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The musical

  • "A Little Priest", where Sweeney and Mrs. Lovett engage in an extended series of wordplay and Incredibly Lame Puns regarding the various "flavors" to be obtained from different kinds of people. Morbid? Of course. Funny? Very much so.
    • "With or without his privates?" (Beat.) "With is extra."
    • "Locksmith?"
  • One I remember from a (very good) local presentation is the scene leading up to "By the Sea". I can't remember the exact lines, but Sweeney says something that prompts Mrs. Lovett to respond "Oh, come on, now, we're running a perfectly legitimate business here." as she puts on a bloodstained apron. But the crowning moment of funny comes right after "Epiphany" (Sweeney's very awesome Start of Darkness song in which he, among other things, threatens the audience).

  Mrs. Lovett: That's very well and good, but what about him? (Referring to Pirelli)

  • This little bit right after Anthony and Johanna escape the asylum:

 Will we be married on Sunday?

That's what you promised,

Married on Sunday...

That was last August...

  • During the Johanna reprise, a man comes in for a shave and sits down. Sweeney is about to begin his shall we say method, when a young lady comes in behind the man. The look on Sweeney's face is priceless.

The 2007 film

  • "By The Sea". While the song itself isn't all that funny, watch it with the visuals, and it's funny as hell. It appears that Todd doesn't want to kiss Lovett, not even in a dream sequence.
    • Johnny Depp's perfomance as the oh so much stoic Mr. Todd is quite dark in all the film... except in those scenes, his usual quiet stoic nature is in extreme contrast to the cheerful and happy beach and coast scenes. In fact, his pose and attitude barely changes at all, always looking at the space. Stoic Hilarity Ensues.
    • Is it just me, or is Lovett squeeing?
    • YMMV. This troper found it sad as all hell. The man you love doesn't want to be with you, even in a dream sequence.
  • Signor Pirelli. That is all.
    • I'd bet Pirelli only owns the one suit -- but there's no question that he does have a spare pair of socks.
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