine all the crazy things we can do with two, with two. One,


One And Two: One,  


One And Two:One,  


One And Two:One,  


One: With one, you can kick a football.  

Two:With two, you can do a one-two.  

One: One!  

Two:Two! It's more fun to kick a football,  

One And Two:When there's someone there to kick it back to you  

One: With one, the swing's so boring,  

Two:Cos you need a friend to give you a push.  

One: With one you can get a bird in the hand, oh, look, there's two in the bush...  

Two:Ha, ha! (laughs) One shoe just won't do, you'll end up all lopsided, one, two, two shoes, you can use to dance like I did, one wing tied with string, no point even trying, one, two, two wings, and zing - you'll soon be flyyyyyyyyyyying!  

One And Two:With two, you can get a leg up, with two, you can offer a hand, with two, you'll never be fed up, cos there's always someone to understand. 

Two:With two, you won't be lonely, 

One And Two:And you're never going to have to pretend. 

Two:With two, you can play hide and seek, 

One And Two:With two, you can find a best friend... 

One: Oh! 

(Two laughs)

Pretty much both "Nine" and Nine and Four's Image Song Duet, "Square Like Me", which are also both funny. Aww.

Nine: 1, 2, 3, 3 blocks in my first row, 1, 2, 3, 3 blocks in my second, 1, 2, 3, 3 blocks in my third row, 3 rows of 3, 3 rows combine, as you can see, 3 rows of 3 make 9, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9...ooh, tickly nose! (Pulls out a tissue, then sighs in delight) I'm fine! Achoo! 

Eight: Hooya! 

One: Oh! (jumps back into Eight, turning back into Nine)

Nine: 1, 2, 3, 3 blocks in a column, 1, 2, 3, 3 blocks top to bottom, 1, 2, 3, 3 blocks if you've got them, 3 rows of 3, 3 rows combine, as you can see,  

Four: 3 rows of 3 make 9! 

Nine: That's right! 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9! I'm 3 blocks up and down, and 3 from side to side, I'm the same in both directions, I'm as tall as I am wide, That's why I'm square like you, I'm 3 by 3, you're 2 by 2. 

Four: I'm 2 by 2, you're 3 by 3.

Four And Nine: That's why you're me!

Four: We seem a very unlikely pair, but now you've explained it I see the squareness we shaaaare. I'm 2 blocks up and down, and 22 from side to siide, I'm the saame in booth direc-tions, I'm as taall as I am wiide.

Four And Nine: That's why I'm square like you!

Nine: I'm 3 by 3, you're 2 by 2.

Four: I'm 2 by 2, you're 3 by 3.

Nine: That's why I'm square....Achoo!

One: Wha?

Eight: Ah!

(One jumps back into Eight, turning back into Nine)

Four: Yes, I am square like you!

Nine: I'm 3 by 3, you're 2 by 2.

Four: I'm 2 by 2, you're 3 by 3.

Nine: That's why you're squaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa... 

Four: That's why you're square...

Four And Nine: That's why you're square...liike meeee.

Four: 1, 2, 3, 4.

Nine:1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 99! Ahh...atchoo!

Four And Nine: Squares!

Two's line in Ten's Image Song, "I Am Ten".

Ten: Twoo is made of two blocks.

  • Pretty much any cartoon made by Bob Clampett is going to be Sweet Dreams Fuel for anyone who loves Zany Cartoons. Beany and Cecil in particular is loaded with this trope, with some of the most imaginative stories and gags of any cartoon from the 60's. However, Bob can just as easily switch to the complete opposite once the opportunity arises, as he demonstrates in Porky in Wackyland and The Great Piggy Bank Robbery.
  • Futurama - great show, lots of moments that are Sweet Dreams Fuel, but there's something about the theme song that just puts a smile on my face every. single. time.
    • The theme song was so innovative, it almost didn't make it onto the show. The Futurama theme is based on "Psyché Rock", one of the more accessible compositions by musique concrète progenitor Pierre Henry. In that context, however, it's possible for music to be relatively accessible yet almost devoid of melody. (To be fair: both pieces somehow have a melody, despite being based almost entirely on percussion.)
    • The characters are enough. And the laughs make everything so great.
  • The Simpsons may be full of dark satire and bitingly sharp wit, but just three seconds of any town scene, or a single frame of the opening credits, let alone an entire episode; is enough to cause an explosion of cozy, bright-colored, safe, nothing-will-ever-change security.
  • Dexter's Laboratory makes me smile just thinking about it. Anyone else love this inventive, clever show?
    • Me me me! And I love the "Justice Friends" cartoons, too.
  • The Justice League episode "Comfort and Joy" makes me smile. Especially Ma and Pa Kent greeting their son's guest, the Martian Manhunter. "Oh, we're used to aliens around here." And Superman trying to use his X-ray vision to see through the wrapping paper. Love it.
    • I love the episode "Flash and Substance". A fun, lighthearted episode with wonderful dialogue. And Mark Hammill as the Trickster. And great character interplay. I understand this episode is a fan favorite, and I can see why.
  • This troper has loved and adored Yellow Submarine with a passion since she was 8, and was baffled by it's inclusion on Nightmare Fuel. To me, this movie is pure Sweet Dreams Fuel, what with The Beatles and the colorful animation and The Power of Rock and the wonderful songs and the wit and then it all culminates at the end and the "All Too Much" number is just utter Sweet Dreams Fuel. So damn much!
  • Hey Ferb, I know what we're gonna do today!
  • Y'know what? I love My Little Pony 'n' Friends. It makes me happy when I'm down. The Movie and the original special are the best--Call Upon the Sea Ponies and Nothing Can Stop the Smooze and witches being punished by eating ice cream and light triumphing over dark...
  • My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic is awesome. The entire "Winter Wrap-Up" song is packed with enough sweetness and light to blow your goddamn head off. It's this troper's recourse when the world is too depressing or scary to contemplate.
  • Care Bears. Because fluffy, plushie-like critters trying to bring happiness and smiles to people is just really cute.
  • Ding-A-Ling Wolf from Hokey Wolf cartoons is just made of Sweet Dreams Fuel.
  • Winnie the Pooh. Just, Winnie the Pooh.
  • Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. It's a sweet and funny show with sweet and funny characters. Pretty much every character's really cute.
  • Chowder. Especially the finale. Try not to d'awwwww at Scraps. I dare you.
  • The Amazing World of Gumball is the Sweet Dreams Fuel Unleaded. Colorful, multi-styled, and funny at times.
  • Ka Blam!! can brighten any rainy day. Funny and at times, cute. I dare you not to smile when Loopy smiles.
    • Or if June sings.
    • Or if Race Rabbot appears. C`mon, he's a little animatronic (but very realistic) bunny! So cute!!!!
  • Mina and The Count, hailing from What a Cartoon Show, was made up almost entirely of this trope.
  • If it can be considered western, anything animated by Rankin Bass. It just leaves you with a fuzzy feeling, the kind reserved for great and memorable Christmases.
  • The Powerpuff Girls. This troper never fails to tear up because of the great memories it brings back. It was adorable, funny, and had wonderful lessons most of the time.
  • Although it only lasted 2 seasons (due to its poor time slot), Mission Hill is perhaps one of the funniest animated cartoons you'll ever see. Just watch this clip to see what I mean.
  • The theme songs to 1980's British children's shows Postman Pat and Fireman Sam. Try not humming along cheerfully.
  • Doug is one of the funniest and sweetest shows this troper has seen.
  • Perils of Love Slap Slap Kiss never was so adorable.
  • The Small One is all about a little boy trying to find a home for his beloved pet donkey. As with most Don Bluth, even the Tear Jerkers are heartwarming.
  • Classic-era Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends.
  • Bagpuss. Of all Peter Firmin and Oliver Postgate's "small worlds", this may be the sweetest and most comforting. The songs will instantly transport Brits of a certain age back to their childhoods.
  • Recess. The show is built on awesome, heartwarming, and funny moments. The characters are all very likable, and the main six kids are adorable. This will bring anyone back to their elementary school days.
  • The Pre-pieman 2003 Strawberry Shortcake series qualifies. Nothing too scary ever occurs in the show and it and episodes always end on a high note.
  • PB&J Otter. Just PB&J Otter. It's from the same minds that brought us Doug!
  • The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy bends over backwards to try and be Nightmare Fuel but is so hilarious that it trips over its own shoelaces and falls into this trope
    • It's full of monsters, but most of them either turn out to be Ugly Cute or far too rediculous to be even remotely scary.
      • Grim's the freakin' Grim Reaper and even HE'S adorable.
  • The Adventures Of Blinky Bill. In particular, the character Shifty Dingo.
  • Walt Disney. Not the modern company, but the man himself. Regardless of all the rumors, you can't look at a picture of good old Uncle Walt smiling and not smile. His voice also had that "kind father telling bedtime stories" quality to it - even when he's outlining his plans for the Florida Project, there's a genuine warmth in his voice.
  • Pocoyo. Straight up.
  • Adventure Time. Sure, there's plenty of accidental and intentional Nightmare Fuel, but the innocence of the characters and Finn and Jake's amazing friendship give this troper the warm fuzzies. Not to mention it's colorful and imaginative.
  • The Popples will make you smile! It's cute and funny, too!
  • On the subject of this trope, Maurice La Marche, Puzzle's voice actor, hated his time working on this show because he said it was so cute he felt like "vomiting after every recording session".
  • CatDog, for all of its disturbing imagery, can have some genuinely happy moments that will just make you go "Aww!".

This Wiki


  • Cute Overload. To the point where I consider it very very cheap therapy. It's hard to have a bad day when there's a website devoted to cute.
  • BBC Radio 4's nightly Shipping Forecast. No, really. There's a beautiful orchestral arrangement called "Sailing By" played in between the preceeding programme and the actual forecast (as a buffer, both to allow sailors to easily tune into the station and to fill time before the shipping forecast starts at 00:48hrs precisely), which is Sweet Dreams Fuel alone. Then there's the forecast itself, whereby the weather report for the seas around the coasts of the British Isles is read calmly at dictation speed. The whimsical names of the sea areas, the news of rough conditions at sea while listeners are safely at home and the hypnotic pace of the forecast make the programme popular beyond those solely interested in nautical weather. It's a Great British institution, and it aids a restful sleep.
  • It Made My Day, Gives Me Hope and Love Gives Me Hope, three websites with the goal of recording little moments of joy.
  • The recent Travel Nevada ads. Beautiful footage plus a great song never fails to make me smile. In fact, it's the only ad on YouTube I don't mind watching. An example can be found here.
  • Bog Leech in this troper's honest opinion. Yes, seriously. It's a site made by someone who absolutely LOVES all the creepy crawly, wiggly icky, creatures in the world. The site's fans love them too. What does this mean, and why is it Sweet Dreams Fuel? Because it shows that, no matter how many people may dislike something (or someone) for not being aesthetically pleasing, there is someone out there who thinks that it/him/her is great. The whole idea of the site is just unbelievably sweet if you view it from this perspective. And educational too! ...But then, if you happen to scare easily, you may want to view the site during the day, find the aesop by sunset, and then go to sleep with that happy thought in your mind. Just a friendly suggestion.

Real Life

  • Corgi puppies. Sweet GOD, corgis. They are these short, round sausages covered in fur flopping about with short little legs and big ears (that aren't up for a few months) and often short stubby little tails and when they don't, they wag their butts so hard... And that's not mentioning the almost-permanent ":D" almost all of them seem to have and the bouncy, bouncy, bouncy excitement that they get into.
    • Why limit this entry to corgis? Let's give domestic dogs in general some credit. It's a furry creature which is almost always happy to see you, and it loves being smothered with affection.
    • Psh. Shelties > Corgis. They have that facial expression *all the time* and also they breakdance.
    • This troper feels golden retriever puppies are the cutest!
    • Like Goldens, American Eskimo dogs have a perma grin as well as a fluffy white coat and the tendency to cross their front paws while lying down.
      • Tasmanian. Labradoodle. Puppies.
      • Pomeranians. My God, the puppies. Ever wanted a pet teddy bear?[1] [2] [3]
      • Small greek domestic dogs! I mean, how can you refuse this cute look?! (Granted, most puppies fall into this)
      • Albino pekingese look like what you'd get if you cross-bred an Ewok and a bunny that was also the living embodiment of pure joy.
      • Westies. Fluffy white balls of cuteness and unconditional love and curiosity. They love people and have the sweetest eyes ever. They're better at making you feel better than any antidepressant in the world.
      • Samoyeds.
  • A litter of kittens, old enough to chase each other madly about. Running wildly around, stopping for pets at random moments, and then dropping into a kittenpile until they recharge for more of the same. The purr of a happy kitten is one of the sweetest sounds this troper can think of.
  • A baby's smile or laugh.
    • Also, a baby sleeping. They look so peaceful...
      • Your infant managing to fall asleep in the safety of your arms.
  • Story of kitten, a recap/"best-of" montage of 99 previous videos about a cat named Fuchagi whose owner found him on the back of his truck as a small kitten, and adopted him as his own.
  • Mom's cookies. Especially freshly made after a bad day.
    • This troper's mom worked full time and had type 2 diabetes for all said troper's childhood, but she would make cookies during the holiday season for work gatherings, and she would make extra oatmeal lace cookies for me because she knew how much I loved them and because the holiday season was the only time my family didn't eat a health food diet. Wow, I just "awww"ed inside.
  • Hugs. Whether you're in a bad mood or a good mood. For this troper, bonus points if they're from behind.
    • It's psychologically proven--the contact lowers your blood pressure and raises oxytocin levels (the literal "warm and fuzzy feeling"). That must have been the best scientific experiment ever.
      • The best? Hardly. I think orgasm research would top it.
      • Orgasm research isn't as fun as it sounds.
    • This troper finds "Free hugs campaigns" absolutely one of the most heartwarming things he has ever seen done by people. When you've had a shitty day but get a hug from someone you don't even know.. Topped of with...
  • An honest, sincere smile doesn't do it for anyone else? There's a reason they can be called contagious. :D
    •  :D
      •  :]
      • C:
      •  :3
      • =3
      • =D
      •  :)
      • 8D
      • c=
      • =]
      • ^_^
      • *u*
      • ^o^
      • owo
      • =^-^=
      • ^3^
      • d^_^b
      • ^.^
      • *^_^*
      • *^.^*
      • -3-
  • Any pothole to Sincerity Mode.
  • Gizzmo the Fennec Fox pup. And his Cat and Dog friends.
  • Hamsters. Especially teddy bear hamsters (the ones with really long fur). I mean, just look at the cute little thing! They're very cute when you put one in a plastic hamster ball and let it roll around on the floor. My mother once watched my hamster do that, and she decided, "You know, if you're depressed, you should just get a hamster." Not without reason did she say that.
  • The Striking Viking Story Pirates perform skits and songs based on stories by elementary school students to promote literacy and creativity. The idea itself is pretty sweet, and the results can be very funny and entertaining, but the most heartwarming pieces they've put up on youtube would be I Love You The Best and Troll, as well as pretty much anything involving their Rollo puppet interacting with the authors.
  • Pet rats. Imagine a big, hyperactive mouse that can rest in a scarf and eat practically any human food from pasta to hamburgers. Now realize that this animal has little rounded ears & beady little eyes. Now think of the fact that you can take this critter on a walk around your house, teach it to recognize words, and often give mischievous, playful grins as they scamper about you, each other, and your furniture. In fact, Rupert Grint adopted Scabbers after filming because rats can be That. Damn. Cute.
    • I was going here to say the same thing. Rats are the sweetest.
  • The ocean. There's nothing like standing on the beach looking out over that mighty chaos of waters and realizing that everything your eye can see, all the way to the horizon, is the smallest part of something vast and unfathomable, something that sings forever. You can glimpse eternity in that unbounded sweep.
  • Bunnies. Just look at this Holland Lop
  • Stargazing under a moderately dark sky, especially if you live in a city. Just looking up at the band of the Milky Way and staring into forever...
  • A kiss. On the lips, cheek, hand, forehead, it can be just the thing you need to feel how much you are loved by friends and family.
  • Ferrets! Cute little animals that have as much energy as kittens and squirm around when you hold them. All they want to do is play and they'll play with any other animal, too. Ferrets love you.
  • This mother hen doing what she does best. DAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWW.
  • Hamsters, Hamsters, fluffy little hamsters!! These things exist to be cute! If you look at this and dont smile, say 'Awwwww!' or feel happy, something IS wrong with you. No exceptions.
  • Chinchillas. They're essentially a mix of squirrels and bunnies, with the softest fur ever made. Just look at them!
  • Cities. Something about these testaments to humanity's creative power gives me hope for the future.
  • The absence of cities. Something about seeing no trace of human life, knowing we haven't ruined everything, gives me hope for the future.
  • Falling in love. It is amazing how one simple emotion can just cause loads of this. And it can just be in the simplest of ways... just a slight smile, a brush of your hand against theirs, that scared yet exhilarating feeling when you're around that one person... and that feeling like your eyelashes are floating after spending the day with that one person. There's nothing quite like it. While there are those moments of falling in love when the angst, the anger, or the cynicism kicks in, you can't argue that the initial moments of falling in love don't make your dreams just a little bit sweeter.
    • Seeing a couple in love; I just love seeing happy couples.
  • Ducklings in the city.. Also doubles as a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming for the Samaritan.
  • These otters. D'AWWWWWWWWW.
  • I think this reconstruction of Nemicolopterus quite endearing (see, pterosaurs were not ugly!)
  • Ladybugs! Adorable little spotted beetles that will rid your garden of pests. Awesome, right?
  • This puppy and it's whistle. It makes you realize that the good things in life are sometimes the smallest.
  • Foals Everything about them, with their small knobby little legs and their little hobble walk. So cute.
  • This. It's so... innocent.
  • This troper was introduced to the adorableness of baby wombats by a close friend. OMG CUTE OVERKILL.
  • Going to a natural history museum as an adult, looking at all of the dinosaur displays, and getting flashes of that "Dinosaurs are/were really big and really cool!" sense of wonder and awe from when you were a child. Even better if you can watch actual children demonstrating it with big smiles on their faces.
  • The porcupine who thinks he's a puppy!
  • Baby anythings. Consider this As a baby And this as a baby to these adult and respectively
    • Oh God, did you have to include the links to the adult animals? The fish especially is Nightmare Fuel. Here are some cute things to make up for it. (That last is a mouse deer, which are a whole category of adorable all on their own.)
  • Maine Coons! The Gentle Giant of cat breeds. Plus they are very talkative and love to snuggle up to their owners whenever they can.
    • Birman cats are also giant fluffs of cute! They are known for their docile nature, enjoying spending time with humans and other pets and just have great, relaxed personalities in general, let alone their beautiful blue eyes and their gorgeous fluffy coats! And their white little paws! And! AND! Bwah! Just SO cute!
  • Fireflies. Going outside during summertime, just as darkness is falling, and watching all the slow-moving, flashing bugs. They make me think of stars on earth.
  • Rain. For me personally, I love walking out in the rain and feeling it on my skin. Even just listening to it from inside is very soothing.
  • This picture of a cat speaks for itself.
  • The feeling of belonging. Especially after being the loner for so long, it's delightful and amazing to feel part of a group.
    • I imagine for a lot of people - conventions and other fan events. There is nothing like this. The first time this troper went to an LGBT group meeting came close, though.
    • Oh, conventions, most definitely. A whole group of people -- maybe one hundred, maybe two thousand, whatever -- come together just to adore the thing they adore. Everyone enjoying each other's spectrum of creative works, staying out until strange hours, having so much fun that some forget to eat and bathe (a sidenote: if you go to a convention, please eat and bathe.) It's hard to put the right words to that kind of concentrated delight.
  • Koalas. Definitely koalas.
    • Hell, Chloë Agnew (the girl holding the Koala) is this troper's sweet dreams fuel :D
      • On that note, Órla Fallon. Fellow CW member Lisa Kelly described her as "angelic". Whenever she's onstage she gets so into the music, you just know she wants you to have as good a time as she's having. And at her solo concerts she'll talk to the audience afterward, and encourages you to sing along with her. Órla is pretty much the living incarnation of Sweet Dreams Fuel. And for that matter, so is her voice. Listen to her sing "Carrickfergus" or "Isle of Inisfree" or pretty much any song on her solo album Distant Shore.
  • Science! The feeling of discovery and learning, of finding out something that explains something else, that explains something else. The real world can be really cool too, it turns out.
  • Snow.
  • This troper once heard that the odds of life developing at all within our universe, and specifically arising to form intelligent life, could be compared to filling a dozen major football stadiums with sand, and then choosing one of these stadiums, and picking a single grain of sand from it, and having it be just the right one. We are that lucky to even be alive.
    • I read that example as a cross between the Sharpshooters Fallacy and You Fail Statistics Forever.
      • Life could only evolve on a life sustaining planet, so luck doesn't have much to do with it? Fair enough. Also, leaving the planet without tremendous preparation and good equipment is a death sentence. At the moment, this is still the best planet to be on because it has air, and the air isn't super poisonous. You haven't died while reading this entry (and if you have, this troper sends his condolences to the family or friends who find the fellow troper face-down in the keyboard, stiffening into rigor mortis. Also, he's sorry for being tactless) so, unless you're already in the depths of depression you can probably agree that breathing is nice. (If you are in the depths of depression it's not your fault. People love you. Ask them to help.)
        • An absurdly funny condolence and a plea for people suffering depression? YOU, sir, are Sweet Dream Fuel. *applause*
  • Sitting on a couch with a loved one as it softly rains outside, and just cuddling with each other and enjoying each other's company.
  • Watching the sun set. It leaves you with a sense of peace.
    • Also, when it rises.
  • Watching the galaxy rise afterwards (if possible). It leaves you with a sense of awe.
  • A full moon on an overcast night.
  • Sitting on the porch with your best friends on a warm summer evening, munching on Chinese food, counting fireflies, and naming constellations.
  • Sitting outside in early spring morning (like 4:00-5:00AM) listening to birds.
  • animals that are lost as babies and taken in by other animals. such as this squirrel-cat
  • The satisfation, happiness and sense of accomplishment that you get from having a clean bedroom is, in this tropers opinion, sweet dreams fuel.
  • watching a little fawn take its first wobbly steps, first faceplant, and then get back up and start running- it's one of the sweetest things ever
  • finding an old letter or note from a childhood friend, or a gift from a childhood friend, even if it's a scribble of a drawing.
  • Reading this page after spending several hours reading the old War And Crimes Against Humanity page and and similar, reducing to tears from the sadness. I now have a smile on my face and tears of heartwarming.
  • Stealth compliments, especially from people you care about. My friend made a set of characters and sketched them, them gave the sketches and descriptions to me. She told me she based a certain one on me, and when I was later viewing the descriptions, the one based on me said "She is very nice and listens to what people tell her." Around that time, I had very low self-esteem, so it meant very much.
  • Turtles (and Tortoises too), natch! A lot of them are peace-loving creatures that generally do no harm to others (salmonella and snapping turtles aside). The sea turtle is one of the most beautiful sea critters out there in the ocean.
  • Owls! Technically they qualify as super advanced flying stealth dinsosaurs, but they're nice to us and so darn cute! Take a look for yourself.
  • Bats. In. Blankets. Granted, a few of these little guys fall more under Ugly Cute than conventionally cute, but still!
  • The moments when you start to feel really, irrationally lonely...and then someone does something, gives you something, even just says something, that completely renews your faith in the people you love and makes you want to hug them forever.
  • The feeling of gratitude that seems to radiate from people after you've organised something, or just done something for them in general.
  • Christmas morning. Whether you're eight or eighty.
  • Going outside on a cloudless night, and as your eyes adjust to the darkness, seeing the millions of stars in the sky. It's breathtaking. For added fun, imagine Also Sprach Zarathustra is playing.
  • Strawberries the size of Hand Fruits! =D
  • Coming home to Mom--and she's already has a plate of food waiting for you.
  • Freedom, a disabled bald eagle rescued by a wildlife sanctuary, later returned the favor by comforting her keeper as he recovered from cancer. The description of basically being hugged by a giant bird of prey is awesome with a capital 'aw.'
  • Just sitting there, late at night, listening to the sounds of the outdoors, a bottle of Guinness in can't help but feel at peace with the world, and with yourself. Especially after a long hard's day of work.


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